Team Composition Guide: BV Physical 3v9 Core - Battle Villa Team

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Core Team

Discussion: How to use this Team

This team can be used to great effect in any Single Player mode, but what it’s specifically designed to do is ride out long Battle Villa 3v9 Boss Stages. To this end, the team features ample amounts of Healing and defensive buffs for maximum survivability as well as a constant flow of debuffs that can last a whole match. While I can’t provide a flowchart for your early game with this core since its Striker can vary, I can provide some general guidelines for its effective use.  Right out the gate once a game begins, you’ll want to pop an X Regen All to keep your Supports topped off as well as a “Take Flight!” or two, depending on whether Swanna is threatened enough to require constant Gust healing. Additionally, this is where you should be popping your Striker’s early game buffs to get them dealing damage as quickly as you can (this step doesn’t apply to Sharpedo users). Once you’ve got those early Trainer Moves out of the way, it’s time for you to get spamming those one bars! Gust and Powder Snow should be used liberally in the early game, and if you’re using a Striker that wants to Mega Evolve they should even take priority over your main damage dealer. Once you’ve reached your first Sync Move, the one bars should begin to give way to your Strikers main three or four bar move, although a few Powders should still be thrown in to keep up your Fortuitous buffs. From here, keep up this pattern with a Potion thrown in whenever one of your pairs gets low and another X Regen All once the first’s Regen wears off. Using this core in this way will give you the closest you’ll get to a guaranteed 3v9 on most bosses, especially if you choose your Striker based on the specific stage you’ll be facing. 

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