MMM - Mechanized Minions Make themselves a Menace on Motors, from Mikawa to Mino, Militants Muster their Might! (Gudaguda Super Goryokaku)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Gudaguda 2025 P1

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Muahaha, ‘tis now the time of reckoning, Lasengle! With all the fan-favourite characters introduced in prior GudaGuda events with their sexy, mostly-male designs, locked in NPC jail, you would have no excuse but to introduce them all to the world as accessible 3* Servants in this new event, lest you face the worst enemy known to mankind - angry people on twitter!

Now let me take a disproportionately large gulp of water before looking at the number of NPC-jailed Servants being made attainable in this event…

Well I need a new keyboard, for starters. The old one sucked anyway.

The NPC Prison is going to need an expansion at this rate, but heck, I’m here to assess Servants, not worry if Lasengle can endure any more criticism.

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NA Release Date: 11/2025

Takeda Shingen


It’s honestly pretty surprising with how much preference has been given to Japanese Servants compared to other nationalities that we didn’t get the completion of the classical Dragon-Tiger rivalry established in the Sengoku period which endures in Japanese culture to this day. Well, it probably started with Chinese mythology somewhere since a lot of Japanese mythology tends to piggyback off of it (Looking at you, Byakko and Seiryuu.)

With so much of his profile locked behind event progression I can hardly comment on FGO’s depiction of him, but well, there’s a reason none of the big name Daimyou of the Sengoku period were around once Tokugawa Ieyasu ushered in the Edo period.

Servant Data
Riding A

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.

Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Territory Creation (Takeda) C

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 5%.
Increase your Critical Chance Resist by 10%


Shingen is something of a mixed bag for his base stats. As an SSR Rider, he’s never going to have an incredible statline in the first place, but among his competition he ranks 6th lowest for Attack, and has the 6th highest HP in turn. It doesn’t help that much of his competition are Riders with far better overall parameters than him such as Achilles or Odysseus, and as such don’t lose out much in terms of HP for their far superior attack.

Things may sound bleak, but Shingen does have some compensation for his middling base stats. He packs the standard class skills of Riding and Magic Resistance, giving his sole Quick card an appreciated boost, and a decent passive resistance to debuffs, but he also packs a unique class skill in Territory Creation (Takeda), providing a small boost to his Arts card, and a more-important 10% Critical Resist at all times, making him essentially immune to critical hits from most enemies, or significantly less likely to be struck by one.

So at the very least his durability is nothing to scoff at, and he gets some respectable boosts to his lesser card types.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

How does Takeda Shingen shape up overall? Well on the one hand, he’s as fast as the wind, quiet as a forest, daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain:

While certainly an unremarkable one, Shingen is still a capable farmer. While the Rider class’s competition is pretty formidable, especially on the budget side of things, but for Buster Riders specifically he doesn’t really get overshadowed - Drake’s multi-turn damage output is weaker, and Ivan might be the strongest theoretically, but he requires lvl10 Mana Loading to farm which can be fairly expensive to reach. And unlike some farmers, his NP gain is pretty amazing, meaning he can manage to charge his NP gauge quickly even when not in looping setups, and spam in difficult content where the glass-cannon nature of Koyanskaya setups isn’t appropriate.

Shingen has some pretty strong niches to encourage using him in difficult content, too. With his high stargen and Buster gorilla card deck, he can unleash some pretty high-power crits consistently even without much in the way of critical damage buffs backing him. The strong defensive buffs he has available make him independent of his supports so long as defences go, and the NP Seal on his NP will delay enemy NP’s significantly, keeping the whole team alive longer as a result. And of course, in difficult content being able to accelerate a support’s cooldowns by 1 turn is much more useful than in farming.

However, he’s also as weak as a fart, unwanted like a fungus, goes up like a light, and interesting as a rock:

Despite there being many valuable aspects to his kit, Shingen ultimately feels a little unfocused. If he had any critical damage buffs he’d be able to follow a clear Buster crit game plan, or if he had better raw offensive stat buffs then he could be an AOE offensive menace, or a successfully-made Iskandar, in other words. But instead he has something of a weird melding pot of skills that are good individually but don’t really have any direct synergy, which means he ultimately doesn’t excel at anything specific. Being an all-rounder isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when you have the option of a specialist around, a kit with those kinds of options is sometimes hard to justify.

