Togetic Community Day

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Article by Brian Tien

Slowpoke's time in the limelight is over, but Community Day must go on! With the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere, the theme of birth and renewal is central, so what better Pokemon to feature in April than an egg? That's right, this time around we have none other than Togep-...Togetic! Yeesh, Niantic is really committed to the whole "baby Pokemon don't appear in the wild" schtick, aren't they? Well, either way, it's finally time for Togetic to shine, as it's given a new way to Fight in PvP, and new potential viability makes itself known!

Togetic Communtiy Day

April 15, 2023
Event Start Event End
2:00 p.m. local time 5:00 p.m. local time
  • Togetic will spawn en-masse and with a greatly enhanced Shiny rate
  • Any Togetic evolved into Togekiss during event hours and up to 5 hours after will know the exclusive Fighting Type Charged move Aura Sphere.
  • A Special Research line will be available that will reward up to 5 Sinnoh Stones, which are needed to evolve Togetic into Togekiss
  • A $1 Paid Research line will be available
  • 2x Catch Candy and 2x XL Candy Odds 
  • +1 Special Trade
  • 1/4 Hatch Distance for eggs placed into incubators during event hours
  • 3 hour Incense and Lures
  • Togepi will more frequently hatch from 2km Eggs during event hours
  • Togetic will be available in Four Star raids. Defeating a Togetic Raid will result in Community Day level spawns around the defeated gyms for 30 minutes, even after Community Day hours
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