Frenzy Plant Confirmed for Turtwig's September 2019 Community Day

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Article by David Teraoka
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New Community Day Info

On Wednesday, September 11th, 2019, Niantic officially announced that Frenzy Plant will be the exclusive move added to Torterra's movepool during its Community Day event this Sunday. 

Turtwig's Community Day event takes place on September 15th at 11 AM until 2 PM in your local time zone. 

The official Community Day page also confirms that evolving Grotle up to 2 hours after the event ends will result in Torterra learning Frenzy Plant, a full hour more than previous events. 

Turtwig spawns will be significantly increased and its shiny form will be made available this Sunday. The event also brings the exciting bonus of triple Stardust gained for catching for the duration of the event. Each wild Turtwig caught is worth at least 300 Stardust without bonuses!

Frenzy Plant is one of the most powerful Grass-type moves in the game. Torterra receiving the move puts it in the higher tier of Grass-type counters but its stat spread is more relevant for Trainer Battles. Check out how it stacks up on our comprehensive DPS/TDO spreadsheet below!

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