Though Shingen does have capability as a farmer, it’s very questionable how much worth that actually amounts to. The Buster farming setup he uses is both Servant and action intensive, and doesn’t compete with Habetrot in any sensible metric - Habetrot hits harder, is more convenient, costs less to deploy, can loop much more quickly, and is accessible to every player. And even when just comparing him to other Buster AOE Riders, he has clear perks over Drake or Ivan, but they’re not really enough to make him worth rolling for if you already have one of the others.

I’ll be the first here to admit, Sengoku Rance was one of my first forays into the more risqué side of weeb culture, and the experience of seeing all those famous Japanese Daimyo from the period, even in their bizarre Rance-ified forms, was quite the trend-setter for me. I have fond memories of crushing more difficult fights in that game with Uesugi Kenshin by my side, and Takeda Shingen, as her rival, left an impression…because he literally didn’t exist. He was just a fake figurehead made up by the generals of the Takeda clan because they essentially didn’t trust themselves to govern the clan properly individually, and needed an inspirational figure.

How’s that for some Fate-like lore bending?

But I’m getting off topic. The reason I went down that diatribe is because I’m a fan of Takeda Shingen as a historical figure, so it pains me when he’s not respectably good, but not comically bad, either, just so middle-of-the-road it’s hard to even remind myself what a typical Servant should be.

He’s certainly better than Servants I’ve lambasted before in a similar position like Europa, but not to a degree that makes me feel wholly comfortable. Being able to farm his class advantage but with great investment in team and time, having solid tools for difficult content but not really the damage output to match, and with a great stargen profile but no critical damage buffs to capitalise. Many of his flaws can be covered by supports, but other Servants can simply have those flaws be their focus instead, and become even greater at what they do.

But in the grand scheme of things he’s…passable. Shingen will accomplish what you expect him to do, and has some rarer tools at his disposal which will give him a time in the sun should the circumstances be favourable, but he’s certainly not a stand-out Servant that you’ll call upon time and time again, should you have him. If you’re considering pulling him for gameplay reasons, then uh, I’d check if you own Castoria and Habetrot then ask yourself again. If not, he’s a decent pick. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Nagakura Shinpachi


I have to say, it’s a real rarity to see a heroic spirit in Fate who was directly involved in deadly combat, actually existed with very detailed documentation of their deeds, but died of old age rather than battle, assassination, or some disease at a young age.

As a result, Shinpachi was a rare first-hand witness to the biggest events of the Bakumatsu period, living on to give interviews about it in the Meiji Restoration, and dying shortly after the beginning of the first World War. It’s only about 25 years ago now that his memoirs were uncovered and published, too, so he’s one of the few historical figures in Fate you can get a very personalised understanding of.

And obviously, this old man looks cool as hell with his oni-like forehead protector, believe it!

Servant Data
Madness Enhancement D+

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 5%.


The 4* Berserker class lineup has been a mountainous peak and a billion Sisyphus’s since its inception. Heracles’s incredible parameter lineup has left him the gold standard for the Berserker statline since inception, with the highest attack stat and a good HP stat to boot, and Shinpachi is…obviously not going to break that streak.
He’s a modern-era Japanese Servant - he never had a chance! Regardless Shinpachi isn’t doing too bad for himself - With the 9th best Attack stat and 6th worst HP stat, he might look a little weak on paper, but for Berserkers the minute 100-point differences in HP don’t matter that much due to their inherent frailty. Shinpachi does at least pack a solid Attack stat, reaping the maximum benefits of the Berserker class’s naturally powerful offence.

As for passives, he’s not anything special sadly, with a low-ranking Madness Enhancement that boosts his Busters slightly and probably makes him prone to beating your ass with a cane if you call him a boomer.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Shinpachi overall? On the one hand, he’s a fearsome captain of the Shinsengumi, the fury of a dragon in his sword blows:

Shinpachi is frankly terrifying when his game plan comes to fruition. With a total of +200% Critical Damage up in a single turn behind him, on top of the Buster boosts from his kit, a consistent star supply, and whatever else your support lineup is throwing on him, he’s more than capable of hitting crits in the several hundreds of thousands, which is pretty terrifying for a 4* Servant. That’s on top of the respectable damage his NP itself will do, naturally.

