Special ATK

Ox-King's Huge Divine Messenger
My Dearest Days
Octo Nautica
Red Thread of Guidance
Natural Predator
God Striking Whip
Dominator Cap
The Method to Walk on the Stars
2023 Year's......
Artificial Kunoichi
Romantic Spear
Summer Break
The Cute Girl Seated Behind Me
My Thoughts, My Records
Valiant Divine Beast
Winner's Eye
Inspiration When I Close My Eyes
Evangelist of Unconditional Love
Innovator Ear
Three in the Black
Scarlet Dress
Like Water, Like Flowers
The Black Magatama
Dancing on Lotus Blossom
Taoist Empress' Summer Vacation
Erice-land Official Plushies
A Single Blow to Fell a Ship
Nansō Satomi Hakkenden
When We Were Animals
The Lovely Princess and the Faithful Knight
Logical Malignant
I'm Fine With This
A King's Blade, A Hero's Blade
Blade of Love Without a Destination
Giant Blue Ox
Water Gun Battle
Flower of the Underworld
At the Furthest Ends
Summer's Corruption Set
Illusion For You
Dancing Like a Flower
Amulet From The Depths of the Dark Forest
Corpse of A God
Zmei Gorynych
Gods-Smiting Rod
The Sky That I Look At ...
Sparrow's Inn's Proprietress
Phantom Maiden
My Galaxy DEMO Tape
Natural Dam Boundary
Tale of the Beginning and the End
On The Mysterious Wandering Island
Anti-Saber Weapon
City of Dreams
The Moon Goddess in Love
Titan IIIE Rocket
Royal Bunny
Horror Concierge
The Pale Blue Elysian's Command Spell
Wisteria-Scented Lady of the Court
Balance Scale of the Universe
Chain of the Heavens
Spiritual Cube
The Nun with a Bodhisattva's Merciful Gaze
Sword of Beginning and End
Demonic Dragon of Twilight
Wedge of the Heavens
God-Binding Chain
Code: Evil
Code: Nimbus
Code: Corpse
Code: Brute
Jokanaan's Head
Spring-Like Vestige
Shin-Genji Monogatari Emaki​
Code: Mortal
Child of Atlas
Dark Knight-Kun
Fondant au Chocolat
Covering Fire
Burning Tale of Love
Final Fragment
Frontliner's Flag
Final Battle
Annihilation List
Art of Death
Concealed Goddess
Motored Cuirassier
Mana Gauge
Vivid Dance of Fists
The Crimson Land of Shadows
Hound of Culann