Guaranteed Lucky Cookie 4: The Best Use of Revenge Boost 4

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Here we go again! The 4th Legendary Gauntlet is coming soon, and with this event comes yet another Guaranteed Lucky Cookie. This is the 4th iteration of this unique item, to be precise, so what exactly does it give us? The Lucky Skill on offer this time is Revenge Boost 4, a fairly interesting skill that isn’t seen very often. So what does it do, and what exactly is its utility in Pokemon Masters? Let’s get into it.

Revenge Boost 4 grants 50% odds of scoring 1 Move Gauge bar every time that the opposing team hits the Sync Pair holding this skill with an attack. Right off the bat, it should be pretty obvious that this is a skill that’s best used on your team’s tank, and that it’s best used on super-bulky units that will have many opportunities to activate this effect throughout the battle. However, this Lucky Skill also has a hidden disadvantage that needs to be addressed: it has the potential to outright kill quad-queueing. 

Skills that passively take effect after the Sync Pair in question takes a hit give the opposing team a chance to sneak in a move before it’s possible for the player to select the next move. If this happens right before the player uses a Sync Move, then the opposing team will be able to queue up their next move pre-Sync instead of post-Sync like normal. This is why Revenge Boost 4 can be a hindrance as well as a help in some cases, and why this isn’t a natural choice on Support units that have room for it in one way or another.

More details on quad-queue and how it works are provided in this article by Spark.

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