Pokémon Masters: Week 1 in Review

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A Successful Launch

The latest entry in the widely popular Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Masters, had its global launch on mobile devices on Thursday, August 29th. One week later, the newest offering from the juggernaut IP has already crossed the 10 million download mark, according to a release from the game’s developer and publisher, DeNA Co.

Responses to the game have been mixed, but it has undeniably made a splash, even if only measuring player interest, let alone the $26 million USD the game has earned in its first week. 2018’s Pokémon Quest reportedly took just shy of seven months to reach the same number of downloads, as noted by app analytics provider Sensor Tower.

Resources for new Pokémon Trainers interested in tackling Masters’ new Pokémon Master League, or PML, have been in high demand to match, especially with the advent of the Reach for the Top Event, the first highlight of the game’s official release.

Community Reactions

The game has been fairly polarizing thus far, with some players praising its fairly high (for a gacha) roll percentages (7% rate to pull a natural 5* Sync Pair, per pull) and lack of stamina constraints, while others bemoan the relatively shallow depth of gameplay and the grind for in-game currency and upgrade materials.

Here are a few of the standout takes on the game a week in:


Overall, the community consensus seems to be that Masters has promise, but needs quite a few baseline changes and a lot of polish before it can truly be the ultimate Pokémon crossover experience it’s marketed as. Some staunch defenders of the game and DeNA insist that an uninspired launch shouldn’t set a precedent for player expectations; only time will prove them right or wrong.

What do you think of the game so far? Many communities have sprung up for players to swap notes and help each other, discuss the game, share their thoughts or just to hang out with other fans. Here are some of those communities to join if you want to get involved!

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