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  • The latest event, Revival: PRISMA CODES Re-install, introduces a new Servant, Miyu Edelfelt! Her placement and scores are shown below.
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4 Star Servants

Tier E

Miyu Edelfelt enters the crowded non-damaging Arts-NP Caster archetype with a supportive NP of her own that is somewhat reminiscent of another rather infamous Caster Servant. Her NP provides HP, NP, and Critical Star regeneration (much like Merlin's), although the HP and Crit Star components are at lower values than Merlin's, and she also sustains 3,000 HP damage to herself each time she uses her NP, on top of the NP's effects requiring her to be on the field. Her skills are split evenly between self offense, defense, and support. Her first skill gives herself an Arts and Crit damage buff, which is an odd part of her kit given her subpar attack rating and lack of offensive NP. Her second skill provides her with Guts and Debuff Immunity, which helps her survive the demerit of her NP (or other threats). Her third, arguably most valuable skill, provides a targetable 30% charge to an ally with a rare 40% buff success rate buff. Her kit overall is unfocused, making it difficult to argue for slotting her in, as she provides essentially zero offensive support aside from critical stars on her NP. Arguably, her one saving grace is that she still can provide a 30% immediate NP charge on demand, although that alone has many alternatives, making Miyu more of a novelty Servant sorely in need of a skill or NP upgrade.

Miyu Edelfelt: x -> E (Avg Score: 5.48) - [NorseFTX - D][TrubotheDwarf - E+][WhiteRabbit - E][Dathedr - E][Meliran - D][Rathilal - D][Ceui - E]
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