Trick or Treat! Pokemon Go Costume Contest!

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Article by Brian Tein

It's almost that time, everyone! Halloween is almost here, with all of the tricks and treats that come with it. It's time to dress up in something ghoulish or whimsical and enjoy the beginning of the holiday season. And what better way to celebrate with a little surprise from Gamepress!

The Gamepress team wants to see your Pokemon/Pokemon Go related costumes! And to get into the spirit of the season, we have a special Treat just for you; no Tricks! Drop by our Community Page and share a picture of your costume, and you'll be entered into a chance to win a $20 Google Play or Apple gift card, your choice!

Entries will be accepted between right this very second and 11:59 p.m. on November 4, 2022, with the winner announced shortly after. That gives everyone one week from this posting to prepare a costume and get your entry in, just in case you didn't already plan to dress up! We will then put our top picks to a Community Poll and let everyone here pick the winner!

What's The Criteria?

We do, in fact, have a bit of criteria for entry: as stated, the costume must be Pokemon or Pokemon Go related. We will judge based on... our own personal preference! This means that it might be the most realistic costume, the cleverest costume, the funniest costume, the cutest costume, or anything else! We want to see you really shine and get creative with this, so please give us some great work, everyone! 

How Do I Enter

All that you need to do is jump into our Community Thread, read the contest rules, and drop your picture and contact information! The rules for entry are included in the thread, so be sure to read over them before giving us your entry!

Enter the Gamepress Pokemon Go Costume Contest Here!

And hey; if this contest does well, then maybe we can do more and have even better prizes in the near future!

The Halloween Spirit

As the inspiration for this event, Pokemon Go is currently neck-deep in costumed Pokemon, but here's a question:

Which Halloween Pokemon Can Be Shiny?

And the answer is; all of them! All of our costumed Pokemon currently on offer can be shiny if you happen to get lucky!

So to whet your appetite for Halloween costumes, here's a question: which Pokemon Go Halloween costume do you like best? Give us a comment below and let us know what you think!

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