Hint at Gen 5 Arrival Discovered in Yokohama Wrap-Up

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Article by David Teraoka

New Hint

Last night, a large batch of hints were dropped into a post summarizing the events of GO Fest Yokohama 2019. 

Now, a Redditor in r/TheSilphRoad has uncovered a clue about the final part of the Ultra Bonus Unlock, which teases "Unusual Pokemon" appearing in the wild.

The paragraph in the Week 3 summary appears to be an acrostic, which is a word that is spelled through the first letter of every sentence in a group of sentences. The word is "Unova", the name of the contintent featured in Gen 5!

Thanks to u/daclaes for the great insight!

The last time we received a new generation of Pokemon was in October of 2018. It featured the following:

Pachirisu, Chatot, and Carnivine were released as regionals. Riolu and Shinx were exclusive to Eggs and Eggs and Raids respectively. 

Check out our lists on what Pokemon to keep an eye out for in Gen 5!

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