Should You Pull: Kale & Caulifla Legendary Summon

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Merry Christmas Campaign Part 2 has started and with it comes arguably one of the best Cards in the game. In addition to LR Caulifla & Kale, this banner brings two Universe 6 and Peppy Gals leaders in the new Kale and Caulifla Cards. 

The other featured SSRs on the banner aren’t bad, but aren’t super uncommon on other banners, either. The timing of this banner is interesting; with the Christmas banner is only a week away and New Year’s getting closer--will this legendary banner be worth a pull?

Holiday Cheer

Fortunately, this Banner brings three great new Cards to the game--arguably four if you’re considering running the UR form of LR Caulifla & Kale. The rest of the featured line-up is also impressive with Cards like Bulla and Kefla. 

While the featured SSRs are great additions for numerous Teams, they aren’t exactly hard to come by as none of them are Dokkan Fest Exclusives. Aside from the featured LR, players can easily find these Cards on numerous banners. 

The most unfortunate part of this banner is its timing because the Christmas ticket banner will be out soon, have far more LRs, and New Year’s is also closeby. The LR Caulifla & Kale banner isn’t a double rates banner either--not surprising since the Japan release didn’t either--but making it less enticing to splurge on. 

The featured line-up is actually pretty decent, but it came at the most content-packed time of the year and lags behind in priority with discounted banners coming soon.

Quick Breakdown: Noteworthy Featured Banner Cards

Peppy Gals

Should You Pull? What About Banner X or Celebration Y?

Consider skipping this banner, or at least hold out until the Christmas banner arrives. Chasing LRs is pricey so if you got stones to burn, feel free to pull, but maybe one multi-summon is more than enough. 

While it should not be surprising that the banner doesn’t have double rates, it would have made summoning on this banner worth the investment. The lack of discounts as well means this banner is a sizeable investment, and players may have a better return on investment on next week’s banner.

The other featured Cards are fine but since none of them are Dokkan Fest Cards, players will easily see them again on some other banner since they are in the general pool of Cards. 

The biggest reason to pull on this banner is that the new LR Caulifla & Kale are one the best Cards in the game and it’s no surprise that any player would want this new Card. Regardless, this banner is being sandwiched between so much content that it’s hard to justify spending a lot of stones when discounted banners are incredibly close. 

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