Top Tier Giant Form Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

Phantom Majin Sealed Within - Tapion (Hirudegarn) as a guest will maximize the Team’s stats with the highest Buff for Giant Form. Giant Form’s second-best leader, if Tapion is not available, is Evil Namekian - Lord Slug (Giant Form).


Even though rotations are decided by RNG, Players will want Super Baby 2, Bergamo, Coora, and Tora on their main rotations. SSJ3 Goku and Tapion can be the Team’s floaters.

Reasons for Being On the Main Rotation:

Baby’s stats and Passive Skill make this Card a viable tank and a heavy hitter. While Baby’s ATK Buffs from facing Pure Saiyans or Hybrid Saiyan Enemies are dependent on the stage, Baby is always guaranteed a 100% ATK & DEF Buff. Likewise, Baby will not have to worry often about Ki thanks to his Passive Skill providing +3 Ki, as well as sharing the Ki Links “GT” and “Shattering the Limit” with other allies on his Team.

The King of Dokkan himself, Bergamo will serve as both tank and heavy hitter the more Attacks he receives as he builds up his 300% ATK & DEF Buff. Bergamo also shares the ATK Link “Fierce Battle” with a majority of the Team, so he’ll never miss a chance to land some incredible Damage.

Metal Coora builds up to an additional 70% ATK Buff on top of his 80% ATK and DEF Buff with every ATK received. When paired with impressive ATK stats, Coora is dealing immense Damage to any Enemy in his way. He also Debuffs Enemy ATK & DEF by 20% with his Super ATK.

Tora may not be the heaviest hitter but makes up for it with his amazing +3 Ki and 30% ATK Buff to all allies. Likewise, Tora’s Super ATK Debuffs Enemy ATK by 20%, which is incredibly useful when launched alongside Coora’s Super ATK. Tora’s Ki Links, “Shattering the Limit” and “Transform”, are also helpful.

Reasons to Float:

Tapion is a great tank from the start of a battle. Unfortunately, his incredible 150% ATK & 50% DEF Buff are only activated when below 51% HP. With the tanks on this Team, Tapion’s HP restriction seems like more of a hassle than it is worth, especially when his allies can build-up more reliable ATK Buffs far faster. 

SSJ3 Goku is a glass cannon that should avoid taking too much Damage, but what saves this Card is his Passive Skill providing a 33% ATK Buff to all allies.

Recommended Alternates

Recommended Events

Giant Form is an odd category, to say the least. While this Team can certainly run numerous events, players might not always consider Giant Form as their top pick. However, with cards like Bergamo and LR Baby, this Team can hit surprisingly well and tanks a lot of Damage. Players can certainly run this Team on Super Battle Road.

For longer events where DEF stacking is a priority, this Team may not be the best option. 

If you have any suggestions or want to share a build I may have overlooked, feel free to share your thoughts over on our community section!

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