Boss Guide: Ch29-2 (Avalon le Fae Part 3)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1
Albion's Remnant
Albion's Remnant
Albion's Remnant
Albion's Remnant

Boss Statistics

Mandatory NPC Support: Altria Caster
Lv120 NP5 10/10/10
Passive Equipped CE: Starting NP +50%; NP Gain +50%.
Every 3 Turns Child of Prophecy: Increase all allied Servants' NP Gauge by 30% and Attack by 20% (3 turns).
Field Effect
Every 5 Turns Percival "I will draw them in!": Cause Albion's Remnant to take no action that turn.
Note: Only one Altria (Caster) is allowed in the party (NPC Support).
Percival also cannot be added to the party.
Note 2: The Storm Border's HP Gauge will also be visible in this fight. If the Border's HP is reduced to 0, the encounter is lost.
- Every NP from the enemy deals 25% health damage to the Border.
- Altria Caster's NP can protect the Storm Border from taking damage.
- If a revive/battle continuation (Saint Quartz/Seals/Leyline Stone) is used, the Storm Border's HP will be recovered by 50%.

Storm Border HP
Storm Border Health Bar - with Altria Caster's Buff active
Albion's Remnant
Albion's HP
Class Lancer
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Dragon, Threat to Humanity, Super Giant, Earth, Heaven or Earth
Passive Dragon's Flame Excitation: At the end of each turn, gain a stack of [Dragon's Will] (5 turns). Increase own Attack by 10% x amount of [Dragon's Will] stacks and Noble Phantasm Damage by 20% x amount of [Dragon's Will] stacks. Grant Damage Cut equal to 500 x amount of [Dragon's Will] stacks.
Break "Damage: Insignificant. Action: Evasion": Grant Evade (5 times, Unremovable] status to self. Increase own Critical Rate by 20% [Permanent, Unremovable].
Break "Damage: Amplified. Target: Enemy flying object.": Increase own NP Bar to MAX. Increase own Defense by 20% [Permanent, Unremovable].
Break "Damage: Sever. Damage: Severe...": Battle ends.
Skill 1 Clear all debuffs from self. Increase own NP Gauge by 1. Increase own Max HP by 5000 (3 turns). Removes 1 Dragon's Will stack from self.
NP Hollow Heart - Albion: Deal damage to all enemies. Apply Ignore Invincible to self (1 turn) [Activates first]. Inflict Burn on all enemies (1000 dmg, 5 turns). Removes all Dragon's Will stacks from self.


  • This encounter features a break bar Lancer boss (410k, 310k, 205k, 91k HP). Only the first three HP bars need to be depleted. The battle automatically ends on third break.
  • NPC Support Altria Caster is mandatory; she will helpfully provide the party with 30% NP Gauge and 20% ATK up every 3 turns.
  • Percival will support from the side every 5 turns, causing the boss to skip a turn. Percival cannot be placed in the Servant lineup, however.
  • The Storm Border must be protected, and has an HP Gauge visible during the fight. The Storm Border can be hit by the boss's NP, which will deplete 25% of its health every time it is hit. Altria Caster's NP can protect the Storm Border, so make sure to have her NP up when the boss has a full gauge. The battle is lost if the Storm Border's HP falls to 0.
  • The boss will gain trait stacks every turn, which give it minor buffs to ATK, NP Strength, and a minor Damage Cut.
    • The boss can consume one trait stack and use a skill that charges its NP Gauge by 1.
    • The boss's NP clears trait stacks from the boss. Note the boss's NP also applies Ignore Invincible before damage!
  • On first break, the boss gains unremovable 5-hits of Evade, and gains a minor 20% Crit Rate buff. For this reason, it's helpful to bring a Sure Hit or Ignore Invincible effect on the main damage dealer.
  • On second break, the boss gains Max NP Gauge, and gets a 20% DEF buff. Make sure defensive measures are in place!
  • On third break, the battle ends.

Team Recommendations

  • Single target Saber Damage Dealers are the best choice encounter for clean Class advantage. Other options such as Berserkers are also viable.
  • Trait-Bonus Damage Dealer options also work well. As with the battle against Melusine, Sigurd works quite well for this role.
  • Sure Hit or Ignore Invincible on either the damage dealer, or through a Craft Essence, will help deal with the first break's 5-hit Evade effect.
  • NP Gauge and Damage Support are great choices as usual. The NPC Altria Caster is greatly helpful, and any additional supports, such as Skadi, Merlin, and Tamamo, are all great choices to help the damage dealer bring down the boss more quickly.

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