Top Tier Joined Forces Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

Two Makes the Strongest of All Universes - Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale as a guest will maximize the Joined Forces Team stats. If for some reason none of your friends have Caulifla and Kale hopefully they have LR Lupine Awakening - Yamcha & Puar.

If players lack the previously suggested guests a Card with a super class based Leader Skill should suffice.


Even though rotations are decided by RNG, Players will want Caulifla & Kale, Angel Goku & Angel Vegeta, Gohan & Goten, and SSJ Goku & SSJ Vegeta on their main rotation. Paragus & Broly and Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 can be the Team’s floaters.

Reasons for Being On the Main Rotation:

Caulifla and Kale are going to deal high damage thanks to the 10% ATK Buff they gain from their Joined Forces allies and pretty self-sufficient thanks to their built-in Ki Buff.

Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) & Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) are incredibly powerful thanks to their 120% ATK & DEF Buff, and will constantly launch Super ATKs thanks to their Passive Skill. While this Card’s fusion mechanic is powerful, in most cases players might not see it due to the tanky nature of this Team.

Gohan & Goten are fairly self-sufficient thanks to their ability to build Ki, as well as gain up to a 216% ATK & DEF Buff with each ATK they perform. Players should be aware that this Card’s only Ki Link is “Golden Warrior, ” meaning early in a fight this Card may struggle with launching their Ultra Super ATK without proper support.

Like their Fusion dance counterpart, SSJ Goku & SSJ Vegeta have a similar toolkit that is geared more towards DEF. Likewise, while the Potara mechanic is useful players may not see it used often due to the powerful Cards on this Team.

Reasons to Float:

Paragus and Broly are an incredible support for this Team thanks to the +2 Ki and 40% ATK & DEF Buff they offer all allies. While this Card is powerful in terms of support, players should keep the other heavy hitters on the main rotation to finish the fight faster.

Great Saiyaman 1 & 2’s DEF and ATK Buffs may be a bit overkill, but they do offer Super Class Allies a lot of Ki, which is incredibly valuable in a Team that’s mainly comprised of LRs. While this Card is powerful in terms of support, players should keep heavy hitters like Caulifla & Kale on the main rotation to finish the fight faster.

Recommended Alternates

Recommended Events

Due to the incredibly high stats of every member on this Team, alongside mechanics that either heal player HP completely or increase ATK & DEF to ludicrously high numbers, this Team can really take on any event in Dokkan. Is it surprising? No, considering the majority of this Team is comprised of highly coveted LRs, and if you have access to all these Cards it is safe to say you are in a great spot in Dokkan. 

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