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Tier List Change Log

Latest Changes - 11/29/2021

  • Damage Dealer - Having risen above even the Tier 0 Sync Pairs, Lusamine & Necrozma get their own exclusive Tier Ultra. This a unique situation and this Tier will be removed once it's not necessary, but while there is a visible difference between the Tier 1 and 0 units and Tier 0 and SS Lusamine, this shall remain. SS Erika and Leon move up inside their sub-groups on Tier 1, while Alder drops to tier 2 and Anniversary Lillie moves up to Tier 1. Top sub-group for Tier 2 has Giovanni, SC Hilda, and Holiday Leon added to it, Marnie drops a sub-group, and Bea drops to Tier 3 while Hala and SS Leon move to bottom of Tier 2. On Tier 3, Diantha moves above SC Guzma and joins the same sub-group. Tier 4 has a sub-group added between NY Lance and Zinnia. On Tier 5, Hilda moves to the top sub-group above Summer Steven, while SS Grims raises one spot. Elesa and Olivia switch places. On Tier 7, Pryce moves above Iris and Plumeria is moved from Hybrid to above Pryce in Damage Dealer.
  • Hybrid - Archie and Maxie switch places on Tier 0. Serena drops to the lowest sub-group on Tier 2. Tier 3 has been reordered and Kimono Grimsley has been added to it. On Tier 4, Holiday Nessa and Classic Elesa are added to their own sub-group at the top, while Darach is moved below Sidney and joins their sub-group. BP Zinnia, Holiday Skyla and Dawn keep their overall positions but are being moved down to Tier 5, while Misty is moved from Utility to Hybrid and placed below Dawn. Candice is moved from Utility to bottom of Tier 6 in Hybrid. Sophocles is moved from Utility to mid Tier 6 in Hybrid, above Flannery.
  • Utility - Sonia is added to Tier 0, which is now ordered as follows: Sonia > Ingo > SS Blue. Hilbert and Spring Burgh drop from Tier 0 to their own sub-group at the top of Tier 1. Palentine Dawn moves up two spots and joins the same sub-group as Phoebe and Cobalion.
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Tier List Overview

This Tier List is primarily for Single Player content. Our Pokémon Masters Tier List is ever evolving with each update as we continue to evaluate information from the game. Check back for updates!

The color of the background of the units indicates their sub-group. Sub-groups are like tiers inside the tiers, where pairs that share the same color are very close in power level and can even be interchangeable on their positions to some extent. Since Tier 0 represents the best of the best of each tier, it will never have more than one sub-group.

Further details on the rules and formatting of the list can be found just below! 

Tier List Rules & Criteria

Damage Dealer Tier List

This is the Tier List for Damage Dealers. Here, you'll find Sync Pairs that focus on doing the heavy work of lowering the enemy's HP with their strong hits rather than trying to disrupt them or offer different kinds of support for the team. Sync Pairs here are often Strikers (by their in-game role), although we also include other roles as they fit the description. Also, damage dealing here is their main function, but not their only one - characters like Classic Blue, for example, has most of his kit focused on striking, but still can buff the team's critical hit rate as a bonus, which is also weighted here.

Damage Dealer Tier Ultra
Damage Dealer Tier 0

Sygna Suit Red, simply put, has everything you would want on a striker. Extremely high DPS, one of the best AoE Sync Nukes in the entire game (if not the best), very good gauge, and good self buffs - and even its high HP means it can take hits better than most strikers provided you can deal with his self defense debuffs. While Red doesn't do as many things as some other units can, he just does what he's supposed to do extremely well, earning him a spot at the top of the list.

