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Article by Shuden


This page lists the strongest UR Heroes in Dokkan Battle. These Super Cards are ranked by the following factors:

  • Performance in high difficulty content.

  • Performance as one of the main roles in Dokkan Battle (Tank, Damage or Support) while rewarding Cards that can perform well in more than one.

  • All Cards are assumed to be fully awakened, max level, max Super ATK level and Max Hidden potential at premium 4 copies level.

  • Dokkan has a lot of Cards, and some os them are outdated and far too weak to be considered, so they're excluded from the list.

  • Being able to fit many strong Teams is a factor considered here, but being in a top Team doesn't necessarily mean a Card is strong. For a better list on the strongest Teams, check the Top Teams page


Filter Element

Z Tier

Cards in the UR Z tier are among the absolute strongest in the game and can consistently outperform even some of the strongest LRs in Dokkan, this tier has a very high bar of entry!

S Tier

These Cards are among the strongest URs in the game and are usually the backbone of their Teams. Having a complete Skill Sets, a stellar performance and amazing versatility are some of the characteristics of this tier.

  • Trunks is the premium Leader of Future Saga and one of the premium Super Class leaders, making him a key Card in most players inventories, as he opens up a myriad of different teams and can be used as a sub leader for any of his own categories.

  • Trunks would already be meta for only that, but he is also one of the strongest individual Cards in the game, with very high natural stats, a huge unconditional Buff, an easy transformation that allows him to infinitely stack ATK and DEF, and even a niche nuking version. Trunks is a very complete all rounder and useful in any situation.

HP 12750
ATK 11600
DEF 7000
  • Goku comes crashing the meta in this GBL exclusive Kaioken SSB version. He is the premium 170% ATK and DEF leader of both Representatives of Universe 7 and Universe Survival Saga, two teams that happen to have some of the strongest Cards from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

  • Add that to his powerful stats, a double separately stacking passive Buff plus a separately stacking Super ATK Buff and another separately stacking Active Skill Buff, and SSB Kaioken Goku becomes one of the hardest hitting units in the game under the right circumstances. A powerful Card, with a powerful Leader Skill for a powerful team, can’t get much better than that.

HP 10900
ATK 12490
DEF 6063
  • As the premium leader of both Movie Heroes and Fusion teams, DBS Gogeta was bound to make an impact in Dokkans meta. Gogeta has a stellar performance in any of his teams, his Buffs make him able to both tank and do Damage very well, and his trademarked “Attacks Effective Against All Types” passive effect guarantees that he will be relevant in almost all game modes. He also gets passive evasion to further help him in harder content.

  • Gogetas transformation to SSB is simple, but incredibly strong, it boosts all of his passive effects, and allows him to double stack his Super ATK Buff.

HP 11145
ATK 11492
DEF 5688
  • The 1st anniversary hero is brought back to life by his EZA, Gogeta has a massive ATK stat thanks to his EZA, and his passive is modernized for a very respectable percentage amount. Gogeta has a very versatile Leader Skill and Link Set and works well with all kinds of Super Class Cards, and even some Extreme ones. He also gets a separate ATK Buff for each Rainbow Orb he gets, making his damage a lot higher in the rounds he gets lucky.

  • His EZA also gives him a good Debuff on his Super ATK, that can be a life saver in some bosses.

HP 10750
ATK 10200
DEF 4125
  • The MvP of Universe 7 is the premium 170% ATK and HP leader for the Androids team and brings in a very resourceful kit. 17 Buffs all his allies Ki and DEF by a huge amount, which opens up some possibilities of very ATK oriented partners that will still be able to take some hits thanks to him, and 17 also gets a considerable Damage Reduction effect, making him an effective tank in clutch situations.

  • Offensive-wise, 17 has high ATK and a strong Buff when he Super ATKs, which is fairly easy considering he Buffs his own Ki and has a lot of good Ki Links to help him and others in his team. He can also Debuff enemies that are vulnerable to ATK & DEF Down. 17 is a powerful and usually needed defensive oriented Support for his teams, and is also capable of dishing out respectable Damage. 

