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Introduction: Tier List Overall Rules

This tier list is primarily for Single Player content. Our Pokémon Masters tier list is ever evolving post-release as we continue to evaluate information from the game. Check back for updates!

Tier List Overview
Detailed Breakdown

Support Tier List

Support Tier 1
Player & Torchic
A powerful all-purpose support capable of increasing Attack (+2) for all allies, as well as Sp. Atk (+2) and Critical Hit Rate (+1) for all allies. Furthermore, they are free to acquire for all players by clearing the Main Story, making them easily accessible. Their flexibility make them a solid addition to any team.
Rosa & Delibird
A solid Physical Support for the party, providing Attack (+2) buffs to the entire party. "All the Presents!" provides an extremely potent move gauge acceleration effect, which has a greater effect in Co-op battles, and in addition raises Speed of all allies, and can randomly sharply raise a myriad of other stats for all allies. Combined with their high bulk, they make for a great support for the team, particularly for teams based around Physical damage.
Support Tier 2

Dusclops is one of the Bulkiest Pokemon in the game, making it a great choice to defend Offense Sync Pairs. She has the Passive Skill, “Pass it on!” where 50% of all raised stats will be given to the next Pokémon in line after Dusclops dies, so Phoebe & Dusclops are a great starting Pair during co-op Battles. 

Because of her second passive, “Vigilance”, she cannot suffer from Critical Damage. This is extremely useful, as Players will no longer randomly lose Phoebe & Dusclops to Critical Hits. 

Phoebe comes with two Trainer Moves. “Dire Hit All” raises everyone's Critical Hit Rate by +1 stage. With “Unbreakable bonds!” the lower Dusclops’s Health is, the more the Move Gauge and  Attack are increased for all Allies. Players can use this to their advantage via Double-Edge, as the recoil Damage is always 15% of the Damage dealt. 

Nosepass has one Supportive and one Offensive Move. Sadly, Offensive capabilities aren’t  her strong suit, so there’s really no reason to use it, especially since the chance of making full use of Ancient Power is rare. 

On the other hand, “Wide-Guard” has the ability to render any AoE useless, which is amazing but it’s also extremely situational. Keep in mind that this does not work against Sync Moves since they are considered single target Moves with splash Damage rather than true AoE. 

What makes this Sync Pair so strong is Roxanne’s Supportive Trainer Moves that increase the overall Offensive capabilities of any Team, making the Pair a great pick.

Rosa & Serperior

The Queen of F2P, Rosa & Serperior are very Bulky. They’re great at Defense and even give Move Gauge refills twice with “Time To Energize!”. Special Strike Sync Pairs get Boosted Offense through “Sp. ATK  All”, raising all Allies’ Special Attack by +2 Stages. 

When it comes to Serperior, her Moves are somewhat lacking, but her Bulkiness makes up for that. She also has the Passive Skill, “Stalwart”, that gives her immunity to any Sp. DEF lowering Attacks, so Enemies will always have trouble trying to get through her.

Lyra & Meganium
With a full party +1 Critical Chance buff, full party +1 Attack/Sp.Atk/Speed buff (doubled when Sunny), and ability to nullify status conditions in Sunny weather, Lyra & Meganium are built to shine in the sun while still providing a great spread of buffs to the party without the sun. Her bulk is decent at base as well, although not as high as others, and she requires 3 move gauge to use Light Screen to bring her Special damage mitigation up to par, which sets her slightly behind the other top tier supports with respect to Bulk. Even so, her ability to slot in and essentially provide one-size-fits-all buffs for any party makes her extremely useful to have in the roster.
This Support Pair provides a full party +2 Speed buff, and a variable full party +3-6 Attack buff depending on how much damage they have sustained. With their high Bulk score, they likely will be taking the brunt of the hits for the party, which will enhance the effectiveness of their party Attack buffs (buff increases the more damage this Sync Pair sustains). They also have the handy passive, Impervious, which makes them resistant to stat debuffs. The main drawback for this pair is not the pair itself, but the relative scarcity of AoE Physical damage options, with most Physical Strikers being single target, which can be inefficient when it comes to clearing maps quickly.
Support Tier 3
Cheryl & Blissey

A Support Sync Pair is supposed to be a Bulky front liner. Sadly, this isn’t the case with Cheryl While she has some Offensive and Supportive capabilities, Blissey just doesn’t have the necessary Bulk. 

