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We would like to let our users know that a new GamePress-Emma Discord (Click to join) has been added per request! Please feel free to join!

  • Submit guide ideas! This Discord is customized by the community: it is community-driven and community-first, with all suggestions for the servers put into place and managed by Emma.
  • Discuss the game in a friendly community with our staff!
  • Get the latest site updates as soon as they are posted!
  • Find Friends to help you through the Singularities and Events!
  • Give direct feedback on the site to our contributor team and writers!

We also have the Official GamePress Discord, which is a more general Discord for GamePress covering all subsites, and is managed by the GamePress Discord team.

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    Site Lead

    • Sizzle (@Sizzle#3036)


    • Ceui (@Ceui-chan#7181)
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    • 22whiterabbit22 (@22whiterabbit22#7277)
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    • Trubothedwarf (@Trubo#1518)
    • Meliran (@Meliran#2726)

    GP Discord & Community Forum Admin

    • Yeep-pulse (@Yeep-pulse#0034 )

    GP-E Discord Community Admin

    • Emma (@EmmaNielsen#0001)

    Content Lead (Multiple Sites)

    • NorseFTX (@NorseFTX#6214)