HP 10110
ATK 10832
DEF 6280
  • Gohan is a powerful leader for Bond of Master and Disciple and Hybrid Saiyans teams. He has very high Buffs, a strong Support for his main team, and a powerful transformation. He is fairly reliant on having at least one category partner to make use of his full passive, usually Trunks to also activate his SSJ. But there are so many great Trunks Cards that this becomes a fairly mild restriction.
HP 12930
ATK 12664
DEF 4830
  • Goku is the premium leader for the popular Super Saiyans and the niche Planet Namek Saga teams. From the get go, he gets a very strong separately stacking passive Buff, that stack with his naturally great stats. He also gets a fairly easy to fulfill transformation condition.

  • SSJ Goku loses some DEF but gets a DEF stacking Super ATK and a conditional guard all effect to more than compensate for it. To complete his kit, Goku gets a rage mode for one turn when he is at low health. In this mode he takes no Damage and dish out a lot, making it a very clutch mechanic in hard game modes.

HP 12350
ATK 11388
DEF 6715
  • Don’t judge him by his size, because Kid Goku is among the strongest Cards in the game. Both the categories he leads - DB Saga and Youth - are deceptively powerful. Goku himself has massive stats and a very high Buff with good conditions: More HP will give you more ATK, and less will give you more DEF, and he also gets stronger every turn he shows up and gets a guaranteed critical strike.

  • Goku works wonderfully in the teams he fits in, and can do a lot of Damage in a turn thanks to his active skill triggering together with his guaranteed critical, and also offers some utility with his Super ATK stun.

HP 10630
ATK 10884
DEF 5955
  • Piccolo is the main leader of the Namekians and Worthy Rivals categories, and he has very high base stats and a great unconditional buff, on top of being a very resourceful Card capable of foreseeing enemies Super ATKs, which tremendously help clearing hard bosses. Piccolo can also heal and stack his own DEF with his Super ATK, quickly turning him into one of the most effective tanks in the game.

  • His transformation requires a Namekian ally which are sometimes hard to find, but increases his DEF potential and greatly boosts his Damage via critical hits.

HP 13655
ATK 11156
DEF 6353
  • Trunks is among the best generic support for Super Class in Dokkan, with a single other Vegeta Family ally in his team (he already counts as one), he can take and dish out a respectable amount of Damage, while giving a great Support Buff to his allies.

  • Trunks can also act as a decent rainbow leader and works decently even in some Extreme line-ups.

HP 9205
ATK 7985
DEF 4577
  • A stellar self sufficient damage dealer with high stats across the board, PHY SSB Goku marks a new meta for nukers by having a stacking Super ATK that allows him to have some viability after doing his nuke. Goku can easily reach insane numbers and will be able to defend well as long as you’re feeding him more than 3 orbs per turn.

  • Additionally, Goku can also act as a sub leader for Bond of Master and Disciple teams.

HP 10366
ATK 8877
DEF 4606
  • Transforming Vegeta gets a powerful passive that gets better as turns passes, once he reaches SSB, he gets a full board of orbs for an insane Damage turn. He’s able to stack DEF on his Super ATK on his first four forms, and this greatly helps him survive hard hitting enemies.

  • Vegeta is a powerful Pure Saiyans leader, and can also act as a sub Super Class leader. His long list of categories and powerful passives makes him one of the more versatile choices in the list.

HP 10470
ATK 12032
DEF 5350
  • At the climax of the Tournament of Power, Vegeta unleashes his new transformation giving him a very powerful kit. His high base stats are further enhanced by his extra attacks and high Buffs. His transformation has a chance to trigger each turn, and when it happens he gets bonus Critical Rate on top of his already crazy kit.

  • Vegeta can also be used as a good Pure Saiyans team leader.

