SwagTips: First Show 8/31 at 7pm CT

What is “SwagTips?”

SwagTips is a Twitch Stream that will be hosted by RyanSwag (a.k.a. u/Ryanoftheday) every Thursday at 7pm CT for 40 minutes. The content will pertain to the Pokemon GO meta, and will incorporate information from Pokebattler and GamePress. The goal of the stream is to explain game concepts in an understandable and engaging way while having the Poke-Professor RyanSwag available to answer questions trainers may have.If you find a way to stump him, you may just inspire the next GamePress article.

This first show will feature how to counter raid bosses, charge move usage, the energy bar, and Mewtwo/Ho-Oh specific tips.

Most updates won’t be featured here on GamePress, so it would be wise to follow the twitter @SwgTips or the FaceBook page @SwgTips for more info and updates! These pages will also keep you posted on content updates and new articles on GamePress.

What is “the meta”?

The meta is what’s good. It’s which Pokemon you should be using and how to best use them to achieve the current goals in the game. Previously, it was how to maintain 10+ gyms indefinitely. The current goals revolve around countering raid bosses effectively. With each major content update, the meta will likely change and it can be difficult to figure out at times.

Who is RyanSwag?

RyanSwag is a writer and editor here at GamePress. He also posts a lot of articles and infographics on r/TheSilphRoad as u/Ryanoftheday. The majority of content on our Raid Boss Counters page has been tailored by him (of course, with the help of other Pokemon GO researchers).We think he’s pretty good at the job.

Below are some works by RyanSwag that you might recognize:

Where can I get more information?

You can start by following the twitter @SwgTips and FaceBook page @SwgTips for information about the stream and updates on GamePress

Subscribing to the SwagTips Twitch channel will help promote the stream and will make sure you’re ready to watch the next time it airs.
If you cannot watch live,  consider subscribe to the YouTube channel SwagTips! After the streams, a recording will be posted there.