Lear & Hoopa
Lear and Hoopa have the strongest Sync Move in the game against a neutral target, a very high DPS, and great self buffs, which by itself already is a recipe for a top tier Damage Dealer. What sets Lear apart, however, is the fact that he's the single best Sync accelerator in the game, guaranteeing an early sync within the first cycle just with his Trainer Move and Head Start 2, and with Adrenaline 2, he can get another early Sync with a single Propulsion activation, all by himself! Lear can also get a little defensive bonus with his trainer move giving the regeneration effect to everyone in the team, making him a unit that could easily be argued for even the highest spot in the tier list.
Damage Dealer Tier 1
Diantha & Keldeo
Diantha & Keldeo have a lot going for them: a good weatherless DPS, a trainer move that gives her +4 SpA and +3 critical hit and ready to attack on turn 2, a sync nuke that can reach comparable damage to Iris (Champion) & Hydreigon, and one of her main selling points: for every successful attack against an opponent, she drains one stage of Defense, Special Defense, and Speed to herself, making herself bulkier and faster on the proccess while the opponent keeps getting more vulnerable. Fantastic stats all around finish this kit, with none of them being truly lacking, especially considering her self buffs, putting her very high on our list.
Similar to May & Swampert, Sygna Suit Erika is another damage dealer with hybrid-like qualities, providing sun over rain this time. Although Erika is not as tanky as May, she does stand out by being even more impressive offensively: Solar Blade is an incredible move that gets 200 BP (higher than Steel Beam!) for only 3 gauges and having its drawback negated with sunny weather itself, but on top of that, Erika has a good single target sync move and a spectacular Trainer Move that gives her +2 Attack and +1 Critical Hit rate - if that wasn't enough, using it while the sunny weather is active transforms it into a whooping +4 Attack and +2 Critical Hit rate with Gradual Healing on top of it. Overall, SS Erika feels like a mix between Brendan and May that creates one more top tier unit.
Emmet & Archeops
Emmet & Archeops appears as a high damaging unit that excels on the sandstorm weather, which offers them a respectable Sync Nuke too. Capable of getting +6 Attack and +2 accuracy (which already maxes out Stone Edge's accuracy against an opponent that hasn't raised their evasion) in a single turn, Emmet is a monster in terms of buffing fast. High Speed and dual MGR3 also makes him a unit that won't have many problems with gauge. As a bonus, Emmet also is not as dependent on sandstorm as most other weather strikers are, retaining his good damage and self sufficiency on a variety of teams.
Blue & Aerodactyl come to shake up things as a striker that offers team support with Dire Hit All +, both hastening the setup speed for its partners and working as a legitimate support for units like May & Lopunny. Being another Hyper Beam user, Blue also provides very solid damage per turn, and despite being a mixed unit with its main move being special but its sync being physical, Bonjour! makes it so he has no problem self buffing. A very high Speed stat and a strong Sync Move (especially notable due to Aerodactyl being a Pokémon with a Mega Evolution) closes off the kit. Overall, despite not having field effect multipliers like most top damage dealers do, Blue & Aerodatyl show as the best weatherless strikers in the game with a solid supportive option with crit buffs for the team, earning it a very solid spot on Tier 1.

With one of the best AoE moves in the game, a strong Sync Move, decent self buffs, good gauge during the rain weather, and access to the move Rain Dance, May shows herself as a great damage dealer that can also make her Water-type partners stronger. Being a Hoenn unit also grants her a superb synergy with Archie & Kyogre, both activating Theme Skills and boosting Hoenn Spirit. May has a good enough bulk to also work as a tank in a pinch, and is only held back a bit due to a lack of a stronger single target option, which is not enough to take her out from the highest tier.

Leon & Charizard

Leon & Charizard is a pretty polarizing Sync Pair: on one hand, they have the single highest realistic damage per turn, with Inferno on sun already matching behemoths like Mega Charizard X and Palkia, while Burn Synergy 3 puts him on a level of his own. On the other hand, Leon is pretty reliant on his teammates to excel, needing gauge support alongside Special Attack and crit buffs, with sunny weather allowing him to reach his max potential. Leon also offers a Sync Move that does good damage, and despite the set up being based on the opponent status rather than his own, Inferno makes it easy to reach the condition at least for the main target. MP Rekindle also makes Leon superb in Battle Villa by being capable of refreshing his trainer moves at any time. Although Leon lacks the versatility common to the other top tier damage dealers and often sees hard competition with other strong sun sync pairs, his sheer damage output gives him a spot at the lower end of Tier 1.

Cyrus & Palkia

While it's classified as a Dragon-type Sync Pair due to its Sync Move, Cyrus & Palkia only show their true potential while using Hydro Pump. Being one of the premier choices for rain teams, Cyrus matches the damage of the high-end damage dealers like Red & Mega Charizard X, Emmet & Archeops, and Lear & Hoopa despite using only three gauges instead of four! An excellent trainer move that boosts both Special Attack and Speed by three stages with a drawback that can easily be offset by its (multiple) regeneration options also makes Cyrus very good and fast at setting up granted it has critical hit rate support. Cyrus also notably is arguably the best striker to pair with Professor Sycamore on the Battle Villa, getting critical hit rate buffs without using MP via Spacial Rend: Critical Focus 2 and Healthy Healing maintaing its HP high. All in all, if you need a unit with high DPS that sets up fast, Cyrus might be your guy.

