F2P Androids/Cell Saga Team Guide

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LR Cell is the best leader of this category and a very powerful Card, but both Android 16 and a second Krillin can also be used. Since this F2P lineup consists mostly of Super Saiyans, they won’t Link very well with the leaders.


This is a powerful F2P Team with some of the best farmable Cards available.

In the first rotation, both Goku/Gohan and Vegeta/Trunks are amazing on their own with high stats, huge Buffs, and stacking Super Attacks. Vegeta should be used in long fights and switching to Trunks is only advised in short stages since his Buffs get lower as the battle progresses. Goku is the main choice for hard content due to his stacking DEF Buff but unfortunately, only INT SSJ Goku gets his support Buff, so don’t be afraid to change into Gohan if the extra tank isn’t helping--especially against Android/Cell Saga Enemies.

The second rotation, LR Vegeta and LR Trunks have high stats and Link well with each other.

Krillin is a floater that can’t link with the others but can stack DEF, making him a good tank and nice stunner.

SSJ Goku is a solid floater that tanks normal Attacks and can deal impressive amounts of Damage with his counterattack. Be careful to not tank Super Attacks with him, however.

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This F2P Team works very well in most game modes, and can even tackle harder stages as long as you can keep stacking their Super ATK Buffs.

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