Instead, she’s just a giant pool of Health points with both Defensive stats low enough to make her surprisingly quick to die.

Because of this, other Supports are preferable. 

Liza & Lunatone

This Sync Pair can provide both Attack and Special Attack buffs to all allies, which makes them a decent support pair to slot into almost any team if other alternatives are not available.

As a side note, they are also one of the few Support Pairs who have the potential to deal devastating amounts of damage with their Passive Skill called “Power Chain 3”, which powers them up during Unity Attacks, making them an excellent Support for co-op where they might be part of a Super Effective Unity Attack. 

When facing a Special Strike Enemy, Liza & Lunatone also have the Passive Skill, “Stalwart”, which prevents them from losing any Special Defense. When combined with Liza’s Trainer Move, “X Sp. DEF All”, it would be possible for Liza to increase all Allies’ Special Defense by +2 Stages. This makes them a great wall against Special Strike Enemies.

Skyla & Swanna

Skyla can use the Trainer Move, “Take Flight!” which raises the Defensive capabilities of the entire Team while also sharply raising their Speed by +2 stages. 

Not only does the Team become more Bulky, they also gain more resources to play with in the form of faster Move Gauge Recovery. Skyla also has Potion, which Heals one of the Team’s Sync Pairs. This makes her a decent pick. 

Currently, Support type Sync Pairs are extremely powerful, so the upper tiers of Support are crowded. Cheren’s kit includes a full party Move Gauge +2 skill that also provides gradual HP recovery. Furthermore, they can heal Status Conditions for an ally on demand. Their ability to boost their own damage depending on the Status Conditions they are inflicted with is quite gimmicky, as not all enemies will be using moves that inflict Status Conditions, and in most cases players will not be using their Support as primary DPS anyway. Think of it as a small, conditional bonus, but it doesn’t change too much.
Support Tier 4

“We’re Standing Strong!” is the primary reason to be interested in Marley & Arcanine, as it allows Marley to clear Allies’ field of any bad Status Conditions and prevents them from receiving any in the future. This skill is very situational, but the moment Status Condition heavy Enemy Team is encountered, Marley & Arcanine are a top pick. Otherwise, the pair has a very solid Speed boost to the entire team, and an added bonus of being immune to Speed stat decreases.

Maylene & Meditite come with a great Trainer Move when playing alongside Physical Strike Sync Pairs. The issue here is that Meditite doesn’t have the best Offensive capabilities, so she’s not much of a Damage dealer on her own. 

She’s not very Bulky either, so while she gives the Team some benefits, with the current game being what it is, she’s suboptimal compared to Sync Pairs like Phoebe & Dusclops who do almost the same job and more. 

This Pair is the Support for increasing overall Bulk. Drake’s Trainer Moves are all about raising Defensive capabilities while also giving Recovering the Move Gauge. This makes Drake & Salamence a great Sync Pair when facing off against Heavy Damage dealers. They are definitely a top contender among Supports.

Support Tier 5
Misty & Starmie

She is such an amazing goddess, she’s sometimes mistaken for the goddess Aqua. In other words, she is pretty useless. 

Hopefully, Sygna Suit Misty will be released soon, but her current toolkit just doesn’t fit well enough anywhere to be called useful. With a Move Set that makes her more of a Strike Pair but a Defensive stat spread fitting a Support, she has no place in either category.

This Pair has the right Moves. He can taunt Enemies and endure Hits, but the issue is a lack of Bulk. If Rosa & Serperior had his Moves, they would be really strong. 

Marlon is ranked low because he has the tools, but not the stats to survive reliably.