Lillie & Lunala
Damage Dealer Tier 2

As one of the few Damage Dealers on Tier 1 that has absolutely no influence on Terrain or Weather teams, Alder still carves itself a niche on the bottom end of the group by providing one the best gauges any four gauge striker can have due to his amazing trainer move, maximizing his Special Attack in a single turn and getting +2 Speed alongside a good base Speed and innate Rejuvenate 6. Although Volcarona's damage doesn't quite reach the weather damage dealers, it still gets a respectable number that can be further boosted via Overpower if the player wishes so. Devastation lets Alder sync nuke and uses the same debuff as Overpower, but both multipliers can be a bit situational. In short, Alder is a Damage Dealer that trusts in their offensive versatility to outweight its less impressive output compared to its fellow Tier 1 members.

Raihan is the most powerful Steel-type in the game, having an extremely high output for a type often bemoaned for its poor move BP due to his four-bar Steel Beam. His combination of high Special Attack, high BP complemented by scaling, as well as extremely robust entry passives make him very explosive early on in battles. When paired with Ingo and Excadrill, he becomes the single fastest sync pair in the game in terms of dishing out full damage, being able to dish out maximized damage immediately with Burst In builds, and his unprecedentedly generous sync grid gives him a variety of options to choose from, ranging from entry passives to steroids of choice. Raihan’s more pronounced flaws that prevent him from sitting on the higher tiers include an unimpressive sync move and rather questionable gauge without the aid of specific passives or support.
A plethora of recent buffs from a rather generous sync grid to being the first Legendary free-to-play sync pair with both EX and a Mega Evolution has in recent times won the hearts of many fans of the original villain and the original popular Legendary Pokemon. Despite the overall lack of consistent Special Defense debuffers that can pair with Giovanni due to his reliance Psychic Terrain and Special Attack support, Critical Strike 3 alone is enough to put Giovanni’s output to near N and Zekrom’s levels with his sync move, which lacks the BP penalty that other Mega pairs typically possess. Smarty-Pants makes his nuke even more devastating, though it requires Palentine’s Dawn to reliably be maxed out, and faces competition with compositions that prefer to raise Bianca’s critical-hit-rate for more overall value. Despite these newfound qualities, Giovanni retains the flaw of being reliant on an outside source to maximize his Special Attack despite having an extremely robust innate stat himself, making his compositions very stunted in comparison to the more flexible nature of the sync pairs in higher tiers.
Leon & Calyrex
Marnie & Morpeko

Marnie & Morpeko are another versatile Damage Dealer on Tier 2. Power Trip provides good damage by an extremely cheap cost at two gauges while being easy to cap in damage. Marnie also doesn't ask for much support, seeing as the standard Speed buffs that most teams have today allows Marnie to max her Attack by herself, while some smaller self crit buffs too. One thing that Marnie excels at is her Sync Move: rivaling even Palentine Serena as a Sync Nuker, Marnie gets an easy to setup nuke that can even one shot Master Mode centers with no prior damage and neutral damage. Although Marnie's output can be a bit inconsistent due to Hunger Switch, she still earns a spot at the higher end of Tier 2.