Despite the durability weaknesses of his class, Shinpachi is pretty sturdy defensively. With an Evasion skill available to protect him in a pinch and improve his bulk for the following turns, as well as a Guts skill on relatively short cooldown, he doesn’t go down easily, which makes him far less of a glass cannon than some other Berserkers who share his game plan. It also makes it slightly more safe to aim for maximum damage with him by running double Koyanskaya and simply eschewing defensive support options, should that be your desire.

However, he’s also a washed-up old man who needs to realise the age of swords has long-since passed. Get with the times:

Funnily enough, the outdated old man joke kind of holds to Shinpachi’s most fundamental flaw - his game plan isn’t that great in FGO’ modern climate. Dishing out 500k damage in a single crit sounds amazing and all, but when you consider that’ll only take a single gauge bar on a boss, and then you need to take out 2-3 more while also spending countless turns building up to that same damage peak while keeping your Berserker alive…it just doesn’t pan out. By contrast most Arts or Quick NP spam Servants can do similar damage in a single NP, still break gauge, then do it again on the next turn. The circumstances for Shinpachi’s style of damage dealing, based on critical damage burst with no backup whatsoever, rarely finds itself a niche, if ever. And even then it’s riskier to execute than other game plans available. So even if he’s very good at what he does, he’ll never be good in a broader context. An expert fisherman won’t be of any renown in a country with no water, or something like that.

The secondary flaw Shinpachi has to tackle is how much he’s focused on a single turn of crits instead of spread over a longer duration. You need 3 fundamental things to produce a successful crit turn - the stars, the card draws, and the buffs. While Shinpachi can control the former and the latter, the last aspect can often ruin fights, especially if executing the combo becomes infeasible on the turn all his Buster cards come up, or worse, his cards wind up being so evenly spread that no turn in a 3-turn cycle is ideal. Similar Servants with 3-turn buff windows or hit-based critical buffs can circumvent those issues, but Shinpachi is very all-or-nothing, and he suffers for it.

As often as I’ll call Berserkers the best class in the game, it’s worth bearing in mind you can’t be a powerful Servant just by being a Berserker. The offensive benefits of the class are overwhelmingly strong, but they only bear fruit when applied in a way that’s effective in the game’s meta. Shinpachi is a pretty good example of that problem. Fundamentally the numbers in his kit aren’t underpowered, and they work together for a straightforward game plan. It’s just that the game plan doesn’t really have a place in the part of the game it’s meant to work on - high-difficulty content.

I’ll make it clear that this isn’t me just spreading anti-Buster propaganda or something. Some Buster Servants like Draco or Superhuman Orion are really strong for a number of reasons, but usually that’s because they adapt to the conditions of the game in ways that single-crit turn glass cannons don’t.

Shinpachi takes too long to build up to his big damage turn, the damage output he has is usually excessive in a bad way, and after that he takes too long to reach the same peak again. And when you’ve got a kit focused on tackling bosses in difficult content but can’t even overcome the basic gauge break mechanic stopping your game plan, there’s a clear issue. He might be fun to use given how big those numbers can get, but he shouldn’t be your first choice for a Berserker, given how much he’s outclassed by alternative options and their superior playstyles.

Saika Magoichi


the fight over Japan, most of the important factions by that point respected the power of the weapon, or even fielded it themselves. Takeda Shingen himself famously declared firearms the most important arms in the future of warfare, and commanded his men to trade their spears for matchlock guns where possible.

As a result, it’s unsurprising that there are famous mercenary groups like Saika Magoichi’s Saika Ikki in the Sengoku period, who sold both information and their expertise in firearms. The name of our Servant in question is actually a title, handed down to the leader of the clan, and mercenary group by extension. Due to the actual little information about the personal lives of the individual holders of the name over history, it seems like it was the perfect chance to do some Fate-ification and make them into a girl.

Though considering there were troops of all-female riflemen (riflewomen?) during the period, maybe it’s not that out of hand.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Independent Action A

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.

Item Construction (Gun) D

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 5%.
Increase your Arts Card Critical Strength by 10%.