Strike (Physical) Tier List

Strike (Physical)
Strike (Physical) Tier 1

Mega Pinsir is one of the highest Damage dealers and fastest Pairs in the game--especially after Noland uses “Bring it On!”, which further increases Mega Pinsir’s Speed. Pinsir lives up to expectations and is ready to take all Enemies down. 

Fury Cutter is a spammable Move which only costs one Move Gauge slot and gets further powered up after each use. It quickly ends up being one of the highest Damage dealing Moves in the game.

Lycanroc is a great Damage dealing Pokemon due to her stats and Stone Edge (100 Power), which can be increased to a Power of 120. Although it has 80 Accuracy, Olivia conveniently has “Hard as Diamonds!”, which sharply raises Lycanroc’s Accuracy while also increasing Critical Hit Rate. 

Furthermore, whenever Lycanroc lands a Critical Strike, her Amped Up 1 Passive Skill will increase Lycanroc’s Speed, turning her into a fighting machine like no other. 

The best early game Sync Pair in the game, Brendan’s Trainer Move, “No Turning Back!”, allows the pair to achieve +6 Sp. ATK & Attack in one go, while Dire Hit allows for 100% Critical Hit Rate if Teamed up with a Support that has “Dire Hit All”. Treecko likes to Buff up instantly to start the Battle dealing Damage, which makes him the very best early game Pokemon. 

The only flaw Treecko has is that he spends a lot of the Move Gauge, which means having Rosa for the Gauge Refill would be useful. But on a prolonged battle sequence, Rosa can quickly run out of refills, thus leaving Treecko’s Move costs as a heavy weight on the Team. As a result, long fights can be worrisome for Treecko. 

Strike (Physical) Tier 2

Mega Lucario has a decent Attack value, and  “Power-Up Punch” further increases Attack. Mega Lucario can also raise her Critical Hit Rate, so Teaming up with a Support Sync Pair who has "Dire Hit All" would allow Mega Lucario to achieve 100% Critical Hit Rate. This makes Korrina & Lucario a solid Sync Pair choice when looking for Physical Strike Offense.

Hilda & Emboar
Hilda & Emboar are one of the strongest Fire-type Strikers in the game, with high physical attack, a high power move ready to go turn 1, and an extremely high HP pool. They are self-sufficient, although additional buffs will further improve Emboar's performance. A big drawback to the pair is being heavily reliant on a Recoil move for damage. They do have high health, Potion, and a self-healing passive to help offset the detriment of Recoil, but these are still in limited quantity. In a drawn-out battle, Emboar will fall to recoil damage. She also performs more poorly against enemies with AoE attacks, as this will chip away at her HP pool, and can cause her to go out of commission earlier than hoped due to recoil.
Norman & Slaking

This Sync Pair is cursed with being a Normal Type. This means they will never be able to deal super effective Damage and this is a huge flaw in a game where elemental advantage doubles Damage. As a result, there are very few cases where Norman & Slaking make for a good Team option. This is why he is not currently ranked higher on this list.  

Kris & Feraligatr are doing an excellent job, all things considered. Usually, they would be hated because Feraligatr has a Normal Move but because of their Passive Skill, the Move counts as a Water Type. Sadly, this is still not enough. 

Since Feraligatr is very Bulky, they might have been more successful as a Support Pair. An Offense Sync Pair is meant to focus on damage dealing, and Feraligatr just doesn't. This Sync Pair is like a student in the wrong classroom.

Elesa & Zebstrika's performance is great for encounters that require an Electric-type Physical Striker. However, she suffers from her primary damage-dealing move having Recoil, and does not have as many HP recovery options as other Recoil damage dealers such as Hilda. Her HP recovery move is also tied to a Sure Critical buff, which ends up being an opportunity cost decision the player will have to make. As a result she can be more of a liability and can fall prematurely if the player does not plan out for her Recoil damage carefully, and is targeted by enemies or hit by an AoE move.
Strike (Physical) Tier 3
Roark & Cranidos

Looking for risky gameplay with high-risk and high-reward? Look no further than Roark & Cranidos! Cranidos’ “Head Smash” with a Power of 188-225 and a Recoil of 33%. 