HP 12320
ATK 10052
DEF 6150
  • This EZA makes SSJ2 Vegeta one of the best tanks in Dokkan, and also boosts his ATK to a very respectable amount, making him a valuable ally in many categories. He can further improve his stats to very insane levels with his triple stacking ATK and DEF Super ATK.

HP 9645
ATK 7938
DEF 4977
HP 11213
ATK 9125
DEF 5238
HP 11775
ATK 8945
DEF 5181
  • Transforming Goku is one of the premium Super Class leaders, he has a straightforward passive that allows him to tank effectively at the start of the battle and deal a lot of Damage as the battle goes on. If he manages to fire Super ATKs every turn, he can stack his ATK to very high levels and keep his high DEF bonus by the time he reaches SSB.

HP 10605
ATK 11978
DEF 5350
  • Supreme Kai of Time comes right to the top of the pure support meta, bringing a good universal Ki, ATK and DEF support, that has a good chance to be very high, and also gives all her allies Critical Chance, a very rare stat. She also offers some utility in sealing with her Super ATK, and is a decent leader to both Dragon Ball Heroes and Super TEQ teams.

HP 10772
ATK 8428
DEF 5114

A Tier

These Cards are very close to the top but have a few nitpicks that hold them back compared to Tier S. They are still great investments and will find spots in their category Teams almost all the time.

  • Beerus EZA gave him a very functional passive, boosting his already high ATK and DEF stats and also giving him a separately stacking Buff after receiving an attack, the God of Destruction also gets a rage mode that can activate twice per battle and leaves him completely invulnerable to Damage for one turn, but his enraged ATK is fairly low compared to other Cards.
HP 8722
ATK 8950
DEF 3785
  • After taking up the Time Patrol job, Goku comes to Dokkan in his powerful SSJ3 form. He’s one of the Dragon Ball Heroes team subleader, and has a good statline and a very powerful Buff, his passive stacks separately his ATK making him hit really hard, while he also gets a lot of Damage reduction with other DB Heroes allies, a very powerful all rounder.

HP 9833
ATK 9305
DEF 4488
  • The iconic Ultra Instinct Goku is a powerful leader for Realm of Gods. His stats and buffs are naturally very high and he gets the stacking ATK mechanic on his Super ATK. After transforming, his damage skyrockets and he switches his DEF for a high percentage to dodge, which can be a frustrating mechanic sometimes. Nevertheless, a powerful ally that can come in clutch in hardmodes.

HP 10335
ATK 11654
DEF 5890
  • Jiren is one of the premium leaders for the Universe Survival Saga team. His stats are very high and his unconditional passive Buff is really strong, but he also has a chance to stun all enemies at the start of the turn, making him a good ally for Super Battle Road or World Tournament. He also gets a guaranteed critical against stunned enemies, and has a DEF Debuff in his Super ATK.

HP 9590
ATK 10780
DEF 6605
  • This Vegito Blue snowballs VERY hard. He can launch many additional attacks each turn, and each attack he does will give him extra ATK, he also stacks ATK and DEF on Super ATK which means he scales very hard in long battles, but unfortunately he lacks meaningful defensive Buffs early on which makes it hard to rely on him a lot.

HP 12495
ATK 11708
DEF 4743
  • Gohans EZA makes him have Buffed stats comparable to modern Dokkanfests, while also getting a very powerful separately stacking ATK Buff when fighting alongside Super Saiyan Goku Cards. Gohan can also be a sub leader for Kamehameha teams or a viable rainbow leader.

HP 8745
ATK 8610
DEF 4025
  • As one of the first Dokkanfests and EZAs we got, SSJ3 Goku got a very respectable upgrade. His base stats are incredible, and his Buff increases them even further. His ATK Buff has a limited turn counter, but he can still tank quite well most bosses even after his time runs out.
HP 9500
ATK 8672
DEF 4623
  • Vegeta is a reliable tank for most stages, he will take very little Damage for the first 10 turns, which is usually more than enough to clear a fight. His EZA also gives him a massive ATK Buff when attacking a stunned enemy, which comes in handy from time to time considering Vegeta is also a good stunner himself.

