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Article by Shuden
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EZAs are all very strong and make older and weaker Cards more viable, but it’s also a costly upgrade to make, and the majority of players will want to pick carefully which Card they want to EZA next. For this list, the main criteria are as follows:

  • Versatility is the golden rule; a Card with more categories or a broad and strong Leader Skill will usually be valued higher.

  • All Cards are assumed at Rainbow level.

  • How strong the Card is post-EZA.

  • How good the EZA is itself, or how big of an upgrade the EZA was for the Card.

  • To help choose between 2 Cards that share the same name, the worse Card will always fall down a tier, if two same named Cards are in the same tier, assume they are equal or they have roles that are not comparable.

F2P EZAs are not quite as good as premium ones, but farming them is eventually worth it because it’s almost always cheaper. Do not sleep on F2P Cards.

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S Tier

The absolute best. These EZA are safe investments for most players due to how powerful they are in a good number of Teams. With that being said, it’s still a good idea to plan around your own roster and not get EZAs blindly.


They have some of the highest natural stats in a UR in Dokkans history and get a very well rounded Passive Skill post-EZA, he can tank, deal Damage, and has a decent rainbow Leader Skill.

HP 10750
ATK 10200
DEF 4125

This Card is one of the best supports for Super Teams and has multiple categories. Pre-EZA, he’s not really usable outside of early game content.

HP 9205
ATK 7985
DEF 4577

This Vegeta gets one of the strongest EZAs in the game. He’s a solid Damage dealer that doubles up as good support with a lot of category flexibility.

HP 9297
ATK 8095
DEF 4393

Janemba is one of the best Extreme tanks in the game, and also a great Damage dealer.

HP 7945
ATK 9219
DEF 4222

This is a great non-LR LSS Broly that can carry Teams by launching multiple Super ATKs that stack his ATK, DEF and Critical Hit Rate.

HP 10350
ATK 9500
DEF 3325

He's a premium tank with a great ATK stat to boot. Frieza is a key member for all of his category Teams and among the strongest extreme tanks.

HP 9350
ATK 8980
DEF 4475

Among the very top of Dokkan support Cards, this Kid Buu is able to fit into any Team as his Passive Skill only has an HP condition. A must for Dokkan Punch Machine.

HP 11050
ATK 7749
DEF 3542

Goku Black has premium stats in GBL, which makes him one of the best Extreme nukers in the game. The extra Ki Passive Skill is just icing on the cake.

HP 10550
ATK 9800
DEF 4525

A Tier

These are potentially great Cards in the right Teams, with powerful general use for a lot of Game Modes.


SSJ2 Gohan has a great EZA that is a lot better than it appears due to the Card having incredible stats, the second part of his passive stacks separately for an insane +181% ATK. He does require a Super Saiyan Goku ally to be at his best, though.

HP 8745
ATK 8610
DEF 4025

This is a Flexible semi-tank that can reliably clear short content with very high natural stats.

HP 9500
ATK 8672
DEF 4623

Vegeta is unable to die as long as his Passive Skill is active. His EZA allows him to deal some good Damage whenever Enemies are stunned, but this isn’t useful in all game modes. When he’s optimized, however, he’s incredible.

HP 9695
ATK 8556
DEF 4417

This EZA is a must-have if you’re using LR Beerus, but his Passive Skill and Rage mechanic are good enough to do well in most Teams, although he will struggle to get Ki. Incredibly useful in Super Battle Road.

HP 8722
ATK 8950
DEF 3785

Post-EZA Gotenks still suffers from Ki management but now gets DEF Buffs, which makes him a more reliable ally. His main strength is high Super ATK Damage. His overall performance is comparable to UR Naught but Rampage - Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks Super PHY but with better DEF stats.

HP 9412
ATK 9357
DEF 4906

Goku is a very strong support Card for Goku Family allies, which are very common in a lot of categories. He also stacks DEF with his Super ATK, which is rare in support and very reliable for hard content. Gohan will be on the bench most of the time, but he’s very strong against Androids/Cell Saga Enemies.

HP 5472
ATK 6812
DEF 3323

Goten is among the best orb changers in Dokkan. He’s very versatile and can reliably fit in many Super Teams.

HP 9848
ATK 7838
DEF 4439

STR Cell is a great team mate for Extreme Cards, either via his great Links or his Leader Skill. He also has a powerful ATK and DEF passive that lets him stack his Super ATK Buffs endlessly. As a cherry on top, he gets a powerful AoE with a Heal at exactly 11 Ki, making this Card a very versatile option for many game modes.

