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Z Warriors and allies appear in their highest form! This LR Tier List ranks Cards by the following factors:


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Z Tier

The best of the best, these Cards are uniquely powerful, offering devastating effects that allow them to function as a key player for many Teams in all game modes of Dokkan.

The two Universe 6 Saiyan girls make their debut in Dokkan with one of the best Team-based Passive Buffs to date. This Card is completely overkill. They have high DEF and dodge chance, and stack DEF on Super ATK. 

Their ATK Buff is already among the highest in the game on their best Teams, so they don’t need to be throwing multiple Attacks against a common Enemy type like Saiyans, but they do!

They are also the premium leader of a powerful category with a lot of extra Ki. Caulifla & Kale make for a very consistent and reliable pair.

HP 18175
ATK 15020
DEF 9763

On top peak stats, these two also a strong Passive Skill that separately stack ATK and DEF every time they Attack, giving them +58% at 0 Super ATKs and up to +216% after. 

They also have an extra Attack per turn, with extra Ki that making it really easy to start stacking Buffs. This gives them a place on several category Teams.

HP 16900
ATK 16125
DEF 9019

Goku is an amazing Card with very high ATK from the get-go, DEF Buffs that build over time, and easy Ki collection. This means he’ll be firing Super ATKs left and right. 

He’s also a strong tank if he gets off a Super ATK before being Attacked, and is the premium leader for Goku’s Family Team.

HP 18388
ATK 16720
DEF 7531

Ever so slightly behind Goku, Vegeta features a similar Skillset that lets him tank from the start while building up his ATK over time. What makes him slightly worse compared to Goku is that he ATK and DEF Buffs after firing his 18 Ki move, while his 12 Ki only gives him ATK, making him worse in more difficult Stages. 

Vegeta is also the leader of the strong Vegeta’s Family category.

HP 17538
ATK 16380
DEF 8381

The climax of the Tournament of Power gifted us one of the hardest hitting Cards in Dokkan’s history. Goku & Frieza need some preparation to work both due to 1/3rd of their Passive Skill being locked behind Debuffing Enemy ATK and needing to activate their Ki Links to increase Super ATK odds, but the results are well worth it.

HP 13777
ATK 17777
DEF 8777

SSJ Goku is a great all rounder with potential for incredible nuking in Teams that lean heavily on Super Saiyan Cards. He's a very simple Card to use, do not require a lot of support, has no transformations and no restrictions, meaning he's always ready to fight. There aren't many Cards in Dokkan as easy to pick and place in a Team like this one.

HP 18600
ATK 15785
DEF 8594

S Tier

The Cards here are exceptionally powerful and are usually center pieces in their Teams..

This Gohan is very well-rounded. He gets extra Buffs just by default and ramps up in power during long stages. His DEF stack mechanic can trivialize even the toughest content. His transformation is powerful but incredibly hard to activate, as it can only be consistently activated on the Android/Cell Saga category. 

Gohan is the main leader of the versatile Kamehameha category, which features some of Dokkan’s strongest Cards.

HP 18813
ATK 16890
DEF 7106

High stats, a lot of Ki, and premium Link Skills are what make the Saiyan Duo stand out at first, but they also feature one of the best transformations.

HP 19663
ATK 13490
DEF 10931

Similar to their canon counterpart, the Angel Duo have very powerful stats from the start, but also get a strong second wind if HP falls below 50%. As a transformation, Gogeta is not as strong as Vegito due to his signature “Effective Against All Types” Passive Skill being a bit more situational, but he still does very well.

HP 16263
ATK 15700
DEF 9869

The GT Trio are surprisingly very powerful. They need Ki to Boost their stats, but they have a lot of Ki Links to work with and get up to 7 Ki for having Dragon Ball Seekers allies. This category has many good Teammates for these two.

HP 16475
ATK 16465
DEF 8806

This old SSJ Trunks only gets stronger as time passes. His high Critical Hit Rate aged like fine wine and only gets better the more dupes you have. Trunks is also in a lot of categories.

HP 17113
ATK 15530
DEF 9656

A bit of an oddball, Beerus & Whis deal a lot of Damage but struggle to get their Ki up. Their DEF is also lacking but they make up for that by Healing when firing Super Attacks. This Card works particularly well with other Beerus Cards that activate most of his Links.

HP 16688
ATK 14425
DEF 11250

The original SSJ2 Gohan still has his niche of being one of the strongest Nukers in the game. Gohan obliterates Dokkan Punch Machine while being a great damage dealer for any of his categories. His DEF is pretty bad, though, but he makes up for it in raw Damage.

HP 15200
ATK 16975
DEF 8806

Goku can Attack or Defend but has a hard time doing both at once. On paper, at his max potential gives him very high Damage output but in practice, he struggles to get the 18 Ki he needs to activate his ATK Buff.

