GO Beyond: The Cost of Newfound Power

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For many of us, the most intriguing part of the upcoming GO Beyond update has to be the level cap increase. This change has wide-reaching implications that effect every mode of play on a fairly deep level. Many of us have been wondering just how much of an undertaking this would be, and now that we have information from dataminers and individuals who are now testing the new system in Australia, we now have many of the answers. Keep in mind when reading this that it is confirmed that a player only needs to reach Lv.40 to be able to raise a Pokemon to Lv.50, so those of us who have hit the level cap will be able to max out our Pokemon immediately... assuming we're able to obtain the resources required for such an undertaking.

Please note that this information can change at any time. Niantic is testing the new system, so they may update these numbers based on user feedback.... hopefully.

But before we begin, special thanks to Pokeminers for much of this information. You guys are such an important part of the Pokemon Go community, and we can't thank you enough for all that you do!

XL Candy

XL Candy is the new species-specific leveling item for Pokemon Go. It begins dropping once a trainer hits level 40, and is the only candy used in leveling up a Pokemon past the previous (and current for much of the world) level cap of 40. While we don't know all of the ins-and-outs yet, here are the known sources of XL Candy: 

  • 1 XL Candy for catching a Pokemon, including from raid bosses. Cannot be increased via Pinap Berries etc. 
  • Variable number of XL candy (roughly 10-36) for hatching a Pokemon from an egg
  • Transferring a Pokemon can occasionally give an XL candy of that species
  • Trading a Pokemon can grant 1-3 L candies based on distance
  • XL Rare Candies are obtainable via raids and other sources
  • Normal candies can be traded for XL candies at a rate of 1 XL candy for every 100 normal candies
XL Candy Per Level
Pokemon Level XL Candy Cost
40.5 10
41 10
41.5 10
42 10
42.5 10
43 12
43.5 12
44 12
44.5 12
45 15
45.5 15
46 15
46.5 15
47 17
47.5 17
48 17
48.5 17
49 20
49.5 20
50 20
Total XL Candy Cost for Lv.40-50 268


While we have confirmation that the balance of XP gains is going to undergo changes, Stardust acquisition has not been confirmed to undergo any scheduled rebalance in the near future, meaning the value of Stardust is about to inflate without becoming more common than it is now.

Stardust Per Level
Pokemon Level Stardust Cost
40.5 10,000
41 10,000
41.5 10,000
42 11,000
42.5 11,000
43 11,000
43.5 11,000
44 12,000
44.5 12,000
45 12,000
45.5 12,000
46 13,000
46.5 13,000
47 13,000
47.5 13,000
48 14,000
48.5 14,000
49 14,000
49.5 14,000
50 15,000
Total Stardust Cost for Lv.40-50 245,000

CP Multiplier

The CP Multiplier, or CPM is the calculation that figures out just how strong a Pokemon is. In essence: we take the stats from a Pokemon from the main series, convert those stats into Pokemon Go stats, and then slap the CPM on it based on its level to limit it.

Right now, a Pokemon at Lv.40 has about 79% (0.7903) of its stats unlocked. Below are the CPM values for our newly accessible levels. Note that our list only deals with whole level values, but the CPM does rise at half levels. Level 51 is only obtainable by having a best buddy Pokemon at level 50.

CPM Based on Level
Pokemon Level CPM Value
41 0.7953
42 0.8003
43 0.8053
44 0.8103
45 0.8153
46 0.8203
47 0.8253
48 0.8303
49 0.8353
50 0.8403
51 0.8453

Based on this, going from Lv.40 to Lv.50 provides a Pokemon with a roughly 6% increase in power. Here's an example to put this into perspective using actual stats that the game uses at a given level:

Dragonite: Level 40

  • Attack: 219.7
  • Defense: 168.3
  • HP: 177.0

Dragonite: Level 50

  • Attack: 233.6
  • Defense: 179.0
  • HP: 188.2


Finally, the experience per level. Please note that we are currently compiling a list of level-up tasks, and will add them to this article at a later time/date. But for now, this is the XP table for Level 41-50.

Total XP Requirements Per Level
Player Level Total XP Needed
41 26,000,000
42 33,500,000
43 42,500,000
44 53,500,000
45 66,500,000
46 82,000,000
47 100,000,000
48 121,000,000
49 146,000,000
50 176,000,000
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