Niantic Twitter Confirms Meloetta for Go Fest 2021

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Article by Brian Tien

Go Fest 2021 is well on its way at just over one month until the event hits, and Niantic is hard at work promoting it. In a recent tweet, they posted a "who's that Pokemon?" style image with a blacked out silhouette that should be very familiar to anyone familiar with the Mythical Pokemon of Generation 5/Unova.

While it was already fairly obvious from previous promotional material, this basically confirms that the mythical Pokemon for this year will be Meloetta: Aria Forme.

Meloetta's Aria Forme, which is frequently just considered its "default" forme, is a Psychic/Normal Type Pokemon. But what about its Psychic/Fighting Piroette forme? The two are linked in a manner similar to Giratina-Altered and Giratina-Origin or the different variants of Castform, and judging by Niantic's handling of these Pokemon, Aria and Piroette formes will likely show up as two separate Pokemon in Go. Will we see both released at Go Fest? Well, time will tell. But for now, it seems that Aria Forme is definitely on its way!

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