Their Passive Skill prevents their Attack stat from being lowered. Due to the Recoil Damage, Support Sync Pairs with Potion or other Healing is absolutely necessary.

Bruno & Machamp

Bruno & Marchamp is the Critical Sync Pair. All of Machamp’s Moves have a built-in +1 Critical Hit Rate increase, which means +2 is all they need to get a Critical Hit Rate of 100%.

A Support Sync Pair with “Dire Hit All” is sure to give Machamp the Critical Hit Rate he needs. Bruno can also raise Machamp’s Critical Hit Rate with “Dire Hit”, but with a Teammate also raising it, Machamp can immediately go all-out on Offense while a Support applies the Critical Hit Rate Buffs. Machamp’s Passive Skill “Critical Strike 2”  further raises the Power of all Moves if they are a Critical Hit.

Kahili & Toucannon are a nice Flying Type Sync Pair. Toucannon can never miss an Attack, but the only downside to this Pair is Kahili’s Buffs. Unfortunately, her Buffs are temporary. Kahili’s “Second Wind!” ensures the next Attack will be Critical. On paper, this is amazing, but in terms of sustained Damage, it would have been better if they allowed a Critical Hit Rate +1 increase as well. 

They are a good Pair--especially for quick Battles where burst Damage from a few Critical Hits are enough to win--but they could use a bit more love from :DeNA.

“Beehold my Research!” raises the user’s Speed and drastically raises their Evasiveness.  “Fell Stinger” drastically raises the user’s Attack when it knocks out a target. Bugsy’s other Trainer Move, “Sure Crit”, makes sure Mega Beedrill’s next Move is Critical. This can ensure the next “Fell Stinger” will deal a great amount of Damage and achieve the Attack Up bonus.

Beedrill’s performance increases with each Enemy he can take out and snowballs in a prolonged Battle, making the Pair a great Offensive force. 

Time to Rock!” raises Whirlipede’s Critical Hit Rate by +1, allowing a Support Sync Pair with “Dire Hit All” to give them 100% Critical Chance. Whirlipede also has a chance of inflicting Poison. This can quickly rack up Damage over time outside of Attacks, themselves. 

Strike (Physical) Tier 4

Conkeldurr is another great example of this game having amazing Sync Pairs with amazing toolkits who lack the stats to do the job. Conkeldurr has a lot of Offensive stat Buffs from Marshal’s Trainer Movess but doesn’t have the base stats for them to be as effective as they could be.

Tate & Solrock

A decent Offensive Sync Pair who has Passive Skills that prevents them from losing Attack or Defense. This and “Zen Headbutt”, which can cause the Enemy to Flinch make Solrock a good Offensive choice.

Tate’s “X Attack” and “All as One!”, which doubles all raised stats, make it easy for Solrock to achieve +6 Attack and +3 Critical Hit Rate if Teamed up with a “Dire Hit All” Support. Overall, Solrock is a solid Damage dealer.

Strike (Physical) Tier 5

Avalugg is an Offensive Pokemon, which means they are supposed to deal lots of Damage. “Avalanche” requires that Avalugg wait until he is Attacked first before lashing out. This contradicts with the entire idea of being a Damage dealer. 

Avalugg might have better suited the Support Role, which would have made him great since it is much easier to be targeted by AI when a Sync Pair is Bulky. 

The primary thing Brock & Tyranitar are good at is AoE, and it’s worth noting that they are the only AoE Physical Strike Pair in the game. Outside of that, however, they are somewhat wanting. Brock’s Trainer Moves are lackluster and he doesn’t have what Tyranitar really needs to excel, which is a lot of Damage Buffs. Due to poor Offensive capabilities, Tyranitar is stuck in frustration on the lower end of the bracket. However, his ability to avoid stat debuffs in a Sandstorm means that with the right allies, he retains his buffs even after an opponent Sync Move.

Iris & Haxorus

Iris the Dragon Champion and Haxorus are a great Sync Pair, although they are somewhat hampered by their signature move (Outrage) being guaranteed to confuse the user, which can be a liability. At this point in the game, as a Dragon-type damage dealer, Clair & Kingdra are much more consistent and effective, having a move with higher base Power without the self confusion demerit. For this reason, Iris is currently ranked lower.

