Annihilape PvP IV Deep-Dive

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Annihilape has been unleashed in Pokemon GO and it has an impact in all three PvP metas. Medicham’s claim to fame is its ability to resist Counter while also being a Counter user. Annihilape takes that concept to the next level with a doubled resistance to Counter and a STAB Shadow Ball to back it up. And unlike Medicham, Annihilape has stats worthy of both Ultra League and Master League. As with all Counter users, Annihilape has various Atk Breakpoints to consider and bulk to balance against its Atk weights. The Annihilape PvP IV Deep Dive aims to simplify the hunt by highlighting Annihilape’s most important stat checks and PvP IVs in the jGreat League, Ultra League, and Master League.

Note: this guide discusses the hidden true stats of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In order to see these true stats you need to use an IV checking app (CalcyIV, Pokegenie) or an IV checking website (GOStadium,, or PvPoke itself). To make things simple, the guide also features standard PvP IV tables. 

If you’re not familiar with PvP IVs, check out this PvP IVs Simplified video:

PvP IV Tables

  • Attack: 220

  • Defense: 178

  • HP: 242

Fast Moves: Low Kick, Counter

Charged Moves: Close Combat, Low Sweep, Night Slash, Ice Punch, Shadow Ball

The tables hyperlinked below feature the IV spreads that meet some of the more important stat checks highlighted in the article. It’s important to review the guide itself to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your Annihilape. For example, you may want a slightly higher Atk or Def weight for higher Breakpoint potential.

GL-General Good (122.94 Atk, 106.17 Def, 136 HP)

  • 136 HP is safer with >107.1 Def
  • Higher Def is more consistent for the Altaria 2-2
  • 122.94 Atk is for the Rank 1 Whiscash 2-2 and CMP
    • Higher Atk can get BPs on Sableye, Wigglytuff, Zweilous, Cresselia, and more
  • 124.4 Atk can full farm Shadow Poliwrath in the 1-0 and may 0-0 Clodsire

GL-Lickitung Slayer (127.23 Atk, 102.26 Def, 132 HP)

  • 127.23 Atk for the Rank 1 non-Best Buddy Lickitung 1-1 (127.09 Def)
    • 128.31 Atk covers the Rank 1 Best Buddy Lickitung (128.1 Def)
  • 102.26 Def to 2-2 98.26 Atk Lickitung (10/15/13)
    • 102.55 Def covers 98.5 Atk Lickitung (10/14/13)
  • 103.54 Def for the mirror BP vs 127.23 Atk Annihilape (2-2 no bait, 2-1 farm, 0-0 Ice Punch only)
    • 103.64 Def for 127.51 Atk Annihilape

UL-General Good (159.7 Atk, 134.5 Def, 178 HP)

  • Higher Atk covers Swampert, Shadow Gliscor, and Talonflame better
    • 160.46 for 0/15/12 Swampert, Rank 1 Shadow Gliscor, and non-BB Rank 1 Talonflame CMP
  • 134.95 Def covers 138.2 Atk Greedent (6/15/15) for the 0-0

ML Min IVs - 15/15/14 (ideal), 14/14/14 (ok)

  • 15 HP is an empty IV at level 50
  • 15 Atk for CMP and Charge Move Breakpoints
  • 15 Def can come up for Shadow Ball in the mirror

Annihilape in the Great League

Annihilape has two main stat goals in the Great League- High Def and Lickitung Slaying. 106.17 Def helps fortify the Guzzlord 1-2, Serperior 1-1, Trevenant 2-1, Altaria 2-2, and Charjabug 1-1, along with making 136-138 HP more consistent in various matchups. Annihilape won’t be able to achieve this Def though if it hopes to get a Breakpoint on Lickitung (127.09 vs Rank 1 non-BB Lickitung).

