Hunting Quest Part 5

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  • Period: 5/20/2021 21:00 - 5/27/2021 20:59 PDT
  • Hunting Quests offer a good opportunity to farm certain Skill & Ascension Materials!
  • The table below summarizes material drop rates in comparison to campaign free quest farming locations.
  • APD = AP per drop, where less AP required per drop is better.
  • To see other farming areas for each Ascension Material, click on the material's image!
Hunting Quest Drop Comparison
Quest Hunt Quest APD (Lower=Better) Campaign Free Quest APD (Next Best) Hunt Quest Better?
Skeleton Hunt - Pride Rank 16.1 APD 22 APD Yes
Skeleton Hunt - Pride Rank 282.1 APD 145 APD n
Ghoul Hunt - Pride Rank 21.2 APD 31 APD Yes
Ghoul Hunt - Pride Rank 242.3 APD 170 APD n
Spellbook Hunt - Pride Rank 32.2 APD 68 APD Yes
Spellbook Hunt - Pride Rank 272.9 APD 50 APD n
Gazer and Soldier Hunt - Pride Rank 76.5 APD 114 APD Yes
Gazer and Soldier Hunt - Pride Rank 26.6 APD 20 APD n
Gazer and Soldier Hunt - Pride Rank 268.1 APD 130 APD n
Centaur Hunt - Pride Rank 31.6 APD 50 APD Yes
Centaur Hunt - Pride Rank 231.3 APD 160 APD n
Dragon and Ruby Golem Hunt - Pride Rank 115.3 APD 161 APD Yes
Dragon and Ruby Golem Hunt - Pride Rank 69.4 APD 54 APD n
Dragon and Ruby Golem Hunt - Pride Rank 269.7 APD 100 APD n
  • Following the pattern of previous Hunting Quests, "Pride" difficulty has the highest drop rates and APD for all Hunting Quest types, so for the sake of farming materials, the lower difficulties do not need to be done.
  • Drop data was unavailable for lower difficulties for Hunting Quest 5.
  • As a note, it may not even be worthwhile to attempt the lower difficulties for the first clear reward of Mana Prisms, given Blaze of Wisdom drops at the highest rate from Pride difficulty and can be burned for Mana Prisms as well.
  • All quests during this Hunting Quest 5 campaign have a chance of an alternative spawn giving a Berserker class enemy in the last wave (click on quest title to see Quest Detail).

Note on Drop Rates

  • Drop rates are sourced from JP Drop Spreadsheets:
  • Note that drop rates are not included if sample size is low.
  • The English FGO community also maintains a community drop rate sheet to crowdsource drop rate data as events progresses (maintained by the Atlas Academy)! More data is always appreciated; you can contribute [Here] ! The NA drop rate sheet is your best source for up to date Drop Rate information.
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