Upcoming Content Report 2/27/2021: New Master Pairs, Grids, and More!

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New Sync Pairs

Data for four highly anticipated new Gacha units (two of which, Leon and Marnie, are already available for scouting) has been released! Each of the three champions introduced here fills a different major niche, so prioritize those gems wisely!
* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

Six New Sync Grids

Along with the exciting new banners shaking up the meta throughout March, we'll also be receiving six major grids (four for the new pairs as well as expansions for Cyrus and Hilbert) adding a little extra spice to proceedings. For more detailed information on the contents of these grids, make sure to check out our Sync Grid Planner Tool above!

Legendary Arena Event: Latias

This month's Legendary Arena will feature Latios' Legendary counterpart, Latias, and will take open for business near the end of March. Stay tuned for our F2P guide to coming away from it with as many badges as possible!

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