Power Leveling and XP Tips

Mass Evolving and Lucky Eggs

Evolving a Pokémon gives 500 XP which is a pretty huge amount. It also happens very quickly and can be delayed to a convenient time, making it a perfect situation for using a Lucky Egg for double XP.

You also often discover new Pokémon in this manner which also gives a base 500 XP that gets doubled.

In the timespan of one Lucky Egg, you can evolve roughly 70 Pokémon.

Timing your evolution spree to coincide with PokéStops or eggs hatching gives you even more XP (base value 100 XP per km) and new Pokédex entries!

How to Maximize Evolutions

If you want to save candies to evolve as many Pokémon as possible, follow these tips!

  • Avoid powering up Pokémon that can evolve - Save your candies for leveling! If you level faster, you'll encounter Pokémon of higher CP naturally anyway
  • If you need the final form of a Pokémon with multiple evolutions, wait until you have the candies to evolve a base Pokémon all the way to final form to guarantee higher CP - If you evolve one phase at a time, you'll probably have caught a stronger base Pokémon and your evolved one is now worthless
  • If you already have the evolved forms of a Pokémon in your Pokédex, only evolve the base Pokémon - This costs far fewer candies but gives the same XP. Unfortunately you won't get high CP Pokémon out of this method though

If you're low on Poké Balls, follow these steps as well:

  • Prefer catching Pokémon that can evolve - Pokémon that can't evolve only give you catch exp and their candies are wasted
  • Prefer catching Pokémon with low candy evolution costs - This typically means Pokémon with three evolutions that only cost 12 candies to evolve to first form, such as Pidgey
  • Prefer catching lower CP Pokémon - Lower CP Pokémon are worth exactly the same amount of candies as higher ones

Max Trainer Level

If you look on the trainer rewards page, you'll notice that the max trainer level is currently level 40. To get an idea of how much experience you need to hit level 40, consider this.

  • Level 7 - 21,000 XP
  • Level 20 - 210,000 XP
  • Level 30 - 2,000,000 XP
  • Level 40 - 20,000,000 XP

This means that it takes about 10 times as long to get to level 20 as it took to take to get to level 7, roughly 10 times as long to get to level 30 as it it took to get to level 20, and 10 times as long as that to get to level 40.

If you're an avid trainer and hit level 20 in a week, then even if you continued playing at that same rate, it would still take you almost two years to hit max level.

When you hit max trainer level, your trainer page will continue to show XP accumulation but you will not level up. The game files currently do not contain values for experience thresholds for higher levels but if the max level is increased, we expect players who have attained the required experience to be automatically leveled.