HP 14775
ATK 17060
DEF 8913

As one of the best F2P Cards in the game, Vegito has a simple Passive Skill for good survivability, Damage, and stacking ATK and DEF Buffs from his 12 Ki Super ATK.

He’s a great Card for both easy and harder Game Modes.

HP 13613
ATK 14090
DEF 8894

While Trunks & Mai have very good stats, having a Team requirement and specific Enemy condition to fully activate their Passive Skill really hold them back in most game modes.

HP 17325
ATK 15615
DEF 9444

Bardock has fair stats and good Buffs, but he doesn’t really work well in his category Teams and his Passive Skill restrictions limit his potential.

HP 13713
ATK 16295
DEF 10400

A Tier

These are strong Cards in general that don’t quite make it to the top.

These kids have a unique transformation that happens only when they Super ATK. The problem is that they only have ATK Buffs, their Super ATK effects aren’t very good, and their Damage will vary a lot due to RNG.

HP 14988
ATK 16040
DEF 10081


Another great F2P Card, Goku & Arale can dish out a lot of Damage due to their extra Ki and ATK Passive Skill Buffs.

However, what they lack in DEF is made up for by they’re first position Damage reduction Buff.


HP 12900
ATK 12937
DEF 7429

The Justice Duo does a great job as Super Team support in difficult game modes since their Ki and DEF Buff is among the strongest in the game. Their sealing Super ATK can also save the Team in harder content, but they offer almost no Offense, which leaves a lot to be desired.

HP 14034
ATK 10280
DEF 10183

Bee Pan is a weird Card with her own unique gimmick: She can Heal a lot. Another good thing is the stun chance she gets on both Super ATKs, and her Active support Buff is pretty decent too.

HP 16788
ATK 10734
DEF 8239

Goku fares well compared to other supports, even if he’s not a good LR on his own. His Passive Skill Buffs are unconditional for Super Teams and his stats are pretty good for a support. He works well in Teams that need a filler support, but he’s just okay most of the time.

HP 15006
ATK 12678
DEF 6700

The OG duo of Dragon Ball have very restrictive conditions for their Passive Skill but, while people tend to sleep on Youth and Dragon Ball Cards, their Team is actually really powerful and can clear most hard stages. They are very strong both Offensively and Defensively if you have all the pieces.

HP 13710
ATK 12872
DEF 7105

While Uub definitely lacks in stats for a LR, his Passive Skill Buffs are easy to get, and his transformation has no turn restrictions. He’s surprisingly good for short game modes.

HP 17112
ATK 11965
DEF 6538

B Tier

While the Cards here are definitely viable, there are usually better alternatives for them.

The biggest highlight of this Goku is his Leader Skill. As a leader, he’s strong and versatile but he lacks a lot in other areas, particularly Defenses.

HP 13872
ATK 12548
DEF 7429

The World Tournament Exclusive Yamcha gets some surprisingly powerful flat stat Buffs, but his Super ATK is required to activate them and he lacks Ki Links. It certainly doesn’t help that he becomes dead weight against Peppy Gals Enemies.

HP 14715
ATK 14384
DEF 7975

Trunks is very situational because most of his Offensive power and all of his Defenses require him to be fighting two or more Enemies. However, he’s surprisingly powerful under the right circumstances.

HP 13425
ATK 14330
DEF 10375

As the first LR in Dokkan Battle, Goku has very high stats for a F2P, but his Passive Skill Buffs are quite dated. Players are usually better off using other stronger versions of SSJ Goku.

HP 15800
ATK 15100
DEF 8220

C Tier

These Cards have lackluster stats and too many Passive Skill restrictions, or better F2P alternatives. It's worth noting that it might still be worth running them in some specific events.

Unfortunately, Tien & Chiaotzu need a lot of Ki to activate their Passive Skill, and the small flat bonus Buffs they get do not justify the investment.

HP 15266
ATK 13723
DEF 8526

Hercule has a 70% chance to either have an okay Passive Skill, or 30% of no Passive Skill at all. That is far too unreliable to use in most Game Modes.

HP 16140
ATK 11122
DEF 8077
HP 12090
ATK 12807
DEF 7996

Gohan’s flat Buffs are too restrictive and too small to be worth it. It’s really bad to get DEF penalties when you’re already low on HP and on top of all that, his Links are really bad.

HP 15816
ATK 12094
DEF 7024

Piccolo has good DEF stats and can help his weaker allies by giving them a decent flat DEF Buff, but that’s all he has. A Terrible Leader Skill, no Damage, no Super ATK effects, and one of the worst Link Skill sets in the game make Piccolo very hard to use. Consider using other Piccolo Cards.

HP 14300
ATK 10030
DEF 13100
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