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We find ourselves in a time of gift giving and celebration, my dear readers. A time to rejoice, and love your fellow man, woman, or whatever lies in between.

Of course, I mean the lotto event. It’s November, for pete’s sake - We need to be fighting back Padoru every time it creeps upon us in Autumn, not welcome it with open arms.

But alongside our wondrous mix of Unlimited Farming Works and multiple high-difficulty quests, we have a new Servant to examine.

Faerie Knight Cup Banner
NA Release Date: 11/2024

Breit- uh, Britomart. Bad slip of the tongue there.

It seems that two things remain constant in FGO - Nasu slipping in mecha wherever they can possible manage it, and female Servants with sex appeal cropping up wherever humanly possible. So why not fit two in one?

…and she’s also not actually Britomart, but Britomart’s daughter. Honestly half her profile reads like something I could’ve sworn I’ve read in a Light Novel before.

Servant Data

So far as base stats go, Britomart is pretty typical, but thankfully offensively-oriented. With the 5th best Attack and tied 4th worst HP of her class and rarity, Britomart has a pretty respectable balance of offense and defense (as Lancers typically are both offensively strong and durable), even if she’s ultimately flexed on by her Fairy Knight senpai in Melusine.

But hey, losing to Melusine in terms of power is something every Servant other than the girl herself has in common - she’s basically the best offensive Servant in the game.

While Britomart does well for base stats, her passives aren’t anywhere near as impressive, with only high-ranking Magic Resistance to her name. The extra resistance to debuffs helps, of course, but it’s not anywhere near as much as some Servants get in their passive lineup.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Britomart overall? On the one hand, she’s a knight among knights, a fae little fickle thing, and her armor, should you (correctly) make her wear it, is badass:

Britomart is a pretty well-rounded Servant, with a collection of niches that gives her plenty of room to fit into abnormal team compositions. Her anti-Rider focus aside, having both Invincible Pierce and Debuff Immunity on the regular are very useful tools to have to your name, while her Critical Damage output and durability are both solid enough for her to carry her weight even when she isn’t NP spamming.

The prior point is important, because it highlights Britomart isn’t just another class advantage-only farming option. Her refund is high enough to run Black Grail setups (albeit with a reasonably costly support lineup), which in turn fixes her damage issues that otherwise plague her farming, even letting her become a consistent universal farmer should the situation call for it. But even if you can’t run such high-investment setups, she pretty much pulls double duty in being able to farm both Archer and Rider nodes effectively, on top of the typical Berserker nodes.

However, she’s also a fraud, pursuing the glory of her own parents, and honestly her character design makes her look like an SAO character unaware of the tentacle monster lurking behind her:

While Britomart’s ultimately got a solid farming performance, it’s slightly held back by the level of investment she needs to be acceptably effective. Even for her 50% NP gauge CE setups, having access to either of the Skadi’s can be something of an ask, then again the Black Grail setup which demands both (hell, I don’t have Ruler Skadi personally, and I’m well aware it hurts my Quick farmers a lot). Compared to some of the Arts farming compositions, or even some Buster ones, which only require more generic supports, or the fundamental cornerstone of “Just own Castoria lol”, Britomart’s best setups produce standard results for excessive investment, by comparison.

I feel we’ve had a fair few of these lately, but Britomart is yet another SSR farmer that’s more than competent, but doesn’t manage to breach the realm of the universal farmer gods outside of particularly high-cost setups. While that means she isn’t breaking the meta, it doesn’t mean she isn’t good to have around.

Her utility tools are very handy to have around, particularly when she’s introduced in an event with countless difficult quests to throw her at. Invincible Pierce and Debuff Immunity are tools that consistently pull their weight, and when coupled with her solid defensive tools and Critical damage output, Britomart makes for a respectable staple Lancer to add to your collection, especially if you have the Quick support lineup to push her to her limits.

Rath™ Seal of Approval.


Well, I won’t complain about a 1-Servant event, all things considered. Besides, it’s simply the prologue to the main event to close out the year and occupy my Winter holidays, the mass Servant introduction as part of the Seventh Los-

Eh? You’re saying we’re getting no more new Servants for the rest of the year? Seriously? Because they want to avoid spoilers for LB7?

Well tickle me both excited for the story and scared for how stacked the New Year's season will be.

I guess I’ll be seeing all of you…next…year? It feels utterly bizarre saying that at the start of November.

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