Hapu & Mudsdale

Mudsdale comes with a lot of Power and Hapu can raise Mudsdale’s Attack. However, Mudsdale doesn’t have the best base Attack value compared to all other Physical Strike Pokemon. This is a big flaw and is enough to put Hapu & Mudsdale on the lower end of the bracket.

Strike (Special) Tier List

Strike (Special)
Strike (Special) Tier 1

Pigeot is currently the best Special Strike Pokemon and he’s one of the fastest. 

His Passive is incredibly powerful and he can increase his own Evasiveness.

He’s best used in prolonged Battles.

Hurricane hits hard, and has a chance of confusing its targets, while Air Cutter hits AoE. This Sync Pair’s Power (via its attack, Hurricane) and Sp. Atk stat are among the highest in the game, and this pair is likely capable of a higher damage ceiling than the next contender, Karen & Houndoom. Combined with a self-Accuracy buff that mitigates the Accuracy problems of Hurricane, Blue & Mega Pidgeot may be the strongest pair in the game once they are released.

Karen & Mega Houndoom are placed in this tier for the immense firepower they bring to the team. They currently have among the highest, if not the highest damage cap in the game. Their ability to potentially maximize their own Sp. Atk without external help, combined with Critical Rate boosts and extremely high raw stats make them one of the best Stikers in the current roster. AoE damage and the ability to cause Flinch or lower all opponents’ Sp. Atk (indirectly allowing them to bolster the defense of the team) is just icing on the cake. Furthermore, their Sp. Atk self buff scales with damage sustained, which makes it a good option for reapplying buffs quickly after an opponent's Sync Move. With additional assistance like further Critical Rate boosts and Move Gauge boosts, they become even more potent.
Strike (Special) Tier 2

Shauntel & Chandelure are a very good Ghost Type Sync Pair, who excel at raising Sp. ATK and Speed. Their most powerful Move has the chance to lower an Enemy’s Sp. DEF for additional Damage.

Shauntel's “A Tale of Triumph!” also raises Chandelure’s Speed by 3 levels and Evasiveness by 2, albeit with the detriment of leaving Chandelure burned.

Caitlin & Reuniclus are one of the strongest Psychic-Type strike pairs in the game, boasting an extremely high Sp. ATK stat at maximum potential. In addition, the pair has access to Psychic, a powerful attack that not only deals significant damage but also has a small chance of lowering the target’s Sp. Def and several buffs, including Move Gauge Boost and Don’t Bore Me! (Sharply raises the user’s SP. Atk. Raises the user’s Defense and Sp. Def.) That being said however, the duo ultimately suffers from a low HP and Speed stat, which ultimately limit survivability and damage output. In a meta that favors high-paced game play and with access to units that outshine Caitlin & Reuniclus on this front, we conclude that while she is undoubtedly a heavy hitter for Psychic favored encounters, she lacks the stats to bump her to the top.

“Leaf Storm” reduces the user’s Sp. ATK and is well worth the high Move cost. Gardenia’s “Believe in Nature!” Restores 2 Move Gauge slots while also Sp. ATK stat Debuffs to Buffs.

At first glance, Siebold & Clawitzer look like they would be a strong Sync Pair: Self-Heal, Self-Buff and even inflicted Debuffs. While Siebold & Clawitzer have the tools, they lack talent and skill. 

Clawitzer’s stats are low and poorly distributed for his strengths. This means that a Special Strike Pokemon who doesn’t have the proper toolkit but does have better stat distribution will outperform Siebold & Clawitzer.

Hau & Raichu are the most recommended F2P Sync Pair (unlocked in Chapter 11). Discharge deals a lot of AoE Damage. He isn’t the annoying cousin who walks up to you in a very horrible spot where you desperately want a Pokemon Center before facing him, which is fine, because he Heals your Team with First Aid 4 first.

