Move Category
Charge Move
Move Type

PvE Charge Move Info

Base Power
Damage Per Second
Charge Energy
Damage Window
1.20 seconds
Move Cooldown
2.20 seconds
Damage per Energy1.06

PvP Charge Move Info

Base Power 35
Charge Energy -100
Damage Per Energy 0.35

Move Description

In the main series, this move is usable by any Pokemon in the game. However, it is's also not actually learnable by any Pokemon. The only time that Struggle can be used is if a Pokemon has no learned attacks available to use.

PvE Changes

  • July 2016: Energy cost decreased from 20 to 0
  • February 2017: Power increased from 15 to 35, energy cost increased from 0 to 33, duration and damage window increased.
  • February 2017: Energy cost returned to 0