Pokemon Go Site Resource Update: 4/25/2023

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Article by Brian Tein
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The recently announced Instinctive Hero Event is coming soon, and with it and other confirmed additions coming in May, we've got a few new big-names coming to the raid scene, in particular Volcarona and Mega Pinsir. So rather than wait until their release, we've pre-emptively updated several site resources ahead of them. Yes, it's possible that Volcarona in particular may undergo a moveset change ahead of release (hopefully not), and we will make appropriate updates in the event of that happening, but for now we're reflecting current movesets and expectations for their upcoming performance. 

The Rise of the Bugs

Spring of 2023 is shaping up to be a huge help for the Bug Types, as we've got the aforementioned release of none other than Volcarona and Mega Pinsir.

Both of these Pokemon have had their pages updated, and you can expect a PvP update for Volcarona soon. But their pages aren't all that we've updated. We've also updated Shaymin - Sky Forme's page thank to a reminder from Yowgox over on Our Discord on pogo_site_suggestions. That's our main resource for reporting issues on the site like out of date pages or for requesting new content, so drop by if you haven't already and say "hi", I for one scan site suggestions every day and do my best to keep things updated. Feel free to @ me if you do stop in, I'm Raven8#5530.

Moving on from that, We've also pre-emptively added Mega Pinsir and Volcarona to the Attackers Tier List.

And, naturally, they've also been added to the Best Attackers by Type list, with Volcarona in particular sitting comfortably in both the Bug and Fire Type headings. 

And with this new shift in the Bug Type meta for raids, we've also updated the Typing Review article for Bug Types, reflecting the impending releases for both of these destructive insects in the near future.

The Fire Type article is already underway, and you can expect to see Volcarona show up in that one as well when it releases. And while not super-important for many when compared to the new releases, we've also updated Mantyke's page to show up as shiny-available, as that's another feature of the upcoming Instinct event.


While the changes here aren't huge, we felt that there was enough of an update to compile our changes in one place for reference, hence this page existing. Are smaller posts pointing out various site-updates like this something that you'd like to see more of in the future? Please let us know in the comments... just note that guest comments need to be approved before they'll show up, so if you don't register a name when commenting it could take a while to show up below.

You can expect the Content Update post for May 2023 tomorrow, updates to the Genesect, Tapu Fini, and Regigigas Raid Guides as well as the creation of a Mega Pinsir raid guide to trickle out as their raid dates approach, and the Typing Review article for Fire Types within a week or two. If you want to see any other new content here on Gamepress, please let us know! We always appreciate new ideas, and are happy to work with out community whenever possible!

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