MMM - Waylaid Wench Wings Workaround to being Washed, Wields Whale With Worrisome Whimsey (Valentines 2024)

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There’s a pink-like aroma in the air, readers. That aroma, one intoxicating and enrapturing all the same, the true element of Love which floats in the air only at this time of year! Indeed, I speak of the very scent of…chocolate! I have no clue why we as a human race decided to gorge on our inner decadence for this day alone, consuming chocolate like ravenous beasts, but surely it is an activity we shall all partake responsibly in the confines of our own homes, alone, preferably in the company of our big tiddy anime figurines.

No, no convincing shall tell me otherwise. Why else would supermarkets be selling all this chocolate at a discount rate? Nothing shall distract me…from the couples outside the window…

Andromeda Valentines 2026
NA Release Date: 02/2026

I have to say, Greek Mythology is often a lesson in “fuck around and find out”, but even more often it’s a lesson in “someone else fucks around and YOU find out for no goddamn reason”. Case in point is Andromeda, whose mother’s hubris leads to Posiedon getting mega pissed and in the end Andromeda is the one who has to take the fall, getting chained to a rock as a sacrifice instead of, y’know, the one talking smack to begin with.

What I’m saying is if I lived in the ancient ancient Greek mythological era (this is pre-Heracles, after all), I’d be a Cassiopeia hater. At least in the end Andromeda somehow managed to snag the one Greek hero that doesn’t preface tragic in front of it, getting saved and living happily.

And now she’s swinging the whale-dragon thing that she was saved from as a ball-and-chain weapon. Nasuverse, man.

Servant Data
Max HP 15,120
HP Rank
Max ATK 10,085
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,558Base HP2,217
Max Atk 10,085 Max HP 15,120
Grail Atk 11,040 Grail HP 16,565
Riding A+

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 11%.

Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Heroic Wish C

When Guts triggers for self, increase own ATK by 10% (3 turns).

Swimming Skills B

Increase NP Gauge by 5% each turn for yourself while on a [near water] battlefield.


Riders, even at 5*, don’t have exactly an amazing reputation for base stats, and this unfortunately does manifest in Andromeda’s position on the base attack chart - right at the bottom. Sitting under even Medb for base attack, Andromeda hits like a noodle, and her one saving grace is that she isn’t a Caster. Poor Scheherazade. At the very least, Andromeda is compensated with an obscenely large HP stat, by Rider standards, having the highest in the class by a good distance. And in general, her base stat total isn’t too bad, having slightly less attack than Medb in exchange for far more HP, but it’s just a shame it’s put into HP, rather than offense.

Andromeda does, however, have a pretty good passive lineup. Her A+ Riding is typical for the class, providing a moderate 11% Quick boost to her primary card type, putting it to good use, while her Magic Resistance is also solid, providing a passive defense against debuffs.

Of note are her two unique passives, Heroic Wish and Swimming Skills, the former providing her with a 10% Attack buff for 3 turns whenever she revives from a Guts buff, and the latter giving a very potent 5% NP gauge charge each turn if she’s near water for a battle. While both are fundamentally situational, you’ll find that she’s more than capable of setting up her own Guts buffs to be used, and a pretty good number of significant locations in the game, whether farming or main quest content, are near water, so she has plenty of chances to put both to good use.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Andromeda overall? On the one hand, she’s having a whale of a time flailing about like Summer’s come early:

Like most Quick AOE Servants nowadays, Andromeda makes for a competent farmer, if only with class advantage. While that may not be a particularly notable accolade for a Rider especially, she at the very least has a pretty high damage output due to her trio of offensive steroids applied on each NP use, and the inherently high damage output of Quick farmers due to the way their NP damage modifier maths pans out and Summer Skadi’s offensive might. She’s also a solid option even if using slightly less optimal setups with Kaleidoscope for a CE, though obviously her damage output will take a hit.

Andromeda’s true place to shine is in high-difficulty content, however. With her unique niche of drawing in enemy attacks with her taunt skill and gaining offensive benefits, she’s capable of protecting her support lineup from attacks while simultaneously wielding a much greater offensive profile than she has when farming. Even a boss enemy with a 3-hit attack will usually end up filling her NP gauge to full after her NP due to how the defensive NP gain pans out, and in turn she gets even more critical damage buffs to leverage with her NP’s high star generation to really crush. Combined with the obvious benefits of reducing incoming damage to the team and being able to blank single-target NP’s, Andromeda is really useful in the right kind of fights.

However, Andromeda is also chained to her past, doomed to be consumed by crimes she didn’t commit:

While Andromeda is capable as a farmer, the amount of investment necessary to get her to universal farmer levels of damage on top of her vastly more convenient competition in the form of Nemo Santa and Habetrot makes it really hard to justify using her over competitors. It feels bad to drag down a Servant just for sitting in the Rider class due to this, but it’s still the truth - there’s little tangible benefit to farming with Andromeda when the welfares are usually an option.

Andromeda’s unique game plan for difficult content is certainly cool, but to be valuable over other Servants, it requires a fairly specific opposition which doesn’t happen all too often - multiple high-HP boss enemies in classes / gimmicks that won’t obliterate Andromeda in an instant if they focus fire on her. She still performs fairly well versus a singular boss or different scenarios, but compared to single-target damage options she may begin to lag behind, in both damage and capability for NP spam (which is the same thing, I suppose). When she can leverage her speciality she’s amazing, but in other scenarios it’s possible for her to get overwhelmed by a stray Berserker crit or have all her buffs stripped by buff removal on-attack or some similar gimmick.

I have to admit, it’s slowly getting really infuriating having to evaluate Rider AOE Servants who, on paper, can perform capably as farmers but get slapped with the caveat of being in direct competition with accessible welfare options.

Thankfully, unlike Takeda Shingen or older additions, Andromeda does have more to her than just “punch hard and be capable of farming”, which helps differentiate herself from Santa Nemo or Habetrot. Her taunt-tanking gimmick is unconventional, but thematic and pretty effective when it can be put to use, converting into a weird hybrid of defensive support and critical damage dealer, utilising the Rider class’s naturally high star weight and her potent star generation efficiently, while also having a relatively low-cooldown Guts buff to maintain a safety net in case she fucks around a little bit too much and, as a result, finds out.

A Master using Andromeda won’t be able to actually utilise her in that cool speciality that often, sadly, due to how much farming disproportionately takes up the play time in FGO, but like many other Servants who pack unique play-styles and kits to mess around with, she’s supremely fun to play with when you get the chance. And it’s not like she suffers much for it, either. Even taking the taunt-tank buffs away from her, she still does good damage and refund in any situation you can leverage AOE Rider class advantage. She’s just very solid overall, if nothing overwhelmingly good in the grand scheme of things. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


I find it funny how it seems Greek Servants specifically always get 1-off implementation SSR’s in the strangest places. Whether it’s Galatea, or Odysseus, or Europa…well, I guess some of those are technically LB5 inclusions, but they weren’t part of the big chapter-release gachas so far as my memory goes.

Andromeda makes for another name to the pile, and embodies that good ‘ol fashioned Nasuverse ad-libbing of legends to make someone who could actually fight instead of being a damsel in distress. Makes me wonder if Perseus would be shocked to see her buddy-buddy with Cetus and kicking ass in Heroic Spirit form.

As always, I’ll finish by turning my eyes to the future, 1 month in the future, exactly, as we’ll have whatever White Day brings to look forward to. More chocolate-based celebrations with no relation at all to my romantic status? Wonderful, see you all then!

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