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The holiday celebration is upon us and as the memory of Global’s drought fades away, we have the chance to pull one of the hardest hitting UR Cards in the game. On top of a new Goku, this banner marks the long-awaited return of the Universe 6 leader, Assassin's Ultimate Technique - Hit. The other featured SSRs on the banner are all category leaders and by no means, Cards to ignore. This banner touts a stacked line up, but we are in the first part of the holiday celebration with more surprises to come later in the month, so the question remains should you skip or pull on this banner?

Holiday Cheer

While only one new card is featured on this banner, SSB Goku, the rest of the featured line up are still impressive Cards that any player could benefit from owning. While the new Goku is the man of the hour, the second biggest highlight of this banner is the return of Hit, after his nearly year-long absence on Global. For players that missed out on Hit previously, this may be a good opportunity to get him.

While the other featured SSRs are by no means terrible, they aren’t exactly hard to come by as Pursuit of Personal Strength - Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta and Awakening in the Time Rift - Super Saiyan 3 Bardock, and have appeared in numerous banners throughout the year. 

This is not to downplay the performance of these Cards, however. If players already own a majority of the featured Cards, obviously excluding the new Goku, then this might make summoning a gamble that can lead to getting a dupe you really don’t need.

Quick Breakdown: Noteworthy Featured Banner Cards

Tournament of Power Combatants, and Bardock

Should You Pull? What About Banner X or Celebration Y?

At least pull on the discounted 30 Dragon Stone summon. While heavier discounts would have been appreciated, step-up discounts are probably being saved for bigger banners around the corner. However, 30 stones for 1 multi-summon is a great deal that nobody should pass up. The new Goku is an amazing Card that everyone can certainly find a use for, and that is tempting enough to spend more stones on the banner. 

The other featured Cards are also great, but aside from Hit, appear frequently on banners so players might already have them. The best plan of action is to maybe do 2 pulls after the discount if you want to save stones, but are also hyped for this new Goku.

What holds the banner back is a lack of heavier discounts or tickets. Also, knowing that this is the banner for Part 1 of the holiday celebration and lacks holiday tickets for summoning, something bigger is definitely coming and we may not have to wait long. 

If you lack a lot of the featured Cards or need a few more dupes to beef up your Universe Survival Saga roster then, by all means, spend more stones on this banner. However, do keep in mind that Part 2 of the celebration is not far away. New Years is coming, and Japan is having its Anniversary in a month, so the potential for some even better announcements is high. 

This is by no means a trap banner, but don’t sink hundreds of stones if you’re not a whale.

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