N & Zekrom
One of the few precedents of powercreep in the normal scout pool, Hala and Crabominable are a luxury Ice-type pair defined by a combination of excellent Trainer Moves, access to decent DPS, a sync nuke, and uniquely for a Striker, unusually high bulk and access to First Aid 6 and the Enduring effect. While often eschewed over Ghetsis and Kyurem due to their increased accessibility, Hala’s access to Super Preparation Haymaker often results in an easier lights out for Ice-weak content over the Legendary Sync Pair, while he also possesses strong, single-target Ice Hammers to whack away at the opposition with. Hala does struggle with gauge due to low Speed and Ice Hammer lowering it even further to activate Slow Windup, and recent pairs have also made his DPS and, to a lesser extent, his nuke comparatively substandard.
Leon & Eternatus
At first glance, Sygna Suit Leon may look like he has everything going for him: he's fast, has a good Sync Move multiplier, he can buff all of his relevant stats, has a 4 gauge move, a Max Move, and an incredible debuffing passive with Lucky Seven 4. However, upon a closer look, SS Leon does reveal some flaws: his low SpA combined with Dynamax Cannon's low BP for a 4 gauge move means that neither his nuke or his DPS are achieving any new levels of damage, and while his self buffs means he can choose what type of supports he'll want to bring, completely self buffing is not very realistic due to the time it takes. Eternatus' main claim to fame is the burst damage it can make between a AoE Sync Nuke followed by a Max Move, dishing out a great amount of damage in a short span of time, but this damage decays considerably after that up to the point where the opponent gets a Sync buff, where his DPS gets to a respectable level again.
Damage Dealer Tier 3
Damage Dealer Tier 4
Damage Dealer Tier 5
Damage Dealer Tier 6
Damage Dealer Tier 7
Damage Dealer Tier 8
Damage Dealer Tier 9
Damage Dealer Tier 10

Hybrid Tier List

This is the Tier List for Hybrid units. Here, you'll find Sync Pairs that provide a mix of supportive and striking capabilities for the team, with both their damage and the utility they provide for the team being key components of what defines their niche. Sync Pairs here are often Techs (by their in-game role), although we also include other roles as they fit the description. Also, while pairs here offer both striking capabilities and supportive ones in a relatively balanced manner, it does not mean they can't be more geared to one side or another - for example, Dawn & Torterra are a Hybrid unit that are closer to the supportive end of the spectrum, while Lysandre & Yveltal are a hybrid unit that have more offensive aspects. This classification is not black and white, so some pairs from other lists also can have valid arguments to be moved to Hybrids.

Hybrid Tier 0
Maxie & Groudon
Sharing similarities with Kyogre, Groudon also is another Pokémon that excels both at offensives and supportive capabilities. Although not the offensive behemoth that Kyogre is with its better Trainer Move and stronger move in rain-boosted Origin Pulse, Groudon ends up being even more versatile in terms of helping other units, with its Master Passive helping a multitude of physical attacker, like Spring May, Anniversary Steven, and Zinnia, and the sun summon on entry and extension being perfect for Fire and multiple Grass units, like Sygna Suit Red and Brendan. Groudon's Solar Beam also is an excellent move at 3/5, not only giving Groudon a good damaging single target option that's gauge efficient, but additionally debuffing the enemy's Special Defense with Mind Games 9, further boosting not only its own, but also the damage for its partners.
Archie & Kyogre

Archie & Kyogre have an unbelievably good kit both in offensive terms and defensive ones. Origin Pulse is one of the highest BP moves in the entire game that can be further boosted by rain, which Kyogre not only summons on entry, but also extends its duration every time it is summoned to almost double its time. Shower Surge 3 also means that Kyogre's damage is further boosted on rain and also makes its gauge considerably faster. Hoenn Pride is an amazing Master Passive that boosts the entire team's SpA by 20% by default and can be further boosted by a whooping 50% with 2 more Hoenn units, which is not really hard to do considering Kyogre's self sufficiency and the general quality of the Hoenn units, like May, Roxanne, Zinnia, etc. Finally, Kyogre's Trainer Move gives it +3 critical hit rate, +2 Special Attack, +2 accuracy to make Origin Pulse fully accurate, and gradual healing all in a single turn at the cost of -2 to both defenses. Although Kyogre does lack a strong Sync Nuke, the combined offensive and defensive capabilities it offers is unmatched by almost everyone except a very few select units in the entire game.