While high Def Annihilape won’t be able to get the Lickitung Breakpoint, it can indulge itself in the following Atk Breakpoints (vs Rank 1 opponents unless stated otherwise): 

  • Most Annihilape mirrors end on Charge Move Priority (CMP)
  • 122.91, Whiscash 2-2
    • 123.7 vs 0/15/11
  • 122.95, SB BP Sableye 1-0
    • 123.77 vs 2/15/15
  • 123.12, Wigglytuff 0-0 (Close Combat)
  • 123.42, Zweilous 1-X full farm
  • 123.45+, Swampert BP and CMP
  • 123.88+, Cresselia 2-1 (vs 161 Def)
    • 124.99 162.4 Def Cress
    • 125.45 163 Def Cress
  • 123.9+, Dragonair CMP
  • ~124.4, Shadow Poliwrath 1-X no throw post IW debuff
  • 124.34 Clodsire 0-0
    • 125.09 vs 0/15/11
  • 124.61, Shadow Froslass (no flips)

For even higher Def BPs, 107.85 Def fortifies against Atk weighted Altaria and makes 136 HP more consistent for general use. 141 HP can maintain the 1-1 vs Altaria if you miss the Def BP, also gains the Pelipper 1-0 with Ice Punch only, and can also maintain the Shadow Poliwrath 0-1 with Ice Punch + Close Combat. 142-143 HP may 2-2 Shadow Dragonair in a high-end no throw or partial throw situation, but that requires the Shadow Pokemon to have Rank 1 HP (unlikely), so 143 HP isn’t that useful here.

As for the Lickitung Slayer, 127.09 Atk enables the 1-1 vs the Rank 1 non-BB Lickitung. Note that this Lickitung only has 126.8 Def. 127.78 Atk would cover 127.34 Def Lickitung (8/15/15). 128.33 Atk for the Rank 1 Best Buddy Lickitung (7/15/15). 128.69 Atk for 128.4 Def Best Buddies (6/15/15). You’d think achieving this goal would be as simple as going for max Atk on Annihilape, but Lickitung may also get an Atk Breakpoint on Annihilape, squandering the 2-2. There is also a pesky Annihilape Mirror Breakpoint to be mindful of as well.

102.26 Def fortifies against 98.26 Atk Lickitung (10/15/13). 102.55 Def covers 98.5 Atk Lickitung (10/14/13). These are several recommended IVs from our Lickitung PvP IV Deep Dive, Lickitung could easily escalate its Atk beyond this. It’s up to you to determine if you want your Annihilape more prepared for higher Def Lickitung or higher Atk weighted ones. 

Another thing to watch out for is the Annihilape mirror. Opposing >127 Atk Annihilape can get a breakpoint on <103.54 Def which has implications for Ice Punch related finishes (such as the 2-2 no bait, 0-0 Ice Punch only, and can enable a 2-1 farm down if Ice Punch lands). 103.64 Def fortifies against 127.5 Atk Annihilape. Even higher Atk Annihilape will always miss their own Def BP vs yours. All this isn’t as important as the Lickitung numbers and CMP (in general), but your tech in the mirror is worth being mindful of.

Annihilape in the Ultra League

In the Ultra League, Annihilape mostly cares about having high bulk. However, because ~130.55 Def with 178 HP covers most jobs, Annihilape can easily indulge in higher Atk weights. This guide recommends 134.5 Def as a higher minimum, as it fortifies the Charizard 2-1 no bait, Steelix 0-0, Greedent 0-0, and Atk weighted Deoxys Defense Forme 1-2. 134.95 Def will cover a 6/15/15 Greedent. 

For Annihilape’s Atk Breakpoints, consider the following (based on Rank 1 opponents, unless stated otherwise): 

  • 157, Tapu Fini 2-1 and 2-2, potentially the 1-1
  • 157.72, Greninja 1-2 and farming potential
  • 159.59, Swampert 0-0 and 2-2
    • 160.46 vs 0/15/12
    • 161.07 vs 0/15/8
  • 159.92, Shadow Gliscor 1-1
  • 160.46, Talonflame Charge Move Priority (vs 15/15/15 Talon)
  • 164.17, Venusaur 0-0 and 1-1
    • Impossible to reach with our Def/HP mins, but worth highlighting


Annihilape is here, and the meta will mostly be the same? The constant buffs to Flying-types over the seasons along with Lickitung being a tricky matchup for Annihilape keeps the ape relatively reigned in. Still, Annihilape has play into just about all Fliers and can be equally as tricky for Lickitung. Annihilape is a very meta addition to all three Pokemon GO PvP leagues- it just isn’t flipping the script like Season 8’s Nidoqueen or our current season’s massive Scald buff.

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