MMM - Dapper Dons Don Delectable Dress, Deserving Distaste for Directing Disastrous Despair (Ordeal Call 2 Gacha 2)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Ordeal Call II Monte Cristo

The Modern Magus Magazine

So uh, turns out you didn’t have to wait or hope long.

The haunting spirits of vengeance do not tire nor stay abated for the convenience of others, and likewise I must trudge on, providing the eternally-desired Servant analysis for you all.

Only downside is I don’t get some sick-looking 18th century fit to go with, unlike this issue’s gentlemen.

NA Release Date: 03/2026

The Count of Monte Cristo


While I’m certain the plot wheels of Ordeal Call 2 provide sufficient justification for it, there’s still something comedic about giving Dantes a new outfit and artist, calling him by another name, then making him another SSR Avenger. It comes with a whole new set of gameplay stats to unravel, but in terms of character…it’s basically still Dantes.

…his art is impossibly cool, though.

Servant Data
Avenger B+

Increase the amount of NP you gain when damaged by 19%.
Decrease Debuff Resist for all allies (including sub-members)
except yourself by 9%. [Demerit]

Oblivion Correction EX

Increase your Critical Strength by 12%.

Self-Restoration (Magical Energy) D

Increase NP Gauge each turn by 3% for yourself.


As an SSR Avenger, the Count naturally has a superb offensive profile regardless of how he stacks up with his competitors. With that said, he immediately joins with the same attack stat as Marie Alter, making him the tied 3rd best Avenger offensively, albeit with a slightly worse HP stat, giving him the 4th worst HP of the SSR Avengers.

His offensive might is solid and that’s ultimately what matters most for him, so he’s still in a good position. In addition to that, he’s packing the standard Avenger passives, getting increased defensive NP gain, 3% NP gauge per turn, and a fairly hefty 12% Critical Damage buff from Oblivion Correction EX. Regardless of the fact that every other Avenger also gets these passives, they’re excellent boosts to his performance and especially NP gain.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is the Count of Monte Cristo overall? Well, he’s a force of fury straight out of the pits of hell, with the sickest visuals out there to match:

The Count’s damage output is easily some of the highest the game has to offer. While a certain level of damage output in a single hit can be excessive, it does sell a good point on how much work he can do with relatively little input from supports, CE choice, and so on. If you push him to his limits in a double Ruler Skadi into Oberon setup, he can hit a peak of 1,356,285 damage. Yep, 7 digits. And that’s on a neutral target. If you throw him against a Berserker or Ruler with attribute advantage he can hit over 3 million damage in one NP. Like I said, really overkill. But that means he can do damage in the several hundred thousands with basically no effort, which is much more important.

If the Count were just capable of spamming a high damage NP that’d be one thing, but he’s got more tricks up his sleeve. With his high star generation and good critical damage skills, he also does high damage with his regular cards, and utilises that increased damage (and NP gain, off the crits) to feed into other parts of his game plan.

With Invincible Pierce, Debuff Immunity, and reliable defence in the form of his Invincible buff and guaranteed Stun, the Count is bar none the best balance of offence and defence available for a solo-capable Servant in the game. He can come swinging at any boss so long as they’re not debuff immune and slap them around for days, using the “free” turns provided by his NP stun to essentially keep the enemy active for half the time he is. It is really that absurd.

However, he’s also a little vengeance hobo that should hobble back to his cave, O “King”:

Okay I’ll be frank, saying “he can’t do single target farming” doesn’t feel like much of a weakness since 99% of Quick ST Servants can’t do it reliably either. The main issue with using the Count is probably the burn drawback on his NP, essentially putting a timer on his lifespan without a dependable means of removing the burns and/or healing him over time. There’s ways to compensate for it, the most convenient in a solo context being a single ailment cure command code, but having to account for it is annoying, regardless, limiting how hard he can go with raw damage.

I’m gonna call it now, Shimazaki Nobunaga personally invaded the offices of Lasengle and held them by uh, edgy cloak-point in a Dantes cosplay until they produced an insanely strong alternative version of him. YOU ALREADY GOT ARJUNA ALTER, NOBU, ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?!

But in all seriousness, the Count is by far one of the best single target damage dealers available in the game, having almost all of the perks that would make one desirable - high damage output in both regular cards and NP, a fairly spammable NP, strong defensive perks, Invincible Pierce, and good enough gauge charge / NP gain to not be dependent on his supports. In fact, with how strong he is at soloing bosses, he’s the opposite of dependent on supports, though he performs well in either circumstance.

The only real thing holding him back is just being a Quick Servant - Skadi’s variants are the only reasonably good Quick supports around, and both have some amount of flaws that make them a little inferior to their Arts or Buster counterparts. That doesn’t hurt him enough to make a meaningful difference, though. If you want a strong ST Avenger, this form of Dantes is pretty much as good as it will get, so long as you have the proper tools to support him. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.

Alessandro di Cagliostro


I have to say, one of my favourite and freakiest parts of world history is the occultist movement from the 18th to early 20th century. Most of the well-known figures of that period were involved with the occult in one way or another, whether by being a victim like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a staunch naysayer like Harry Houdini, or being an occultist oneself, in the case of Alessandro di Cagliostro.

A lot of the foundation of modern magic fiction culture was founded in that time period, with books like the Lesser Key of Solomon, as you might expect, influencing Fate’s own lore significantly.

And let’s be frank, most of it was just scam artists looking to make a quick buck. Alessandro di Cagliostro was no different, a capable forger and con artist who just happened to use the occult touch when it suited him, and as Ordeal Call 2 points out wholeheartedly, he even has a connection to Marie Antoinette’s execution in the French revolution, as he was basically arrested on instinct when a scandal occurred involving the French crown. Talk about a reputation.

