Pokemon Masters Re-roll Guide

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Re-rolling in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is a mobile strategy/ battling game developed by DeNA. Based on the widely popular Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Masters offers players the chance to obtain ‘sync pairs’ in exchange for Gems.

While players may be tempted to restart their save files in order to obtain ideal sync pairs, it should be known that there are no easy shortcuts to obtaining a substantial amount of gems. In fact, even by clearing the story (through which Gems can be obtained on the First Clear of each Stage), players will only receive 3,690 Gems. This is only equivalent to 12 pulls but takes an average of 7 hours to complete. 

That being said, Pokemon Masters, as of writing this article, has had events that give a generous amount of gems to players over time through log-in bonuses and missions. Therefore, when looking to re-roll, try to find the quickest way to obtain Gems in multiples of 300 through either clearing the story, participating in events, etc. in order to maximize time efficiency.

When Can You Reroll?

With the way that the game has been designed, guaranteed methods of obtaining Gems (ie. Story Missions) and re-rolling are scarce and not worth doing for the amount of time required. That being said, with the Gems that you do receive, there are certain pairs that should be prioritized.

The general rule of thumb is to obtain at least one of the meta sync pairs (ideally a striker) in order to clear general content with ease. Naturally, as you play and progress, you will have more chances to obtain the sync pairs of your liking. In addition, multiple banners are cycled throughout each month, allowing players to obtain rare sync pairs at a higher rate. 

As far as a go-to sync pair to look out for, Olivia & Lycanroc(Midnight Form) is an excellent choice. Combining excellent self-buffs and naturally high Atk/Spd values, this sync pair has been in the meta since the game's release. For further information on which sync pairs are ruling the roost in today's meta look over here: (Sync Pair Tier Lists).

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