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Site Lead for Pokemon Masters at GamePress. Reddit: /Takeyuki Discord: jackkimchi#0368 I love going to the gym and playing videogames in my free time. Professional experience/interests in Project Management and Data Analysis.

Articles Worked On

Pokemon Masters App v1.7.0 Update Report 02/19/2020 at 10:00 p.m. PST
Run-Up to Six Months Celebration
Professor Oak & Mew Special Missions
Story Event: The Strongest There Is
Grass-Type Training Event
Dragon-Type Training Event
Legendary Event Log-In Bonus
Legendary Event: The Dragon That Rules the Sky Event Guide (Rayquaza Event)
Battle Changes & Difficulty Adjustments
Ice-Type Training Event
A Message from the Pokemon Masters Team (Vol. 6)
Fire-Type Training Event
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Janine (Very Hard)
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Hau (Very Hard)
New Difficulty Added to Main Story!
Legendary Event: The Beast That Devours the Sun Event Guide (Solgaleo Event)
Training Events Guide
A Message from the Pokemon Masters Team (Vol. 5)
Story Event: Two Champions (Event Guide)
New Year's Missions
Story Event: A Special Present
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Clair (Very Hard)
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Marshall (Very Hard)
Rosa's Party: Special Rally!
Story Event: Rosa's Party
Grimsley & Liepard Spotlight Scout Update 12/10/2019
Victory Point Rally Results
Legendary Rally
Minor Game Design Update - 11/27/2019
Pokemon Masters App v1.4.0 Update Report - 11/29/2019
A Message from the Pokémon Masters Team (Vol. 4)
Upcoming Content Report 11/26/2019: December Sync Pairs and Banner Schedule!
Water-Type Training Event Guide
Victory Point Rally Log-In Bonus
Ice-Type Training Event Guide
Pokemon Masters Producer Letter #3
Special Log-in Bonus Event
The Importance of Elegance Event Guide (Caitlin Event)
Chapters 19-21 Coming Soon
New Training Course Difficulty Levels
The Story Continues! Special Rally Event Guide
Grass-Type Training Event Guide
Tier List Change Log - 10/17/2019 (Elesa & Zebstrika, Tier List Rehaul)
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Pryce (Very Hard)
Electric-Type Training Event Guide
Special Daily Item Exchanges
Upcoming Content Report 10/10/2019: Mission List Changes
Battle Guide: EX Challenge: Korrina (Very Hard)
Pokemon Masters Re-roll Guide