It’s no surprise he’s a Pretender, that’s all I’m saying.

Servant Data
Disguise Creation EX

Increase own Arts Card Critical Star Drop Rate by 30%.
Increase own Debuff Resist by 10%.

Merchandise Casting (Fake) EX

Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 10%.
Increase own Buff Removal Resist by 10%.

Hero's Nemesis (Fake) E++

Increase own Arts Card Critical Strength by 10%.


The SR Pretender pool remains pretty limited to this day, but there’s at least enough individuals there to make some manner of comparison for base stats. With the 3rd best Attack of his class and rarity, and the tied 2nd worst HP, Cagliostro is very middle-of-the-road, having a somewhat mediocre base stat total that’s thankfully offensively-leaned, providing him with a solid offensive profile at the cost of some bulk. Not the greatest baseline to work with, but plenty are dealt with worse.

Where Cagliostro really gets his biggest boost is his passive, all three of which are unique. Disguise Creation provides him with a staggering +30% stargen rate, and +10% Debuff resistance. Combined with the Pretender class’s base of 20%, this makes Cagliostro’s base stargen rate 50%, which is significantly higher than even Assassins with high-ranking Presence Concealment. What does that mean in practice? The best way to express it would be that every hit on his cards produces 0.5 stars at a baseline before factoring in the card’s modifier to star generation or any other bonuses. So even his Arts cards with 3 hits would produce 1-2 stars guaranteed, without any other bonus on the table. The effect is greater for cards with higher hitcounts.

Next is Merchandise Casting (Fake), providing a +10% bonus to his Debuff Success Rate and Buff Removal Resistance at once. More consistent debuffing is very useful, but a low chance to ignore buff removal won’t come up often, or consistently at that, so it’s not too important in the grand scheme of things.

Then lastly there’s Hero’s Nemesis (Fake), providing a modest boost to his Arts card critical damage. With a BAAAQ card set and his established incredibly-high stargen, he has plenty of room to take advantage of this, as minor a damage boost it is.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

How does Cagliostro shape up on the whole? Well one thing’s for certain, he knows the secrets to immortality, he can contact the dead, conjure jewels from nothingness, and even make me roll Gacha SSR’s on my first ticket:

Cagliostro makes for a fairly capable farmer, especially by the standards of the Pretender class. Where your premier options for farming are Tlaloc’s anaemic NP refund and using Oberon as a farming Servant which, well, on principle, feels wrong, a simple Arts farmer with a dependable gauge charger, and good enough damage to farm Pretender class advantage is a welcome change.

Taken out of farming context, he holds up pretty well, too. Cagliostro has a number of interesting tools at his disposal for difficult content, whether it be his ability to spread Skill Seal via confusion, his on-hit effect that makes enemy buffs miss, or simply his sheer audacity to take a lethal hit and walk out of it with an almost-full HP bar. His offensive power benefits a lot from fighting actual bosses, too - he can use his decent critical damage buffs effectively with more time to generate stars and play his normal cards, and his anti-Lawful effective damage bonus is naturally stronger when you’re facing Servants more often.

However, all of those things are simply apt illusions, and you have all been drawn in by the honeyed words of a professional trickster:

I feel like a broken record having to say this every time I assess a Pretender or Alter Ego ever, but… sigh. Cagliostro will never match a knight-class farming Servant in damage output in the same situation, unless he’s hitting his anti-lawful effective damage bonus. Combined with his overall weak damage output that needs class advantage to be respectable to begin with, and he’s not in a fantastic position. As I said, he’s the best farming Pretender, but largely only because the competition is very mediocre.

My ultimate feeling towards Cagliostro is that he was given just one or two too many funky quirky “unique” effects in his kit that don’t actually directly contribute to his performance. As a farmer he’s more than fine, with good enough damage to tackle the node’s he’s meant to, with a level of convenience that’s rare for SR Servants, on top of the bonus versatility of covering multiple enemy types with a single Servant. That’s a lot of value he’s packing.

The issue comes when applying him outside the scope of farming. He’s not the greatest farmer to begin with, but for difficult content his flaws start showing a lot more clearly - why use Cagliostro against an Archer when Percival has better damage output, utility/support, and durability? Why use him against a Saber when Zenobia is in the same situation as Percival? Why use him at all when a high-damage universal farmer Berserker or Avenger can reach the same levels of damage?

The answer is usually convenience. Cagliostro offering what he has in the package of an easily-accessible SR Servant that can tackle multiple classes is great value for people for less-developed rosters, but such perks will lose their lustre over time. In general the scarcity of good Pretenders means he holds value simply for existing as a class option to smash Alter Egos, but I feel it just takes one reasonably good universal farmer Arts Servant like Summer Ibuki in someone’s roster to kill basically any argument for using Cagliostro.

And it doesn’t have to be a high-value SSR either. Day by day the pool of strong welfare farmers is growing, and are becoming more accessible to new players rather than long-standing ones. As a result, it’s kind of hard to advocate for him. If you’re severely in need of AOE farming and offence for the knight classes Cagliostro is a very dependable pick, but for people with a more diverse roster he’s an easy pass.


And once again it’s time to part. It’s been a fine story chapter, with plenty of edgelords clad in black flames to soyface at, but this solitary script-writer is sadly sapped of succour, and seeks some self-service.

What I mean is this was the big game update I was looking forward to early in the year, and now we have just Golden Week before the typical annual pre-Summer content drought. Truly, anathema to my soul, a lack of game content and new Servants.

…and new ascension materials to grind…

…and a new Class Score to lose dozens of ascension materials investing into…

Boy, the fun never ends in this game, does it? Things will surely be brighter next time!

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