Start Np

Divine Power (Ink) A
Divine Power (Ink) B+
Guiding One A
Regal Shower! B++
Divine Power (Ink) B
Princess of the Overlord EX
Blessing of the Lake A
Hero of the Endowed A+
'Primordial Rune' (Brynhild)
Persistence B+
Voyager of the Stars A
Concentration (Love) A
Mana Conversion
Twilight Star A
Multiple Star-ring EX
Royal Bunny A
Divine Power (Ink) C
Gareth of the Fair Hands B
Disappointing Golden Apple EX
Messenger of the Snake B
Business Prosperity A
Protection of World's End B
Emperor's Command A
Mara Papiyas EX
Goblet of Wealth
Child of God's Wish EX
Thaumaturgy Sanctification A
Eternal Throne EX
Vigorous like the Breaking Bamboo C
Kamuy Yukar A
Aura Pork Poculum A
Animal Communication D
Saint of the Shore (Dolphin) A+
Allfather's Wisdom B+
Light of Possibility B
Senchu Hassaku A
Persistence B
Shining Path EX
Rapid Casting B+
Schwipsig B
Familiar (Dove) D
Blessing of a Goddess A+
Gift of the Stars B
Overload Type II C
Chiyogami Technique EX
Summer Vacation! A+
Unblessed Birth B
Rampaging Privilege EX
Self-Transformation A
Shining Majestic Crown A
Protection of the Sun God A
Protection of World's End EX
Mana Tuning C
Knight of the Lake A
Kissing Freak B++
Kissing Freak B
Saint of the Shore B+
Rapid Sutra Chanting A
Rapid Words of Divine B
End of the Spider's Web A++
End of the Spider's Web A+++
Calm and Collected B
Belt of Bertilak EX
Quick Draw A+
Hero of the Endowed A
Uncrowned Arms Mastery
Spiritron Transfer
Rapid Casting A
Meanwhile A
Pioneer of the Stars EX
Animal Communication C
Rapid Casting E
Rapid Words of Divine A
King's Men C
Blood Fort Andromeda B
Arrow Construction A