Hybrid Tier 1
N & Reshiram
Anniversary N & Reshiram is a interesting and powerful pair in the game with high versatility. While a first look at its stats and lack of multipliers may make one think that its damage output is low, this doesn't tell whole story: Even if Blue Flare does not get close to the likes of Blast Burn or Inferno against a single opponent, its high BP, access to a field boost in Sun, and unique to him, the passive Extend Range means that Reshiram has the strongest AoE move in the game, surpassing even Kyogre's Origin Pulse. On top of that, N has high self sufficiency with fast buffs, innate Mind Games 9 for a guaranteed AoE Sp. Def debuffs against the opponent, can work as a gauge support to the team with Move Gauge Acceleration and Pep Rally on the grid, and has one of the strongest Sync Nukes in the game, surpassing even the likes of Champion Iris. Although less used, N can also debuff the opponent offensively via Noble Roar, which can be useful to improve the team's less longevity alongside his Master Passive, with his unimpressive damage output against a single target and the need of less than ideal supports for maxing out his Sync Nuke being his only weakness, creates this top tier Sync Pair.
The unit with the most compression in the game, Bianca & Musharna has the ability to tank, give regeneration to allies, deal good damage, support the gauge, and set a Terrain all at once. With units like Lear & Hoopa and Giovanni & Mewtwo, Bianca’s supportive capabilities truly shine, as she gives a free 1.5x damage boost to their Psychic moves while dishing out powerful Stored Power of her own. Between all of those qualities and the lack of any true weakness except for maybe lack of critical hit buffs, Bianca & Musharna is one the main reasons for Psychic Terrain's ascension to the top and forms another of the game's finest pairs.
Hybrid Tier 2
Amongst an ever-increasing pool of tech sync pairs that lower Attack, Totally Not Kukui sticks out from the rest due to its unique ability to debuff Defense in addition to Attack, which makes him more compressible in compositions beyond his Attack drops. Moreover, his Trainer Move’s ability to buff the speed of the entire team in two turns without MPRs further solidifies his placement in teams as a debuffer over traditional, more self-serving counterparts. Kukui’s sync nuke is also particularly strong in proportion to its cost, allowing him to back up teams as another source of offensive pressure if needed despite his disappointing DPS with Darkest Lariat.
Serena & Delphox
Hybrid Tier 3
Ghetsis & Kyurem
Ghetsis & Kyurem are a pair that can do quite a few things, but not exactly everything at once. First, he provides a valuable Ice-type that doesn't have many strong accessible options, with the main one, Pryce, only achieving his highest potential when paired with Ghetsis himself. Starting on the offensive part, Ghetsis has a 4 gauge AoE Ice move in Glaciate, which also guarantees a Speed drop for the opponent. Due to it being a 4 gauge move on a slow Pokémon, this means that Ghetsis tends to want strong gauge support, but it also means that his DPS will reach a decent number, as it also has multipliers such as Hunter's Intinct and Paralysis Synergy. Ghetsis can also Sync Nuke with his innate Sync multiplier and Pecking Order - while Speed drops doesn't tend to be a good condition to have, Ghetsis dropping it in area while using it as a best move and having partners that also can drop Speed makes him an exception. Cold Snap 2 also allows Glaciate to freeze all opponents at the same time with a decent rate, working as a pseudo-Go Viral Hypnosis that does damage but with less accuracy. Finally, Ghetsis' Double Drop Noble Roar makes him the premier support for units that have both Devastation and Pecking Order, such as Anniversary N and Champion Iris, and can also be useful to take on end-game contents that might hit hard, such as Extreme Battles. Although Ghetsis can't do everything at once, those multiple niches with their own utility makes him a valuable unit to have.
Volkner & Luxray
Iris & Hydreigon
Hybrid Tier 4
Hybrid Tier 5
Hybrid Tier 6
Hybrid Tier 7

Utility Tier List

This is the Tier List for Utility units. Here, you'll find Sync Pairs that focus on helping the team by providing buffs and making your partners stronger or disrupting the enemy with debuffs and status rather than directly inflicting damage. Sync Pairs here are often Supports (by their in-game role), although we also include other roles as they fit the description. Also, supporting here is their main function, but not their only one - characters like Hop & Zamazenta, for example, have most of their kit focused on supporting the team with buffs and heals, but can still do decent damage with Behemoth Bash, which is also weighted here.

Utility Tier 0
Sonia & Yamper
Ingo & Excadrill

As arguably the most universal Sync Pair in the game, Sygna Suit Blue & Mega Blastoise does almost everything as a support: he buffs both attacks, he buffs both defenses, he buffs critical hit rate, he makes the gauge, he can tank, and even do damage with Hydro Cannon on rain. Although Sygna Suit Blue doesn't specialize in anything in particular, with most of its buffs being fairly slow and not very reliable as a unit to fully buff your striker by itself, the sheer amount of thing he does makes him at least a decent choice for almost every team and never a deadweight, earning him a spot as one of the top utility units in the game.

Utility Tier 1
Utility Tier 2
Utility Tier 3
Utility Tier 4
Utility Tier 5
Utility Tier 6
Utility Tier 7
Utility Tier 8
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