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Article by Hakurai

Shinjuku at a Glance


It's finally here, Epic of Remnant! After post-Solomon Depression and a heartwarming (not-yet-voiced) Valentines, we have the first episode in Fate/Grand Order 1.5! Do keep in mind you need to beat Part 1 (Solomon) to play, so make sure you've done so if you haven't already!

What are you doing here? You're not even the featured servant!

Aw shucks, you use your beloved (support) Merlin so much in every quest, I ought to be one~ Making an appearance in the Q&A isn't even 1% of my true power!

New Mechanics

Behold, I am your guide for our destination, Shinjuku! You may refer to me as… Archer of Shinjuku! Let me introduce our new mechanic--

Code names based on singularity? Isn't that pointless because there's a ruler class servant who can reveal the true name of anyone? Wait, Holmes isn't playable yet! In that case, you may call me Caster of Avalon!

Away with that man and get off your high horse! Although this system will persist throughout Epic of Remnant, you may find out my true name once your reach chapter 10 of Shinjuku… Or get spoiled by the internet. The new major mechanic I'm introducing is Break Bars.

Break bars, something only someone of my caliber can concoct! What's more devilish than one HP bar? Multiple HP Bars! Gone are the days of mindless buff stacking and felling bosses in one swoop. Now is the era of grinding down multiple bars of HP! To top it off, break bars will even trigger certain effects, like instant NP's! How wonderful, truly, truly wonderful!

How evil! Fortunately your local do-it-all mage will still be relevant. Speaking of which, Epic of Remnant chapters will also have bonus bond point conditions that double bond points. For Shinjuku, all evil servants will receive this bonus. Since I'm not evil, you won't get double bond points for me, but there will be a future Epic of Remnant where Casters receive this bonus. I look forward to bonding with you~

New Servants and CEs

So are any of these servants game changers? I want to know whether this banner is worth skipping or if I should save for the next coming of Merlin.

Servant/CE Class Thoughts

Archer of Shinjuku
Fuhahaha! It appears I'm available for limited-time summoning! My two major features are a 20% charisma that's doubled for Evil servants, and also a strong NP Battery that costs 10 stars but also boosts my NP damage. With proper planning, I can be powerful, too! I'll prove it!

Avenger of Shinjuku
The combination of two legends is our third avenger in the permanent summoning pool, but the first to available in the general summoning pool. As a single target Avenger, they have a good mixture of steroids and utility, but still suffers from low survivability.

Assassin of Shinjuku
Also called "Shinshin", Assassin of Shinjuku shares a similar playstyle to Jing Ke, with many of the same shortcomings as well. His notable difference is the ability to lower his starweight for better star support, but he does become better after receiving his strengthening.

Emiya Alter
A star of the CCC event, Emiya Alter's charge based-skills reflect his weapon motif. With strong values on his self-buffs and the ability to drain the enemy NP, he's a solid and reliable option.

- This CE is pretty decent on servants with triple quick decks as a budget option, but otherwise isn't too great for general critical damage.

New Materials and Farming Locations

As your secondary guide in Shinjuku, allow me to introduce the hot new item to farm: Mystic Spinal Fluid.

Oh, it's Saber Alter of Fuyuki. Ewww. Are these even safe for Servant consumption?

Just "Alter" is fine. We've been running a magical monster organ harvesting operation for a while, and now you feel squeamish? It's not even actual spinal fluid, it's more like a drug for temporary magic circuits. You just, uh… j-jam it into their spine.

Jam it in? I can get behind that. Oh, I also hear there's new farming places as well! Especially for Demon Hearts.

That is true! We even have a map to see all the new best places to farm. Notably, there are now better places for Infinity Gears, Forbidden Pages, Tearstone of Blood, and Hearts of Foreign Gods! Check out the full guide here !

Challenging Main Quests

I don't trust Archer of Shinjuku very much. He seems… shady. Just a feeling, though. Not like I looked at the (spoiler) boss guides or anything.

What? Look at this dandy gramps! Designed by Raita, no less! Does this look like the face of criminal scum? I mean just because a Servant's alignment is evil doesn't mean they're evil! Like you! That's prejudice and hypocrisy.

Well, just in case, there are five challenging Main Quests. Please be careful of chapter 13, 14, 17 (there's two challenging fights here), and 18. For more information and spoilers, not that I've read them, there's a guide below.


I still don't believe dandy gramps is evil. I mean, why would you set up an entire singularity in a place where so many company headquarters are located? Anyway, working for Chaldea sure comes with great travel benefits. Look at all the friends we've made along the way!

Do they provide insurance?

What? Isn't that why I'm paid in Saint Quartz?

To maximize your survival, I recommend checking out our guides for Shinjuku!

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