Australia and Southeast Asia Release Anniversary Celebration Campaign

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Article by NorseFTX

Event Period

4/18/2021 21:00 - 4/19/2021 20:59 PST

Unlock Requirements

  • Clear Fuyuki to claim the 10x Saint Quartz Login Bonus!

Login Bonus

  • Log in during the anniversary on April 19 to receive 10x Saint Quartz!
  • Requirements: Clear Fuyuki (by 4/18/2021 20:59 PST)
  • Period: 4/18/2021 21:00 - 4/19/2021 20:59 PST
Login Streak Login Reward
Day 1 Saint Quartz x10

Mana Prism Shop - Bella Lisa

  • Da Vinci's Mana Prism Shop will finally be updated with the Bella Lisa Craft Essence!
  • This Craft Essence provides 5% bonus QP, but when equipped on a Friend Support (MLB), provides +15% QP bonus, which is greater than Mona Lisa (MLB)'s +10%.
  • Exchange Period: 4/18/2021 21:00 - 6/30/2021 16:59 PST
Item Cost Limit Description
x1000 5 Adds 1x Bella Lisa to your present box (Total 5,000 Mana Prisms for 5).
Bella Lisa

Featured CEs

Name How to Obtain BonusItem

Bella Lisa 5★
Mana Prism Shop (x5)
Mana Prism x1000 each
Equipped to self: QP +1% (MLB +5%).
Using Support with this CE: QP +3% (MLB +15%).

* Note this is better than Mona Lisa (10%) when selecting Friend Supports!
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