F2P Mono PHY Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

There are a lot of options here, like EZAs Awakened UR Eternal Horror - Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Extreme PHY or Awakened UR Dark Menace - Goku Black Extreme PHY, LRs like Awakened LR The Deadly Cell Games - Cell (Perfect Form) & Cell Jr. Extreme PHY or Awakened LR Dazzling Life Force - Bardock Super PHY, and many premium Awakened URs.

For F2P options, a copy of Nappa is the best choice, but since he can’t be used in Prime Battle Events, 2nd Form Frieza becomes the best option in these stages.


The two Friezas Link well together and make for a powerful rotation, especially if you’re facing multiple enemies, the second rotation will be either Vegeta Jr. and Majin Vegeta in the pure F2P version, or a powerful Guest with a partner. Since this Team has a lot of potential Guests, the partners also vary a lot.

For floaters you want independent Cards that can hold their own, Butoden Goku is a good choice here, as he has good Links to share with the rest of the team and gets good Buffs by himself. Vegeta Jr. is also a good floater if you don’t need him in a rotation since he Super ATKs very easily, Nappa tries his best to support but he’s only here for his Leader Skill, he’s not very good by himself.

Recommended Alternates

Butoden Goku can be changed from the main Team, and there are alternative lineups that can be used if some Cards are lacking.

There’s an alternative, Super class based line-up with Cards like Awakened UR Fictitious Universe's Strongest - Beerus (Monaka Costume) Super PHY, Awakened UR Mission Complete - Trunks (Kid) & Goten (Kid) & Marron Super PHY and Awakened UR Training and Refreshment - Goku Super PHY, but they don’t work together as well as the Extreme class centered version.

Recommended Events

F2P Mono PHY is a bit rough around the edges but can still function well due to a few powerful Cards, it’s also usable in Prime Battle events by taking out Majin Vegeta and Nappa for some of the alternatives, and using 2nd Form Frieza as a Leader.

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