Strike (Special) Tier 3

Flint & Infernape share the same fate of several other Sync Pairs. :DeNA just didn’t give them enough love. Flint’s “Dire Hit” increases the user's Critical Rate and can increase Infernape’s Critical Hit Rate to 100% if used with “Dire Hit All” from a Support Teammate.

“We’re On Fire!” sharply raises the user’s Attack and Sp. ATK, but Infernape doesn’t live up to the Buffs and can’t put them to full use. Flint & Infernape is ranked low due to their poor stats.

Barry & Empoleon

Empoleon comes with a strong kit. He has almost everything he could possibly need from a Trainer. The only drawback with this Pair is that they do not necessarily excel at what they have and their focus is too spread out. Overall however, Barry & Empoleon are a great Sync Pair to get the job done. They have their uses and Barry's Offensive stat Boosting makes him a force that shouldn't be ignored, which is why they are Tier 2. 

Clair & Kingdra

Similar to Gardenia & Rosegade, this Sync Pair uses a devastating Special Move (Draco Meteor) but reduces their own Sp. ATK with each use. “Victory Is Mine!” removes stat Debuffs and increases Kingdra’s Critical Hit Rate by +1 and “X Sp. ATK” sharply raises Kingdra’s Sp. ATK by +2. These Trainer Moves may look great, but they actually come with a drawback.  Compared to Gardenia’s “Believe In Nature!”, Clair’s “Victory Is Mine!” is clearly inferior. 

Also, Kingdra’s stat Buffs from Draco Meteor and “X Sp. ATK” will be nullified by “Victory Is Mine!”. This Sync Pair’s toolkit is actively contradicting itself.

Strike (Special) Tier 4
Player & Pikachu

The “Potion” is nice and “Jump Start!” sharply raises the user’s Sp. ATK and Speed, which sounds awesome, so why the low ranked placement? Largely, Pikachu's moveset is holding the Sync Pair back. The Move Power is low, which does a disservice to Pikachu's Sp. Atk. Furthermore, it hits only a single opponent. However, it does have a small chance of inflicting Paralysis. For players who do not have alternative sources of Electric-type damage, Pikachu can still do a decent job.

Pryce & Dewgong

Pryce & Dewgong are ranked low because they are lacking in several areas. Primarily, their offensive stats at base are somewhat lacking, and their Buffs won’t really help when the base stats are so low. The AoE Icy Wind is nice with its Speed debuff, and its passive (Super Duper Effective) which increases supereffective damage also helps make up for their low base stats. However, in the current state of the game, Ice-weakness is relatively rare. This may change in the future, however.

Tech Tier List

Tech Tier 1
Koga & Crobat
Koga packs powerful self-buffs for Speed, Evasion, and Critical Hit Rate, and he has extremely high base Speed as well. All of this enables Crobat to quickly devastate foes with the Toxic status effect, while keeping out of harm’s way with stacked Evasion buffs. From there, he transitions to dealing bonus damage to his poisoned opponents with Venoshock, and finally deals the finishing blow with his poison-boosted Sync Move. It should be noted that their style of play is countered by Sync Pairs that have immunity to status conditions, so players should take care in selecting when to field this Sync Pair.
Will & Xatu

This is one of the strongest Tech Pokemon when it comes to Offense. Xatu has a Passive Skill that makes him immune to any stat Debuffs. As a result, every Buff he gets will stay for the remainder of the Battle. This makes Will & Xatu a very strong Sync Pair to fill the Team’s Offense Role.

A decent Tech Sync Pair. Floatzel can make target Flinch or Confused, creating several Battle delaying mechanics while sweeping in with tons of Damage. Crasher Wake’s “Dire Hit”, when paired with a Teammate’s “Dire Hit All”, will make sure Floatzel can achieve 100% Critical Hit Rate.  

Blaine & Ponyta

Ponyta is a niche Pokémon with the unique Passive Skill, “Hostile Environment 1”, which raises the chance of inflicting status conditions with the additional effects of Moves. Ponyta will make it easier for you to land certain status conditions. In an encounter where the primary goal is to wear down the enemy, it would be rather efficient, although this may not always be the fastest method of dealing with encounters. They are a very situational Sync Pair. 