HP 9524
ATK 8826
DEF 5064

He already had very high stats for a UR Card, but gets even crazier post-EZA. Cell also has a great category list and is one of the few non-LRs capable of nuking Dokkan Punching Machine.

HP 9792
ATK 8432
DEF 6034

Numbers wise, this Card is amazing: great stats and flavorful Passive Skill. But he only has 2 categories, which really limits his potential.

HP 8347
ATK 8725
DEF 4192

A Defense oriented EZA that makes him a great healer for Extreme Teams. Buuhan is a good partner for other Buus.

HP 10017
ATK 9181
DEF 3999

Frieza has stellar Link Skills and very solid stats for any Wicked Bloodline Extreme Team. The EZA modernizes his toolkit and gives him some decent Defenses. Ironically, he works very well with his Coora and other Friezas.

HP 9250
ATK 8700
DEF 4875

B Tier

These are situationally strong and niche picks. Most of these Cards still find use from time to time.


He is not as good as his AGL version due to having lower stats overall, but he’s still pretty strong and worth considering.

HP 8571
ATK 8123
DEF 4277

This version of Gohan gets a stacking mechanic coupled with his high ATK and easy Super ATK, making him a competent floater.

HP 9306
ATK 8478
DEF 4708

This Gohan has good DEF and a chance to stun, making him a good choice in some Game Modes.

HP 9092
ATK 7741
DEF 4188

This Gohan is a good all-round Card. He has good ATK and DEF, and a decent extra Ki to help him Super ATK.

HP 8310
ATK 7671
DEF 4666

Vegeta stacks ATK and DEF Buffs for long content and you can switch to Trunks to easily sweep short content with his high stat Boosts. A must-have F2P EZA.

HP 5656
ATK 6640
DEF 3446

This Vegeta has a good EZA, but doesn’t shine in any particular area. His Passive guarantees him some good ATK and DEF numbers but he struggles to get Ki to Super ATK due to a very poor Link Skill set. He’s also worse compared to STR SSJ3 Vegeta.

HP 7702
ATK 8158
DEF 4362

This is a decent Card that can be a very competent Damage dealer if you have him rainbowed. Unfortunately, his stats aren’t good enough to compete with other premium EZAs.

HP 8102
ATK 8573
DEF 4393

SSJ Goku is a strong all round Card with good Links and a lot of categories. His main problem is being in a very competitive name tag. There are many better SSJ Goku Cards.

HP 9389
ATK 8279
DEF 4117

He’s pretty good on Movie Heroes and Fusions--definitely one of the best F2P Cards but when compared to premium EZAs, he lacks flexibility.

HP 6902
ATK 8141
DEF 3429

Piccolo has pretty bad Damage but he’s a good tank that can also heal your Team.

HP 6179
ATK 6661
DEF 3008

He gets a great EZA with a much needed second wind to the oldest Dokkan Festival Card. He’s overall worse than other Brolys, including the PHY version, but fills a unique niche as AoE Damage dealer for World Tournament.

HP 9843
ATK 9243
DEF 4532

Cell needs some extra Ki to work, but his healing means he performs very well on Defensive Teams. He has his niche, but the other Cells are generally better.

HP 9123
ATK 7732
DEF 5432

He’s one of the best Extreme F2P Cards and comes with a rare AoE Super ATK that is complemented by his Passive Skill. Overall, very useful for World Tournament.

HP 5717
ATK 6787
DEF 3231

C Tier

These are niche Cards that require very specific situations to be useful or have generally weak EZAs.


Vegeta Jr. is one great all around F2P. His ATK is surprisingly high because his Passive Skill Buffs are calculated separately.

HP 6699
ATK 6517
DEF 3078

This is a great F2P nuker that does very respectable Damage and works fine in a lot of categories.

HP 5099
ATK 6649
DEF 3550

Goku Jr. is an older F2P that is still pretty competitive in Dragon Ball Seekers and Youth Teams.

HP 6590
ATK 6590
DEF 3044

While a little better than Goku due to having less competition under his name tag, he still suffers from similar niche Movie Bosses Team plays.

HP 6669
ATK 8017
DEF 3701

He’s not bad, but almost any SSB Goku will be better than him unless you’re specifically using a Movie Heroes Team against a Movie Bosses Enemy. He’s still a strong F2P, so he’s definitely worth farming.

HP 6513
ATK 8048
DEF 3740

Kid Buu is a meme tier EZA. His stats are lacking and you’ll need to feed him a lot of Ki to perform barely well and his Healing is not even good.

HP 9964
ATK 8099
DEF 3640

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