Should You Pull #4: Elesa & Zebstrika

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

Sync Pair Analysis


Elesa & Zebstrika is the 2nd Sync Pair to be released in October. It seems October has a recoil Sync Pair theme, as both Emboar and Zebstrika can dish out damage immediately while also taking hits themselves. 

Elesa & Zebstrika is a Sync Pair which excels at dishing damage out immediately, can ensure its next hit to be critical, self heal, and also raise its own attack with “X Attack”. When it comes to status conditions, Zebstrika is also very decent at inflicting Paralysis. 


Moderate Chance of Paralysis

Zebstrika’s offensive move “Spark” has a moderate chance of paralyzing the unit. If you are in a situation where paralyzing the enemy is a priority, then Elesa and Zebstrika is a strong Sync Pair who can dish out plenty of damage while also paralyzing the enemies as an added bonus.

Strong Start

Right off the bat, Zebstrika can use “Wild Charge” which has 125-150 Power. This amazing damage output comes with the drawback of Recoil, but luckily the rest of their toolkit covers the drawbacks.

Self Healing and High Health

“Electrifying” can Restore Zebstrika’s Health twice.

Elesa & Zebstrika are one of the healthiest Pairs in the game at 700HP. If one were to use 20/20 5* Power-Up Items on them, this would go up to 800 HP.

Ensure Critical Strikes

“Electrifying” is a handy move that both heals Zebstrika while also ensuring their next hit will be a critical hit. 


Elesa & Zebstrika comes with two Weaknesses, and they are both from their own kit. 

Wild Charge

While Wild charge is a high power move, it comes with a drawback of 20% recoil, meaning they injure themselves 20% of their total damage output. This means the Sync Pair can meet an early demise if their HP pool is not managed properly.

Electrifying - Opportunity Cost

Trainers often may find themselves needing to choose between using Electrifying early to ensure a critical hit, versus saving it for later in order to heal up from recoil damage. If Electrifying is used earlier, Zebstrika will be using fewer Wild Charges before it faints from recoil damage.

Team Synergy

Zebstrika has access to “X Attack” and has a passive that will raise its Speed over time. It is definitely worthwhile to pair Zebstrika with units such as Phoebe. Phoebe has the support move  “Dire Hit All+” and can use “Unbreakable Bonds!” to give Zebstrika additional Move Gauge and help Zebstrika reach +6 Attack.


The following Comparison section will be between Hilda and Elesa, as they both follow similar playstyles. 

Elesa & Zebstrika has less Health and Attack stats in comparison but has +3 more Power in their primary damaging move. 

The recoil is 20% for Zebstrika versus 25% for Emboar, so Zebstrika can technically dish out 5 attacks compared to Hilda’s 4 attacks before they faint.

Hilda has a passive that heals them in a pinch, which Elesa doesn’t have.

Overall, by merit of stats and longevity, Hilda feels like the superior Sync Pair.


While Elesa & Zebstrika definitely can dish out attacks very quickly, and is currently the best Electric-type Striker Sync Pair, they sadly come up a bit short in power. Zebstrika is supposed to dish out damage early on, so trainers probably would like to use “Electrifying” at the start of the battle, but as it means one would sacrifice the amount of self healing one could do, it would mean the overall damage Zebstrika can be limited as Recoil will end up causing Zebstrika to faint. 

Therefore, one should not pull Elesa for efficiency. You can pull for waifu though! So go for it. She is cute! 

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