HP 9695
ATK 8556
DEF 4417
  • Gogeta comes with a stellar ATK stat and a great ATK Buff, but he has no DEF and an evasion chance that only works against Super ATKs. He’s a very strong ally, but risky to use as regular attacks hurt him a lot and relying on his dodge is risky even if the chance for it to happen is very high. Gogeta is also a premium leader for the Fusions team.
HP 11550
ATK 12140
DEF 4675
  • Goku is the debut leader of the Full Power category. He has massive ATK and an extra ATK and DEF buff that increases the more HP he has on top of a chance to evade and counter Super ATKs. His DEF is fairly high, but depends on the current HP, which is a risky condition, and his counter is very unreliable, but his offensive potential is incredible as he can also massively debuff the enemies DEF with his Super ATK.
HP 10740
ATK 12086
DEF 5148
  • Trunks is a sub leader for Bond of Master and Disciple teams and a very strong all rounder designed to be used together with a Gohan(Future) Card. He’s also exceptionally powerful against Android enemies, and even more destructive against Cell. Good Card that can be situationally great.
HP 8551
ATK 9207
DEF 4988
  • Caulifla might be a weird choice for being so high in the list but the reason is actually simple: she can completely evade all attacks from both Universe Survival Saga and Pure Saiyans category enemies, these two categories together include almost half the cast of Dokkan Battle. Being completely invulnerable to so many cards make her a really amazing tank, but she’s actually more than that as she gets regular evasion with more Peppy Gals allies, a respectable stat line with her own self Buffs, and a stacking ATK and DEF on Super ATK.
HP 7397
ATK 8530
DEF 4487
  • The invincible champion is here! And for any non believers reading this, he is actually quite invincible this time. Hercule gets a solid evasion chance while also reducing all the damage he takes by up to 90% with low health, that’s among the highest in Dokkan. Hercule can also stun enemies making him one of the greatest stallers to have in your team, but you’ll have to bring someone else to do the Damage!
HP 11219
ATK 6020
DEF 6138
  • One of the kickstarters of the new support meta, G&Z offer their allies a huge Ki and DEF Buff, while also being capable of evading attacks and dealing respectable Damage to Extreme class enemies. They are also sub leaders for the Realm of Gods team.

HP 9167
ATK 8797
DEF 5193
  • The SSJ3 Xeno version of the prince of all saiyans has a massive ATK Buff on top of his high stats and a DEF Debuff on Super ATK, and also gets Critical Chance in Dragon Ball Heroes teams, making him an incredible Damage dealer, but he can also take some hits thanks to his high DEF stats and Buff. Vegeta is one of the sub leaders for DB Heroes teams.

HP 8789
ATK 9597
DEF 4644
  • SSB Vegeta is a very competent Damage dealer that doubles up as a decent support when paired with another Vegeta’s Family ally. This is an easy condition to fulfill for almost all of his categories, which make him a versatile Card to have. His Rainbow Leader Skill is also viable for easier stages.
HP 9297
ATK 8095
DEF 4393
  • With a surprisingly powerful EZA, Goten became one of the best ki sphere changers in the game and a very solid floater. His Buffed Stats are very solid and make him a good tank and Damage dealer in most game modes, and because he changes orbs to rainbow color, he can be used in teams regardless of type and still offer valuable help. Goten can also double stack his DEF with his Super ATK, further improving his survivability.
HP 9848
ATK 7838
DEF 4439
  • Bulla is among the top pure support cards in Dokkan, she offers very high Ki and ATK Buffs, and also has good survival ability via evasion. Weirdly, she has the uniquely rare and powerful stacking ATK of +100% each time she fires a Super ATK, as weak as her multipliers are, this stacking will inevitably make her deal tons of Damage in long fights.

