MMM - Dame Daimyou who gets Damp to Desolation Delivers Deified Design, Damn. Dat's Divine! (Uesugi Kenshin)

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Let it be said that if I am anything, I am self-aware. The very same day I finish one MMM, I’m back to writing another. Thankfully there’s only one Servant to get through.

Now if only there weren’t a certain Caster gem deficit I’m currently dealing with due to my excessive love for Caster and Ruler Servants…to whale is to suffer, sometimes.

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NA Release Date: 12/2025

While I’m certainly happy to see our battle-crazed nut job in another class form, reading her profile there’s definitely a tinge of sadness and irony to her entire situation as a Ruler. Her encounter with Chaldea as Kagetora is what enabled her to connect to the divine aspect of Bishamonten and be summoned as Ruler, even though she normally qualifies only for Saber, Lancer, and Rider.

In such a form, she somehow manages to gain the human understanding of emotion and expression she normally lacks, as big Bishamonten is pulling the slack somehow. So in order to finally reach a state of being that could understand being human, she became no longer human.

It’s doubly ironic that she only ever had the aptitude in battle to be considered a possible avatar of Bishamonten because of her psychotic affliction. Talk about a catch-22 situation. At least she’s happy, I guess?

Servant Data
Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Riding A

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.

Divinity A

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +200).

Treasured Heart B

Increase own Buff Removal Resist by 10%.
Increase own Instant Death Resist by 10%.


As an SSR Ruler, Kenshin has some pretty potent competition, but she certainly gets off to a good start, packing the tied-highest Attack stat of her class and rarity bracket, next to Holmes and Summer Melusine, and the tied-lowest HP stat with Holmes, giving the two of them an identical statline.

An incredibly aggressive stat spread, but that’s fine, given the defensive perks of the Ruler class, and its 1.1x Attack modifier, giving her notably more power than first seems from that attack stat of hers.

She also comes packaged with a good array of passives. Magic Resistance, Riding, and Divinity provide more resilience to debuffs, a notable boost to her Quick card, and some flat bonus damage to every card, while her unique passive, Treasured Heart, provides her with a small sum of Buff Removal Resistance and Instant Death Resistance. While neither of those benefits are particularly significant, the chance to shrug off buff removal is incredibly powerful the few times it actually applies, so it shouldn’t be dismissed entirely.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Kenshin on the whole? Well on the one hand, she’s absolutely divine, an avatar of war, and well worth your worship:

Something of a rarity, Kenshin manages to be a very dependable ST farmer without relying on very high-investment setups. Her damage output isn’t high enough to farm 90++ nodes without class advantage, but regardless it’s a strong niche to have, and as a Ruler Servant she’ll pretty much assuredly be able to aid in farming any node, so she’s the equivalent of a single-target universal farmer, even if that’s not much of a title.

Kenshin’s capability to crush difficult content can’t really be understated. She’s capable of obscene levels of NP spam, supported by her incredibly high regular card NP gain and critical-damage focus to ensure she’s dishing out NP’s often, and she hits hard with or without a NP on the chain. Adding in her dependable defensive skill, potential for NP Overcharge support, and buff removal on her NP, it’s natural that she’s a force to be reckoned with versus any number of fights. The Ruler class pulls double duty here, too, providing powerful defence versus most classes and an offence that won’t run into an unfavourable matchup most of the time.

However, she’s only human, after all. But don’t put all the blame on her:

As much as I love the perks of the class, being a Ruler also has its flaws. Being able to hit almost any class for neutral is great, but not having any common class to gain class advantage on means Kenshin will be dishing notably less damage than a Knight/Horseman class equivalent, while Mooncancer foes will be few and far between, lest we’re going on a BB-bullying spree sometime soon. This ultimately isn’t much of a flaw, though, which goes to show how strong I feel Kenshin is.

It feels funny given how recently they’ve been released between each other, but Kenshin and Summer Melusine have a lot of similarities, being essentially the same concept of “High Power NP spam Arts crit Ruler with solid durability” but being imagined slightly differently and of course, one being ST and one being AOE.

I’d like to say it’s just coincidence that I’ve also rolled to get both at NP2, but I’m kind of addicted to Rulers and Arts both, so I’ll admit she’s completely the type of Servant I have fun with.

The point of this comparison is to say Kenshin has a very clear identity and game plan, and one she executes almost flawlessly. Her damage output is solid, she can NP spam to high heaven, and her toolkit is stacked with useful effects for difficult content. But she doesn’t stop there, also being a useful ST farmer for most nodes, even if single-target farming doesn’t come up often.

Her niche might be pretty similar to someone like Astraea’s, but ultimately Kenshin has a lot more power and longevity built into her buffs, as well as a more impressive refund profile, even if both do pretty impressive damage given the chance.

So while Kenshin isn’t necessarily bringing something fresh to the table, she simply performs her speciality so well that she’s the premier option for anyone looking to use a ST Arts damage dealer on any class out there. I, for one, will be utilising her extensively in the future, and if you really want a 1-Servant multitool to tackle a wide variety of difficult content in Arts teams, Kenshin is absolutely the Servant for you, too. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.


Joke’s on you, Lasengle, I predicted your Servant drop this time and came prepared, writing this MMM on the exact same day she dropped. No, I won’t disclose how busy my work schedule is, if you found out you’d probably whither and die from sympathy.

I had most of my outro fluff written on the previous MMM, making this mostly a bonus one.

Damn, I need to put something here. Uh…hmm… Since we have 400 Servants in FGO now, who would win? 1 Billion Lions and all the Pokemon, or every Servant in FGO? That’s right, the classic conundrum, but in a tag-team! Rest assured, I will absolutely not be reading the comments to hear your opinions!

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