Pokemon GO Supereffective Week Begins Now

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New Event Begins Today: Supereffective Week

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Pokemon GO officially released a brand-new event; Supereffective Week!

During this event, which takes place until the 26th, players will encounter Pokemon who are very good at taking down Team GO Rocket Leaders!

For more information on beating these Team GO Rocket leaders, check out our guides. 

We don't know which Pokemon these will be but stay tuned to this article for more information on which spawns are boosted. 

Boosted Pokemon

Furthermore, a new set of Raid Bosses will be available, as well as Research Tasks. 

You can check out our links to that information below!

Relevant Guide Info

We also have a detailed guide specifically for this Supereffective Week Event, and you can find it and the infographic below. 

Source: GamePress

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