More Go Fest 2021 Details, Ultra Unlock Revealed

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Article by Brian Tien
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We're just over a week away from Go Fest 2021, which promises to be the biggest event of the year. Bit by bit, trickles of information are coming out, and the event is looking better and better. We've got even more to look forward to, so let's check out what we have in store!

Go Fest 2021

  • Trainers will be able to enjoy six special trades from July 16 to July 18
  • A Meloetta hat Pikachu will be available
  • Special raid bosses will be available, including the pseudo-Legendary Pokemon of Unova, Deino.
  • The two new variants of Pikachu being released for the event, Pop Star and Rock Star will know the special moves Draining Kiss and Meteor Mash, respectively.
  • This is Pokemon Go, so of course we have hats! In this case, players will have a choice; they can either encounter Gardevoir or a Flygon wearing a Meloetta-inspired hat. They will be available via several sources such as Special Research and Incense. Players will be able to choose which to encounter via the Special Research line. Images of each (and more) can be seen below, with thanks to Pokeminers for their hard work bringing this to us!
  • Specific Pokemon will be able to learn Elite moves during the event if evolved or caught in their final evolutionary stages:
    • Gardevoir will be able to learn Synchronoise 
    • Flygon will be able to learn Earth Power
  • Snapshots taken on Saturday after completing the special research line will feature Pop Star or Rock Star Pikachu, depending on which you choose
  • Snapshots taken on Sunday after completing the special research line will feature Meloetta Hat Gardevoir or Flygon, depending on which you choose
  • Special avatar items will be available from various sources:
    • Depending on which version of Pikachu you pick, a special avatar pose will be available. 
    • A Meloetta-themed shirt will be available for those who complete the special research line
    • A Go Fest 2021 shirt will be available to all players regardless of if they purchase the Go Fest ticket or not
    • Other sound/music themed avatar items will be available in the shop. These avatar items can be seen below, with thanks to Pokeminers once again!

The Ultra Unlock

Here we go, this is the big (though somewhat sparse) news!

Habitats Return

Much like previous Go Fest events, we'll be able to enjoy hourly habitats that will change features of the game. This feature will only be available on July 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Ultra Unlock

Ticket holders will be able to work together to complete specific tasks and unlock bonuses for the entire community. This has been, traditionally, the source of many large bonuses for Go Fest in the past. 

Ultra Unlock 1: Time

We don't have much information here, but it seems that Pokemon from "various eras" will begin spawning. This will run from July 23 until August 3. Hmm, time? I wonder what Pokemon that could be in reference to...?

Ultra Unlock 2: Space

Here we'll get Pokemon from "various places" as a part of this unlock. Perhaps a regional Pokemon or two...? This part of the Ultra Unlock will run from August 6 to August 17. But I wonder what Pokemon lines up with the title of "Space"...?

Ultra Unlock 3: ???

This is the final unlock, and... we basically have no information on it. It's hinted that this period, which runs from August 20 to August 31, may entail an extension of the previous two Ultra Unlocks, but that's about it. It's hard to really say  what this could entail.


The first two seem pretty obvious. We'll likely see Dialga return (at last) during the Ultra Unlock 1 event (though other Pokemon such as Celebi are known for their connection to time), and Palkia during the Ultra Unlock 2 event. Shiny formes unlocked seem likely, though it's also possible that they'll have their signature moves, Roar of Time and Spacial Rend, released. It's hard to say!

Week 3 is a bit more mysterious. While it would make perfect sense for Giratina to follow it up, as the last member of the trio, we already have shinies for both of its formes. For this reason, perhaps it's a reasonable thought that we may see the Mythical Pokemon Arceus released during this time?

Arceus is the trio-master of Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, so it would fit the theme of the event very well. Another possibility would be the long-anticipated Kyurem Black or Kyurem White, though they don't fit the theme quite as well.

Note that these are just theories, and we could be entirely off-base. However, these seem plausible all things considered.

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