With the 4* Archer lineup as competition, Saika starts off with her statline being…pretty awful in relativity. Possessing the tied 4th worst Attack stat of the class/rarity bracket, she only has the 8th best HP stat in return, getting a double whammy of awful by having both a low attack stat and just poor stat distribution overall.

She does get some compensation for it in her passives, at least. Her typical Magic Resistance and Independent Action provide some basic debuff resistance and a solid boost to critical damage, while her unique passive Item Construction (Gun) grants a useful boost to both Arts cards and their critical damage. Given she has only 1 Arts card, it’s not that crazy, but any bonus to compensate for the poor Attack stat she’s been dealt with is useful.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

Where does this place Saika, overall? Well on the one hand she’s a veritable bulletstorm, a fury of lead, the mercenary everyone wants to buy and be:

Saika’s quite the scary critical damage dealer, on the whole. With her superb stargen from regular cards and NP both, as well as a continual +70% Critical Damage buff to rely on, she can really bring the pain and do so consistently, having a 30-star bomb and the Archer class’s star weight to rely on if everything else weren’t enough. She’s not even that selfish, as part of her critical buffs extends to the team, meaning even if you don’t draw her cards on a turn she’s still raising the team damage output.

While her damage output from her NP alone isn’t anything spectacular, she’s one of the most capable Quick ST NP spammers out there, with incredible regular card NP gain and solid refund combining to make her quite the offensive menace in difficult content, helped even more so by her access to Sure Hit. Her Evasion skill even pulls double duty here, both offering a defensive support skill for the team and providing a large chunk of NP gauge to Saika on the same turn, producing a vital swing in momentum if used at the right time.

However, she’s also incapable of shooting the broad side of a barn without touching it first, and…isn’t she supposed to use an arquebus? No, her crime is that she ignored me! I am Arquebus!

Usually I’m fairly gentle on Quick Servants since they tend to get a reasonable tradeoff compared to Arts Servants. For worse looping potential than Arts they get an infinite supply of stars to compensate, making them stronger in difficult content instead of farming, and they tend to hit notably harder per NP. While the former is true for Saika, she really feels the pain of the latter, hitting on the lower end of power compared to other welfares and frankly only getting carried by the free NP5 she has backing her, and Summer Skadi’s incredibly high damage boosts compared to most offensive supports. She still has a bunch of fine perks, but her NP’s damage output will really take a hit when outside of her buff cycle.

Even if I’m personally not as interested in her as a Servant compared to the men of this event, Saika makes for a very dependable welfare Archer to have at one’s disposal. Her critical damage output is some of the best in the game for a freebie, and paired with a clean game plan and a handful of useful utility tools, she certainly can be a potent damage dealer when deployed in the right content.

It’s a little sad that, in spite of her possession of solid NP refund and a gauge charger, she can’t do ST farming in the same way people like Summer Hokusai can, but she remains a very solid Archer despite it, especially if you have access to Summer Skadi to max out her potential, for both NP and critical damage alike. I didn’t mention it earlier, but it’s also worth noting Saika has the rare append skill anti-Berserker class bonus, making her also exceptionally good at killing that class with both it and the natural class advantage in tow.

Saika simply makes for a strong Archer at zero cost that can dish out more than enough damage to clear difficult content and also provide a number of utility effects to get past individual mechanics or gimmicks to a fight. So far as welfare Servants go, she’s well worth raising and keeping in your back pocket. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


Boy, that’s an event wrapped up and done with. Nope, there certainly isn’t an in-story support Servant at SSR that is 100% implemented in the game that will probably get their own gacha in literally 14 hours time as of when I wrote this outro, and will immediately force this humble writer back into the MMM grind.

Nope, not possible.

Ah well, if you want to own Uesugi Kenshin in the game, you’ve got to actually acknowledge her existence in it, too. And she’s my favourite figure in the Sengoku period for good reason. That’s hell I’m walking into.

But with the immediate future out of mind, we’ve got the Nasu-written Christmas event that will likely run over into New-Year, which certainly has me buzzing for some kind of Nasu special obscure lore character to suddenly show up on New Year’s day, even if it’s confirmed to not be Tsukihime-related. I guess we’ll all have to wait till then, huh?

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