HP 6869
ATK 7651
DEF 3994
  • Kale is a very specialized attacker, against Pure Saiyans and Universe Survival Saga foes, she is incredibly strong, using her Super ATK three times per turn and infinitely stacking both ATK and DEF, but against other foes her potential falls, as she relies on Peppy Gals allies to get her initial Buffs up and her stacking becomes a lot slower.
HP 7936
ATK 8494
DEF 4263
  • Vegeta is another powerful GBL exclusive awakening, he leads the Worthy Rivals team, and is also capable of nuking and stacking his ATK and DEF on Super ATK, he requires only a few orbs per turn to be viable, and his Damage ceiling is very high.

HP 10159
ATK 8298
DEF 5433
  • Gotenks EZA gives him a very high ATK Buff on top of his already respectable ATK stat, and also allows him to take some hits as long as you keep him under 11 Ki, which can be tricky sometimes. Gotenks can also act as a good Super TEQ leader. 

HP 9412
ATK 9357
DEF 4906
  • Universe 2s savior Brianne de Chateau is a premium leader for Peppy Gals and a strong leader for Transformation Boost. Right at the start of the battle, she becomes the beautiful(?) Ribrianne, getting a very strong Buff and a stellar Debuff that scales with the amount of peppy Gals allies she has. To further boost her usefulness, she gets both a sealing Super ATK and a support passive for Peppy Gals. A Card with good stats and superb Buffs.
HP 7696
ATK 8866
DEF 4716
  • The last Namekian Warrior Nail is a very strong Namekians team sub leader, with a Piccolo ally, his already high DEF stat gets an insane Buff, and his Damage becomes very respectable, but against a Wicked Bloodline enemy Nail becomes a killing machine as he gets both guaranteed criticals and an additional Super ATK every turn. He can also stack ATK and DEF on Super ATKs, making for a very complete kit for one of the strongest Namekians in Dokkan.
HP 11118
ATK 7688
DEF 5604
  • This Dragon Ball Heroes form of Gohan is a heavy hitter, capable of reaching very high ATK and DEF numbers thanks to his separately stacking Buff and triple stacking ATK on Super ATK. Simple and effective.

HP 9065
ATK 9454
DEF 4423
  • Tapion is a very unique Card, he’s the main leader for Giant Form team and allows all of this category to transform an extra time. He can reduce enemy damage which allows him to take hits, and when low on health Hirudegarn is unleashed, he has very high ATK and is completely invulnerable to Damage, and once the transformation ends, Tapion comes back with an extra ATK and DEF Buff, becoming a very strong ally. Note that Tapion is Super Class but Hirudegarn is Extreme.
HP 7923
ATK 8344
DEF 4956
  • DBS Mai is one of the best stunners in the game and also a sub leader and powerful support for the Time Travelers team. Her strong 2 turn stun makes her a silver bullet for some stunnable bosses, like some of the ones found in Ultimate Clash.

HP 10296
ATK 8140
DEF 5450
  • Gogeta is the original leader for Super INT, he has a very high ATK stat which together with his attacks being effective against all types makes for a deadly combination. He can also debuff enemies ATK and DEF, but completely lacks any defensive Buffs, being an archetypical glass cannon.
HP 10695
ATK 11660
DEF 4578
  • Kefla is the original Potara team leader, and a nuker with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She can unreliably evade, debuff her enemy DEF with her Super ATK, and launch an additional attack every turn. She’s a powerful, well rounded Card but like all nukers depends on eating a lot of ki spheres to work properly.
HP 8295
ATK 8865
DEF 4118
  • Android 16 is a sub leader for Androids/Cell Saga teams and a reliable tank that can also give support to his allies. His support and full Buff can only be used when he is attacking together with a SSJ or SSJ2 Gohan. It’s also worth mentioning that A16 has a massive DEF debuff in his Super ATK.
HP 12144
ATK 7113
DEF 5809
  • Vegeta is a simple and very effective card. He leads Super AGL, has massive unconditional Buffs to his already superb stats, can unreliably evade and counter enemy super attacks and debuff enemy DEF. He’s one of the greatest linking partners for other SSJ4s.