“The Power of Science!” drastically raises Togedemaru’s Attack and Speed, making them a good Offensive Sync Pair. They can also inflict Paralysis or make the Enemy Flinch while still doing a decent amount of Damage. 

One of the strongest Special Strike Tech Sync Pairs in the game, it’s good to Mega Gengar and Mega Houndoom to illustrate how strong the former actually is. Mega Gengar has 339 Special Attack compared to Mega Houndoom’s 336 and Shadow Ball has 118 Power compared to Mega Houndoom's 114 Dark Pulse. 

By merit of numbers, Mega Gengar has more Offensive capabilities. The main reason Mega Gengar isn’t as favored over Karen & Houndoom is that Agatha & Mega Gengar don’t have a Critical Hit Rate Buff. If they Team up with a Support Pair with “Dire Hit All”, Gengar will still only get a 50% Critical Hit Rate Buff instead of 100%. Otherwise, They’re still a strong Sync Pair and can hold their ground. 

Masquerain’s passive is a handy Attack decrease for all enemies, while the remainder of her kit gives her the appearance of being a Striker that specializes in trapping the opponent, followed by dealing the finishing blow via bonus damage for trapped opponents with her Sync Move. Her high bulk, Sp. Def buffs, and gradual healing enable her to be more likely to reach her win condition. However, a stall team centered around Masquerain’s method of play is likely slower than the 2x Support 1x Striker team composition.
Tech Tier 2

“Hurricane” is pretty powerful but only has 70% Accuracy. Luckily, “Rain Dance” makes “Hurricane” a sure hit every single time. Outside of some temporary Buffs, however,  Pelipper has nothing else and pales in comparison to Blue & Pidgeot.

Nanu & Persian
Nanu & Persian have self-buffs for Speed and Evasion, and furthermore can give themselves 100% Critical Hit Rate for one move (two times). Persian has the capability of setting up deadly combinations, with usage of 100% Critical Hit chance, a Bite with boosted Flinch on Crit due to their passive, followed by their Sync Move, which deals bonus damage to Flinching opponents. He requires setup to function well, but due to his low base stats, his damage ceiling is not quite high enough to place him in higher tiers.
Janine & Ariados

Janine is one those Sync Pairs who really focus on wearing the Enemy down. “Cross Poison” should be used to Poison the Enemy before Attacking with “Venom Drench” to lower the Enemies’ Attack, Sp. ATK, and Speed. However, “Venom Drench” will fail if the target isn’t already Poisoned. Janine’s “Dire Hit All” means Ariados gets 100% Critical Hit Rate after two uses, or if Teamed Up with a Support Sync Pair who also has “Dire Hit All”. 

This Sync Pair focuses on lowering Enemy Sp. ATK and increasing its own Sp. ATK, Evasion, and Speed. “Thunderbolt” can leave the Enemy Paralyzed and the moment Voltorb faints, its Passive Skill kicks in. “Last Words” causes an explosion, dealing heavy AoE Damage. Overall, they are a strong Sync Pair with a lot of handy Debuffs. 

Grant & Amaura

“Over the Wall!” Recovers the Move Gauge by +2, heals Amaura gradually, and raises their Accuracy. “X Sp. DEF” makes Amaura a great Tank. 

Amaura’s “Rock Slide” is AoE and can make the Enemy Flinch, which is perfect for stalling the Battle. Overall, Grant & Amaura are a really good pair slow especially difficult Battles down.

Lorelei & Lapras

Lorelei & Lapras are an awesome Ice-Type Sync Pair thanks to “Blizzard”, which is an AoE with the potential to leave Enemies Frozen. 

Lorelei doesn’t come short either, always ready with “X Speed” and “Brace Yourself!” so Lapras can be faster, Bulkier, and Self-Healing.

