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Extreme Warriors, come out to play. This Tier List ranks Cards based on the following factors:


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S Tier

These Cards excel in numerous situations and any drawbacks are made up for by their overall performance.

A Tier

The following Cards are powerful and definitely solid Cards, but have a few things holding them back.

Broly is a monster with easy transformation conditions, incredible ATK & DEF Buffs, and great category synergy. On top of hitting hard, Broly also acts as a DEF Debuffer.

Players may struggle to launch his Ultra Super ATK in some situations due to his Ki Links, but this will not hold Broly back from doing what he does best.

HP 20088
ATK 15445
DEF 8275

This Card performs incredibly well with Android allies thanks to their support Passive and Link Skills. The Android trio hits hard, supports Android allies, can dodge ATKs, and tanks with ease, making them a powerful Card to have.

What holds the Android Trio back are the restrictions on their Active Skill, that requires this Card to be alongside Android allies, since this Card is far better when their Exchange is active.

However in their base form, the android trio are a powerful support Card with a versatile toolkit.

HP 21363
ATK 15190
DEF 7956

For a majority of events, this Card will act as an incredible tank more than a heavy hitter. While pre-Transformation he’s built more for DEF, Cell's ATK is exceptional. This Card unleashes it’s true ATK potential once transformed and becomes quite the powerhouse.

One flaw is that his Links Skills have the most synergy with other Cell Cards, but the biggest flaw is the 30% HP restriction. This can be a gamble late into a fight or hard to reach on tanky Teams.

HP 19450
ATK 14935
DEF 9231

B Tier

These Cards are strong but outperformed by other Cards. They're also more situational and may not perform as well in every situation because of this.

Ally ATK Buffs from his Ultra Super ATK, several other self-Buffs, and Enemy Debuffs make Boujack an incredibly powerful LR. 

The higher your HP, the more Damage he deals and the lower your HP, the better his Defenses.

Boujack’s biggest flaw are his Link Skills.

HP 17750
ATK 14765
DEF 10294

While Frieza has the potential deal ridiculous Damage, it comes at the cost of HP and puts players in a high-risk situation in order to gain his full ATK Buffs. In tougher events, deliberately losing HP might not be the best plan of action. 

Likewise, with a Super ATK that sacrifices HP, Frieza is built to lower player HP for Buffs, which requires the player to bring more Team Healers and tanks. 

HP 14563
ATK 16550
DEF 9656

This Card can be useful on category Teams as a Damage dealer and Healer since he can consistently Heal 10% HP from his Super ATK. Thanks to his Passive Skill ATK & DEF Buff, Cell can take and deal Damage pretty well. 

Likewise, he’s the best Link Skill partner for The True Value of Perfect Form - Cell (Perfect Form). Otherwise, he runs into similar Ki issues as his INT counterpart.

HP 17963
ATK 15955
DEF 8700

In the World Tournament, this Broly is a monster. Outside of the World Tournament, he’s not the best. With flat ATK Buffs and poor DEF options, what keeps this Card semi-viable is his high ATK stats. 

While Majin Vegeta also faces similar issues, what places Broly lower on the list is his significant DEF reduction when performing a Super ATK. Broly is definitely a glass cannon.

HP 12013
ATK 18080
DEF 9019

Despite being an older Card, Goku Black & Zamasu still hold up today thanks to their consistent Healing and tanking.

HP 14138
ATK 17145
DEF 9125

C Tier

These Cards are not necessarily the worst, but they're far from the best and are highly situational.

Baby isn’t the worst LR, but Passive Skill restrictions will prevent this Card from reaching its full potential in certain situations. Most of the time Baby will be able to tank hits and deal decent Damage with a consistent 100% ATK & DEF Buff, when up against non-Pure Saiyan or Hybrid Saiyan Enemies.

HP 19238
ATK 16210
DEF 7744

This Card is an older LR, but holds up surprisingly well. What makes him interesting is his 12 Ki Super ATK--not the 18 Ki one--which deals Mega Colossal Damage. Players won’t need to feed this LR a lot of Ki to be effective. 

While his ATK stats are high, Vegeta’s toolkit is centered entirely around Damage and ignores DEF, meaning he’ll need more Team support.

HP 16050
ATK 15870
DEF 9763

Metal Coora performs surprisingly well for a F2P Card, and can still find some use under the right leader since his own Leader Skill isn’t the best. Coora can launch numerous Attacks in a single turn, has decent stats, and is a fine pick for Wicked Bloodlines or Resurrected Warriors

Not the best LR but for a F2P Card, there isn’t much to complain about.

HP 16950
ATK 12030
DEF 6538

D Tier

These Cards have underwhelming toolkits and are often not worth filling a Team space with when there are much better alternatives.

One of the original Prime Battle LRs, this Frieza’s toolkit is dated. However, in a Wicked Bloodlines or Planet Namek Saga Team and with enough Ki, he can still perform okay.

HP 14400
ATK 16280
DEF 7450

The power of push-ups, sit-ups, and plenty of juice but so-so Link Skills, flat Buffs, and a decent Combo Attack mechanic, make this Vegeta serviceable at best. Under the right conditions, he can be useful on certain category Teams like Pure Saiyans or Vegeta’s Family, but he is outperformed by other Cards.

HP 14010
ATK 14642
DEF 9693
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