HP 11715
ATK 10538
DEF 5470
  • As the leader of Super STR, Goku has a massive ATK Buff on top of his premium Dokkanfest exclusive ATK stat, but relies on his triple stacking DEF on Super ATK mechanic to stay alive. He’s usually a risky choice but still a great partner for other SSJ4s.
HP 11333
ATK 11456
DEF 4514
  • The original Vegito Blue can attack 1-2 extra times per turn, and also takes a bit less Damage and counters any normal attack against him with a powerful move. Unfortunately he lacks any stat Buffs.
HP 10300
ATK 11500
DEF 4551
  • PHY Super Vegito comes from right at the climax of the Majin Buu Saga and is also the leader of that category team. He reduces all normal attack damage he takes by half, counters it, and also increases his own ATK every time he does this. Lean, mean, counter machine. It’s a shame that he has no DEF Buffs, Super ATKs can really hurt him.
HP 10760
ATK 10728
DEF 6085
  • SSJ Goku gets a very good EZA that allows him to handle modern content without being a liability. Gokus main strength comes from his powerful and reliable stun on Super ATK, that can make some stages a walk in the park. He also has very high stats and an amazing critical strike chance, that really helps with his overall Damage.
HP 9837
ATK 8129
DEF 4642
  • Ultimate Gohan is the original leader of Hybrid Saiyans teams, he has very high ATK stat Buffs, can infinitely stack his own ATK via Super ATK, and also has some support through an unreliable guard all mechanic and a strong DEF Buff to all allies.
HP 10370
ATK 11716
DEF 5045
  • Pan is the type specific support for Super AGL, she has a premium support Buff for Ki, ATK and DEF and can also boost allies ATK with her Super ATK.
HP 9353
ATK 8125
DEF 4418
  • Namek Gohan is the type specific support for Super INT, on top of his powerful Ki, ATK and DEF Buff to all allies he can also triple stack his ATK stat. Unfortunately his multipliers aren’t high enough for him to be a strong Damage dealer.
HP 9815
ATK 7977
DEF 4371
  • Supreme Kai Planet Gohan is the type specific support for Super PHY. He has a strong Ki, ATK and DEF buff to his allies and also a low chance to stun on Super ATK. The chance is really low but it’s a long 2 turns stun, so it can come in clutch for some fights.

HP 9260
ATK 8125
DEF 4464
  • Cell saga Tien is the type specific support for Super TEQ. He has the usual powerful Ki, ATK and DEF Buff to all allies and can also lower enemies ATK with his Super ATK. Tien is particularly useful as a partner for TEQ Cards that get extra Damage from ATK Debuffs, like LR Goku/Frieza.
HP 9168
ATK 8273
DEF 4325
  • SSJ Cabba is the type specific support for Super STR. He has a strong Ki, ATK and DEF Buff to all allies and can also double stack his ATK and DEF with his Super ATK, increasing his survivability a considerable amount.
HP 9538
ATK 7903
DEF 4603
  • SSJ Cabba is the type specific support for Super STR. He has a strong Ki, ATK and DEF Buff to all allies and can also double stack his ATK and DEF with his Super ATK, increasing his survivability a considerable amount.
HP 11020
ATK 10728
DEF 5955

B Tier

These Cards are still very strong but not quite there. They’re still powerful and capable of fitting on Teams for harder content, but might become a burden sometimes.

HP 8460
ATK 7363
DEF 3623
HP 5154
ATK 6951
DEF 3159
HP 7130
ATK 6893
DEF 4069
HP 4973
ATK 6709
DEF 3551
HP 10355
ATK 7546
DEF 3515

C Tier

Tier C Cards are generally filler in their categories. Some are decent and offer something for their Teams but in general, they are powercrept by Tier B either due to their stats being too low, or their Buffs being a direct downgrade from the Cards above.

HP 9481
ATK 7360
DEF 5220
HP 8837
ATK 8095
DEF 4623
HP 8585
ATK 8673
DEF 4401
HP 9756
ATK 8095
DEF 4163
HP 9644
ATK 7725
DEF 4794
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