Clay & Palpitoad

Clay & Palpitoad is the first Sync Pair who specifically slows the Enemies’ Move Gauge. All of Palpitoad’s Offensive Moves have a chance of reducing Enemy Speed while Clay increases his Speed, and give Palpitoad “Endure” so he can take additional Damage before fainting. 

This is a great Sync Pair for slowing down the Enemy. They are an excellent Sync Pair to bring along when facing fast Enemies.

The Sword and Shield Formes allow this Sync Pair to be Offensive or Defensive depending on the Player’s needs for that Battle. Changing stance also changes the Bulk value of Aegislash, which will affect who the Enemy targets. This is definitely a Sync Pair with the potential to work really well in specific Team compositions and strategies. 

Aegislash is definitely a powerful Steel-Type and can even make the Enemy Flinch. The drawback to this Sync Pair is that Wikstrom & Aegislash have such an extensive toolkit that they don’t excel at any one thing, so they are very situational.

Tech Tier 3

Abomasnow’s Offensive capabilities are very low, meaning Abomasnow is meant to play more of a Defensive Role. But as a Tank, Abomasnow can increase her Sp. DEF, but her Moves are costly and may not always be worth it.

Bronzong is a niche Pokémon with the unique Passive Skill. “Aggravation  1”, which raises the chance of inflicting Flinching, Confusion, or Trap in addition to the other effects of his Moves. In an encounter where the primary goal is to wear down the Enemy, this is pretty efficient. Otherwise, they are a very situational Sync Pair. 

They can Self-Buff Critical Hit Rate and Sp. Atk, but their primary Offensive Move, Ember, is pretty weak. Flannery & Torkoal are only really good for guaranteed Burn infliction and their Sync Move, which powers up against Burned opponents. However, their Sync Move is quite powerful against burned enemies; it just takes a bit of time for them to unleash their full power.

Brycen & Cryogonal have a lot of Bulk-centric Moves, but their stats don’t make the cut. Brycen has some amazing Trainer Moves, but they don’t do much when the Pokémon can’t deliver, which is why Brycen & Cryogonal is ranked so low. 

Mina & Granbull

This is the very first Fairy Trainer Sync, but the majority of Mina & Granbull’s toolkit is all about waiting for Enemies to get Buffed so Granbull can mirror their Buffs, which means it takes a long time to set her up. Otherwise, Mina & Granbull don’t bring much to the table. Their Offensive capabilities are so low that utilizing Granbull as a Damage dealer may not be the best option.

Brawly & Makuhita are an awesome Fighting Type Sync Pair. They can lower the Enemies’ Defenses while Attacking, which leads to increased Damage over time. However, they just aren’t on par with Machamp or Lucario. They are deeply focused on Offense, but they need a better Move set.

Tech Tier 4

In Pokemon Masters, this Sync Pair is somewhat different from it’s frightening main game counterpart. They are a Sync Pair that focus on Debuffs and inflicting Status Conditions. Unfortunately, Normal Type Moves mean they are unable to deal super effective Damage.

Brock & Onix

This Sync Pair has weak Moves and poor stat distribution. The Sygna Suit variant was released together with the standard version, but it’s hard to say anything positive about Onix. 

A Sync Pair with only one Offensive Move, and it’s pretty weak. Thankfully, Vileplume’s Sp. DEF is very high and gets further boosted by Erika’s “X Sp. DEF”, making them a great counter for Special Strike Enemies. Rosa & Serperior are also F2P, but do everything Erika & Vileplume does, but better. 

This Sync Pair has relatively weak stats and poor Damage output. Some of their Moves Buff those Offensive capabilities, but are a bit wasted on what is quite low at base level. 

Acerola & Palossand’s kit is heavily focused towards being the Tank for the party (leaning more toward Physical rather than Special damage). However, in the current state of the game, AI focuses on party members based on bulk, so a taunt move is not necessary if the player sets up their party to have a highly bulky Support to shield their Striker. Moreover, Supports can provide buffs to the Striker, whereas Palossand’s kit does not provide much else to the party aside from the ability to taunt enemies and to cause the Sandstorm weather change. If changes are made in the future where taunt is more useful, this Pair’s placement may move in the future.

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