After this morning I got Gramps I finally have a SSR for all clases but Extra.
Since I had a SSr servant for all classes i didnt rlly lvl SR except for Heracles and a few others, and while waiting for the next chapter i decided to level the forgotten SRs but i dont know where to start:

Tamacat L60 - BerzerkLot L50- Beowulf L1 - Fran L15 - Heracles L80
Emiya(assas)L26 - Scat(assas) L70
Marie(Caster)L1- Iriesviel L70 - Helena L40
Kintoki(rider)L80 - Astolfo(NP2) L1 - Marie (rider) L60
Fionn L1 - Elisabeth(lancer NP2)L1
Chloe L60 - anne bonny (archer) L37
Gawain L65 - D'eon L70 - Siegfried L25

The list is big so I dont know who to start with
PD SSR: Raikou, musashi, KH, Xuanzang, Squirtoria, Scat, Lancer Tamamo & Medb.

Asked by Baelor9 months ago


by Makoto 9 months 1 week ago

Given that you don't have Waver, Tamamo no Mae or Merlin, I'd focus first Helena, you sort of seem to lack a support and she'll do just fine. Chloe being a welfare NP5 is a must so you should finish leveling her at least.
Zerkerlot, Fran and Tamacat are an option for farming purposes, same goes for Gawain. And last I'd consider Elisabeth since she's still useful. Then the rest would be up to you, since you don't really need them right now.


I second this, Elizabeth can give pretty strong buff if OP paired her with another female servants.
Supp Helena + friend Waver or Merlin can help any DPS rekt things real hards, she herself can make almost every farm related or grinding so much easier.

Helena is best used for farming, swift node clearing, shorter battle or any burst type playstyle ( she's a general supp like Waver and Hans, you can bring her almost everywhere ).
I don't have Waver and Merlin, she is my main supp for now.