Countdown to Lostbelt No.6 Campaign Part 5 2023

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Article by NorseFTX

Campaign Period

5/9/2023 21:00 - 5/29/2023 20:59 PDT

Unlock Requirements

  • Clear Fuyuki to claim Login Bonuses!
  • All other campaigns are available to all Masters!

General Information

  • A special site, "Countdown to Lostbelt No.6 - A Review of the Past" is available to celebrate each of the Lostbelt chapters up to date!
  • Special Site:

Login Rewards

  • Login in during the Countdown to Lostbelt 6 Part 5 Campaign to receive rewards, including 3x Saint Quartz, 3x Golden Fruit, and 3x Silver Fruit!
  • * If login period is missed, rewards for that period cannot be obtained!
  • Requirements: Clear Fuyuki
  • Period: 5/9/2023 21:00 - 5/29/2023 20:59 PDT
Login Period Login Reward
5/9/2023 21:00 - 5/15/2023 20:59 PDT
LB5: Atlantis
Silver Fruit x1
Golden Fruit x1
Saint Quartz x1
5/16/2023 21:00 - 5/22/2023 20:59 PDT
LB5-2: Olympus
Silver Fruit x1
Golden Fruit x1
Saint Quartz x1
5/23/2023 21:00 - 5/29/2023 20:59 PDT
LB5-5: Heian-kyo
Silver Fruit x1
Golden Fruit x1
Saint Quartz x1
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