Giratina - Origin Forme PvP IV Deep-Dive

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Giratina Origin Forme has menaced Pokemon GO’s Ultra League and Master League since the dawning of PvP. Giratina has now been unleashed into the Great League via a limited time research event. To get this specific Giratina into the Great League, you have to trade someone to re-roll its IVs. To help give an end goal to the hunt, the Giratina Origin Forme PvP IV Deep Dive aims to highlight the important stat checks and associated PvP IVs for Giratina in both the Great League and Ultra League.

Note: this guide discusses the hidden true stats of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In order to see these true stats you need to use an IV checking app (CalcyIV, Pokegenie) or an IV checking website (GOStadium,, or PvPoke itself). To make things simple, the guide also features standard PvP IV tables. 

If you’re not familiar with PvP IVs, check out this PvP IVs Simplified video.

PvP IV Tables

  • Attack: 225
  • Defense: 187
  • Stamina: 284

Fast Moves: Shadow Claw, Dragon Tail

Charged Moves: Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse, Ominous WindShadow Force*

The tables hyperlinked below feature the IV spreads that meet some of the more important stat checks highlighted in the article. It’s important to review the guide itself to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your Giratina Origin Forme. For example, you may want a slightly higher Atk or Def weight for higher Breakpoint potential.

GL-General Good (102 Def, 149 HP)

  • 102.55 Def, covers 123.13 Atk Giratina (98% of all IVs)
    • 102.96 Def, covers 123.65 Atk Giratina (99.6% of all IVs)
  • 103 Def, covers Trev/Cress Slaying Altaria
  • 103.47 Def, covers Lanturn Slaying Shadow Gligar
  • 150 and 151 HP are great for improved consistency
  • 156 HP offers alternative mirror win conditions (IVs depending)

GL-CMP Slayer (122.54 Atk, 150 HP)

  • 151+ HP is safer
  • 149 HP can work with high enough Def
  • Even greater Atk for more BP and CMP consistency
    • Breakpoint and Charge Move Priority

UL-Slight Atk Weight (153.4, 132.82 Def, 197 HP)

  • 200 HP can consistently 1-0 Sylveon
    • Ideally roll with the mixed stats unless you happen to get a 200 HP one

UL-Atk Weighted (155.98 Atk, 129.28 Def, 193 HP)

  • Raid Cut
  • Higher HP is often better
  • See UL section for details

Great League - Giratina Origin Forme

Giratina Origin Forme is pretty flexible with its stats in the Great League. If you happen to trade into a bulk weighted one, as long as you have 149 HP or higher, you’re already in a good spot. With over 102 Def, you could reasonably overcome Altaria and Mantine in the 1-0, as well as feel fortified for the mirror (notable the 0-0 OW and 2-2). With this baseline, it should take roughly 4-8 Good Trades for a 50-75% probability to obtain (5-9 Great Friend, 6-11 Ultra League, or 9-17 Best Friend). 

Even higher HP can net the Pelipper 0-0 (150), Moonblast Cresselia 1-1 (150), Water Gun Lanturn 1-2 (150), disable the Sableye 1-X so you don’t get farmed (151), overcome Trevenant in the full no throw vs no throw (151), and cover the Trevenant 2-1 (152). With higher Def, you’ll be better fortified for the mirror (102.45 covers 98% of all Giratina, 102.96 covers 99.6%), the Altaria 1-0 vs Trev/Cress Slayers (103), and the Shadow Gligar 1-1 vs the Lanturn Slayer (103.47).

On the flip-side, Giratina Origin Forme with high Atk can wreak havoc upon the meta. Having >122 Atk can get Charge Move Priority on Annihilape, Froslass, Pelipper, Swampert, and Venusaur, while also getting breakpoints on Shadow Alolan Sandslash (0-0), Poliwrath (1-1), and Water Gun Lanturn 0-1 consistency. 

The following list highlights higher specific Atk goals, vs Rank 1 opponents unless stated otherwise:

  • 122.26, Talonflame 2-2
    • 122.99 vs 0/14/13
    • 123.72 vs 0/15/12
  • 123.1, Charm Shadow Alolan Ninetales 0-0 potential
  • 123.39, Serperior 0-1
  • The following 3 can be achieved vs non-Rank 1’s with >122 Atk
    • 123.77, Galarian Stunfink 0-0 consistency
    • 123.91, Venusaur 1-2 consistency 
    • 124.17, Abomasnow 2-1 consistency

When chasing for that higher Atk, try to keep your bulk in mind. 150 HP is our general recommendation for consistency, but check matchups on PvPoke for more details.

Which is better? High bulk or high Atk? They both do slightly different jobs better, so the recommendation would change from team to team and meta to meta. Try to get both if possible. Moveset wise, Shadow Claw, Ominous Wind, and Shadow Ball is 100% the way. Dragon Tail Dragon Pulse will give you a ghost of a chance vs Lickitung, but both together are pretty bad and either alone won’t overcome Lickitung so YMMV.

Ultra League - Giratina Origin Forme

Giratina Origin Forme is pretty comfortable with Raid weighted stats in the Ultra League (10/10/10 IV floor). The following Atk Breakpoints give it nice utility without trading too many bulk based matchups:

  • 153.37, Skeledirge 2-2
  • 155.13, Jellicent 2-2 (OW)
  • 155.74, Virizion 1-2 & Cobalion 0-1
    • 154.49 vs 3/15/14
    • 153.23 vs 5/15/14
    • 152.59 vs 10/15/10
  • 156.29, BB Pigeot 1-0 potential
  • 156.28, Golispod 0-1 SB BP
    • Requires 193+ HP and 129.11+ Def
  • 156.61, Dragon Breath Giratina Altered Forme 1-0 consistency
    • 155.86 vs 5/13/12

Trading this Atk weight away for higher bulk could net the following HP based matchups (using 132.82 Def as a baseline): Poison Jab Alolan Muk 1-0 (194), Jellicent 1-1 (196), Shadow Swampert 2-2 and Charizard 0-0 (197), and Sylveon 1-0 (200). Of these, only the Sylveon 200 HP is unobtainable with a modest Atk weight of 153.4.


While it is exciting that Giratina Origin Forme is now available for Great League PvP, it is unfortunate that not everyone will get to enjoy the experience. Hopefully in the future, Pokemon GO will add de-leveling and IV influencing items to the game to help keep the competitive playing field more even. That, or introduce a Pokemon store in game using currency obtained from Raids and PvP battles. Until then, hope you got yours or are able to find someone to trade with!

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