Pokemon GO Players Receive Extra Free Raid Pass on September 7th and 8th

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Extra Free Raid Pass Tomorrow

On September 6th, 2019, Niantic officially announced that players will be eligible for an extra free Raid Pass starting tomorrow until September 8th. 

Players are receiving this pass as compensation related to certain Pokemon not being available in raids. 

The cause of this reimbursement is likely the period of time on September 3rd where Legendary Raids were disabled, as reported by r/TheSilphRoad. It could also be related to the time on the 2nd in which shiny Entei and Suicune were disabled. 

The Raid Pass granted will not be a Premium Raid Pass. A trainer account can only ever hold 1 free Raid Pass at a time, so to receive this bonus, you must use the first Raid Pass in your inventory.

If a trainer doesn't use their free raid Pass from the previous day, they will be able to use 3 free Raid Passes for the time its available. 

This bonus will last from 1 PM PDT on September 7th to 1 PM on September 8th, technically granting two days of free Raid Passes where possible. 

Check out the Raid Boss List below to find out which raids you can take on over the weekend!