Chapter Type
Enkidu Interlude 1: God Creates, Man Weaves, Return to the Earth I
Ishtar Interlude 1: Ishtar's Eleven
Chapter 14: Goodbye, Goddess of the Underworld
Chapter 14: Goodbye, Goddess of the Netherworld
Chapter 22: Return to Chaldea
Chapter 19: Star of the Beginning, We Look Up at the Sky
Chapter 21: Absolute Demonic Front: Mesopotamia (II)
Chapter 20: Absolute Demonic Front: Mesopotamia (I)
Chapter 16: Demise
Chapter 15: Decisive Battle
Chapter 13: Prophecy of the Heavens
Chapter 12: Temple of the Sun
Chapter 11: Hello, Goddess of the Sun
Chapter 18: Awakening
Chapter 17: The New Humanity
Chapter 10: Good Morning, Goddess of Venus
Chapter 9: The Mother of Demonic Beasts
Chapter 8: Uruk's Northern Wall
Chapter 7: The Tablet of Destinies
Chapter 6: Encounter
Chapter 5: Welcome to the Jungle
Chapter 4: Hardworking Citizens of Uruk
Chapter 3: Gilgamesh's Calamity
Chapter 2: Humanity's Oldest Fortress City
The Quickening Mountain
Bandits of Mt. Ooe
Tremors of the Sacred Mountain
Knot of Heaven and Earth
Site of the Demonic Beast Front
The Entrance to the Netherworld
Prayer For A Good Harvest
Babylonia - Field of Reeds
The Mother Sea
Chapter 1: In the Age of the Gods
Land of Royal Authority
Jaguar Park
Land Between Rivers
The Traveler's Secret Path
Den of Demonic Beasts
Battlefield Overlook
The Lost Capital
Babylonia - Persian Gulf
Babylonia - Eridu
Babylonia - Blood Fort
Babylonia - Mt. Ebih
Babylonia - Observatory
Babylonia - Nippur
Babylonia - Kutha
Babylonia - Ur
Babylonia - Bog
Babylonia - Northern Wall
Babylonia - Embassy
Babylonia - Celestial Hill
Babylonia - Ziggurat
Babylonia - Streets of Uruk
Babylonia - Plateau
Babylonia - Black Cedar Forest
Babylonia - Northern Hill
Babylonia - Fallen Babylon